Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Tolerances for fasteners;Bolts,screws and nuts for fine mechanicsGB/T 3103.2-19821983-7-1
Specification for high carbon chromium stainless bearing steelsGB/T 3086-19821983-3-1
Bolts,screws,nuts and accessories-Terminology and nomenclatureGB 3099-1982(1988)1983-7-1
Graphite electrodesGB/T 3072-19821983-3-1
Method for tensile testing of metallic sheet and stripGB/T 3076-19821983-3-1
Bolts,screws and studs; Nominal lengths and thread lengths for general purpose boltsGB/T 3106-19821983-7-1
Thinnest-wall seamless tubes of stainless and acid-resistance steelGB 3089-19821983-3-1
Nickel and its alloy wires for electronic tubeGB 3121-19821983-3-1
Bolts,screws,nuts and accessories--Terminology and nomenclatureGB/T 3099-19821983-7-1
Brass wires for clocksGB/T 3133-19821983-3-1
Method for determination of the oxidation resistance of graphite electrodesGB 3074.3-19821983-3-1
Tolerances for fasteners-Bolts,screws and nutsGB/T 3103.1-19821983-7-1
Radii under the head of bolts and screwsGB/T 3105-19821983-7-1
High power graphite electrodesGB/T 3073-19821983-3-1
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