Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Straight-shank Counterbore with Guide Post D=4~20QJ 390-19781980-1-1
Technical Specifications for Twist Drill QJ 442-19781980-1-1
Shell Core Drill for Through-hole (D=32~60)QJ 345-19781980-1-1
End Face Inverse Counter Bit (D=14~40)QJ 402-19781980-1-1
Small Straight Shank Twist Drill (D=0.2~1.95)QJ 435-19781980-1-1
Straight Shank Twist Drill (D=2~13)QJ 437-19781980-1-1
Aluminum-copper-nickel alloy stripsGB 2069-19801981-10-1
Standard for insertion test signal of domestic TVGB/T 1584-19791980-1-1
Straight Shank Counter Bit with Angle (Ψ = 60°, 90° or 120°)QJ 396-19781980-1-1
Cutter Holder for Shell Counterbore D=30~40 QJ 394-19781980-1-1
Polypropylene;Method of determination of normal indicesGB 2412-1980(1989)1981-9-1
Long Taper Shank Twist Drill (D=12~30)QJ 440-19781980-1-1
Manganese-bronze sheetsGB/T 2046-19801981-10-1
Shell Counterbore D=33~52QJ 393-19781980-1-1
Countersunk Head Screw Counter Bit (Screw Diameter =M3~M10; Ψ = 90°)QJ 400-19781980-1-1
Technical Specification for Core Drill QJ 357-19781980-1-1
Terminology of professional technology for aircraft instrument HB/Z 19-791979-12-31
Pneumatic outer edge tolerance of aircraftHB/Z 23-19801980-7-1
General rules for test dyeing of dyestuffsGB/T 2374-19941994-10-1
Twist Drill - Twist Drill with Thick Shank (d=0.1~0.35)QJ 331-19781980-1-1
Countersunk Rivet Hole Inverse Counter Bit (Rivet Diameter = 3~ 6; Ψ = 90° or 120°)QJ 395-19781980-1-1
Guide Post for Counter Bit (D=2.4~9.9)QJ 401-19781980-1-1
Taper Shank Twist Drill (D=12~60)QJ 439-19781980-1-1
Technical requirements for repairing of fishing vessel refrigeration system—Test requirementsSC/T 8054.1-19981999-1-1
Taper Shank Guidable Counterbore with Guide Post D=14~32QJ 391-19781980-1-1
Hard Alloy Floating Boring Tool (D=50~240)QJ 356-19781980-1-1
Mechanical properties of interchangeable magnetic eleven-disk packGB/T 2310-19801981-8-1
Fluid power systems and components; Cylinders; Basic series of piston strokesGB 2349-19801981-7-1
Countersunk Rivet Hole Counter Bit (Rivet Diameter = 2.5~6; Ψ = 90° or 120°)QJ 399-19781980-1-1
Twist Drill - Technical Specifications for Hard Alloy Twist Drill QJ 330-19781980-1-1
Taper Shank Counter Bit with Angle (Ψ = 60°, 90° or 120°)QJ 397-19781980-1-1
Optimal Design Computer Program for the Aviation Bevel Gear HB/Z 124-19881987-5-1
Twist Drill - Solid Carbide Twist Drill (d=0.5~1.1)QJ 327-19781980-1-1
Combination Drill with Taper Shank and Flat Bottom (D=15~35)QJ 404-19781980-1-1
Long Straight Shank Twist Drill (D=2~13)QJ 438-19781980-1-1
Double-teeth Flat-blade Straight-shank Core Drill for Blind Hole (D=3~10)QJ 346-19781980-1-1
Specification for Design and Construction of Tall Building Box FoundationsJGJPDF 6-1980.1980-1-1
Determination of saturation value of fibre,saturation value of dyestuff and saturation factor in dyeing acrylic fibres with cationic dyesGB/T 2401-19801981-10-1
Short Straight Shank Twist Drill (D=0.5~12)QJ 436-19781980-1-1
Guide Post for Shell Counterbore D=11.9~37.5QJ 392-19781980-1-1
