Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Metallic bell cover for vacuum equipment-Body caseSJ 1768-19811981-8-1
Ultrahigh vacuum metal pump for oil diffusion(CK-100~600)-Performance specificationSJ 1777-19811981-8-1
General purpose screw threads-Basic dimensions for diameter from 1 to 600mmGB/T 196-19811983-7-1
General purpose screw threads--Tolerances and fits for diameter from 1 to 355mmGB/T 197-19811983-1-1
Sponge titaniumGB/T 2524-19811982-1-1
Copper sheets for fixing boards in heat exchangersGB/T 2531-19811982-1-1
Detail specification for 50-1000mA low current thyristorsSJ 1795-19811981-10-1
Ultrahigh vacuum metal pump for oil diffusion(CK-100~600)-Testing methodsSJ 1778-19811981-8-1
Petroleum products;Determination of density by pycnometerGB/T 2540-19811981-7-1
Ultrahigh vacuum metal pump for oil diffusion(CK-100~600)-Construction types and parameters seriesSJ 1776-19811981-8-1
Hydraulic fluid power―Four-port directional control valves-Mounting surfaceGB/T 2514-19931994-6-1
General purpose screw threads--Diameters and pitchesGB/T 193-19811983-1-1
Plastic resins;SamplingGB/T 2547-19811982-3-1
Cermet-sealed electrodesSJ 1775-19811981-8-1
Paraffins;Determination of melting point(cooling curve)GB/T 2539-19811981-7-1
Common screw thread deviation tableGB/T 2516-19811983-1-1
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