Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Thallium;Determination of silicon content;Isoamyl alcohol extraction molybdenum blue absorption photometric methodGB/T 2592.9-19811982-3-1
Spherical plain radial bearings,joint type-Technical requirementsGB/T 304.9-19811982-1-1
Thallium;Determination of aluminum content;Chromazurol S photometric methodGB/T 2592.7-19811982-3-1
Zirconium and hafnium oxides;Determination of zirconium(hafnium)oxide contents;Mandelic acid gravimetric methodGB/T 2590.1-19811982-3-1
Thallium;Determination of mercury content;Dithizone-carbon tetrachloride extraction photometric methodGB/T 2592.3-19811982-3-1
Tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder; Determination of specific surface product(average graininess) ; Simplified nitrogen absorption methodGB/T 2596-19811982-3-1
Preferred thin plated fine-pitch spur gearsSJ 1821-19811982-1-1
Paper for drawing land mapsGB/T 2675-19811981-8-1
Thallium;Determination of lead content;Dithizone extraction photometric methodGB/T 2592.6-19811982-3-1
Thallium;Determination of cadmium content;Dithizone extraction photometric methodGB/T 2592.5-19811982-3-1
Thallium;Determination of copper content;Neocuproine-chloroform extraction photometric methodGB/T 2592.1-19811982-3-1
Foundry sands and sand mixtures for casting; Method of testingGB/T 2684-19811982-1-1
Paper for drawing ocean mapsGB/T 2676-19811981-8-1
Preferred fine-pitch spur gearsSJ 1820-19811982-1-1
Determination of sulphur content in iron,steel and alloyGB/T 223.2-19811982-3-1
Thallium;Determination of zinc content;Dithizone extraction photometric methodGB/T 2592.4-19811982-3-1
Preferred fine-pitch straight bevel gearsSJ 1822-19811982-1-1
Powder metallurgy plain bearing--Spherical type--Types, dimensions and tolerancesGB/T 2687-19811982-1-1
Hafnium oxides;Determination of manganese oxide content;Potassium periodate photometric methodGB/T 2590.10-19811982-3-1
Zirconium oxide;Determination of nickel content;2,2GB/T 2590.11-19811982-3-1
Thallium;Determination of indium content;Crystal violet extraction photometric methodGB/T 2592.8-19811982-3-1
Paper board-Determination of piercing strengthGB/T 2679.7-19811981-8-1
Colours of insulated conductors used in electrical assembly devicesGB/T 2681-19811982-7-1
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