Code of China Chinese Standard Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest
Position: Search valid to be valid superseded to be superseded abolished to be abolished
Standard No. Title Price(USD) Delivery Status Add to Cart
SB/T 10506-2008 Breakfast foods - Plant protein beverage 150.0 via email in 1~3 business day valid
GB/T 10789-2015 General standard for beverage 165.0 via email in 1~3 business day to be valid
GB 10789-1996E Classification of soft drinks 165.0 via email in 1~3 business day valid
GB 10789-2007 General standard for beverage 80.0 via email in 1 business day superseded
GB 10789-2007/XG1-2014 General standard for beverage via email in business day valid
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