Taper Shank Combination Drill with Angle (Ψ =90° or 120°; D=16 ~ 22)QJ 406-19781980-1-1
Fluid power systems and components; Cylinders; Piston rod thread dimensions and typesGB 2350-19801981-7-1
Technical Specification for Floating Boring Tool QJ 358-19781980-1-1
Determination of compatibility indices of cationic dyes used for dyeing acrylic fibresGB/T 2400-19801981-10-1
Hardmetal-insert Cutter Blade Counter Bit with Angle (D=30~60°; Ψ = 60° or 90°)QJ 398-19781980-1-1
Plug screw HB 3239-19791980-6-1
Transparent plastics;Transmissivity and haze testGB 2410-19801981-9-1
Limit gauges for plain workpieceGB/T 1957-19801982-8-1
Copper sheets for anode in electro-plateGB/T 2056-19801981-10-1
Test method for the viscosity of the dilute solution of polyformaldehyde resinGB 1847-19801980-10-1
Twist Drill - Twist Drill with Long Shank (For Riveting)QJ 333-19781980-1-1
Sulphur Brown 3RBHG/T 3394-19992000-4-1
Combination Drill with Straight Shank and Flat Bottom (D=5~12)QJ 403-19781980-1-1
Plastics;Combustion performance test;Blazing rod methodGB/T 2407-19801981-9-1
Fluid power systems and components-Connectors and associated components-Outside diameters of tubes and inside diameters of hosesGB/T 2351-19931994-6-1
Manganese-copper-nickel alloy sheetsGB/T 2052-19801981-10-1
Hydraulic fluid power-Positive displacement pumps and motors-Dimensions and identification code for mounting flanges and shaff ends Part1: Two-and four-hole flanges and shaft endsGB/T 2353.1-19941995-7-1
Twist Drill - Hard Alloy Twist Drill with Taper-shank (d=6~30) QJ 329-19781980-1-1
Tin-zinc-lead-bronze sheetsGB 2049-19801981-10-1
Terminology of professional technology for aircraft instrument HB/Z 19-19791979-12-31
Lengthened Taper Shank Twist Drill (D=12~30)QJ 441-19781980-1-1
Twist Drill - Left-hand Twist Drill with Straight-shank (d=0.6~12)QJ 332-19781980-1-1
Mechanical properties of interchangeable magnetic six-disk packGB/T 2309-19801981-8-1
Cutter Bar for End Face Inverse Counter Bit (D=6~12)QJ 407-19781980-1-1
Mechanical properties of interchangeable magnetic single disk cartridge(top mounted)GB/T 2308-19801981-8-1
Fastening Screw for Counter Bit (D=M 2.5~M5)QJ 431-19781980-1-1
High Speed Steel Floating Fine Boring Tool (D=50~240)QJ 355-19781980-1-1
Cadmium-bronze sheetsGB/T 2044-19801981-10-1
Silicon-bronze sheetsGB/T 2047-19801981-10-1
Technical Specifications for Counter Bit QJ 432-19781980-1-1
Twist Drill - Hard Alloy Twist Drill with Straight-shank (d=5~12) QJ 328-19781980-1-1
Straight Shank Combination Drill with Angle (Ψ = 90° or 120°; D=5.3~12.9)QJ 405-19781980-1-1
Fluid power systems and components—Cylinder bores and piston rod diametersGB/T 2348-19931993-10-1
Standard of colour TV image transmissionGB/T 1583-19791980-1-1
Techinical requirements for calibration of vibration accelerometer in airborne vibration environmental measurement of aircrafts HB/Z 28-19801981-1-1
Plastics;Shore hardness testGB 2411-1980(1989)1981-9-1
Hydraulic fluid power; Pumps and motors; Geometric displacementsGB 2347-19801981-7-1
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