Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Type and Installation Dimension of Watchcase of Aircraft Instrument HB 5631-19811981-7-1
Energy equilibrium of heating devices;Common rulesGB/T 2587-19811981-7-1
Double Pipes Pad HB 5595-19801981-8-1
Code of chinese graphic character set for information interchange; Primary setGB 2312-19801981-10-1
Metallic Cementing - Test Method for Tensile and Shear Strength HB 5164-19811981-10-1
Tensioning bandHB 5592-19801981-8-1
Suspension clamp HB 5586-19801981-8-1
Technical specification for engine clampHB 5609-19801981-8-1
Clamp Pad HB 5591-19801981-8-1
Clamp Pad HB 5590-19801981-8-1
Portable fixed double-pipe clampHB 5605-19801981-8-1
ClampHB 5588-19801981-8-1
Specifications for Professional Technology of Aero-engine Tachometer HB 5621-19801981-10-1
Fixed single-pipe clampHB 5597-19801981-8-1
Elastic Clamp Component HB 5596-19801981-8-1
Verification Regulation of Dual-Flank Gear Rolling TesterJJG 94-19811982-4-1
General Technical Specifications for Non-wire-wound Potentiometer Used for Aviation HB 5622-19811981-10-1
Portable fixed single-pipe clampHB 5599-19801981-8-1
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