Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Specification for phosphoric acid propane diamine salt YB 2427-19821983-6-1
Epoxy powder for coatingsSJ 2168-19821983-7-1
Test Method for Martensitic Stainless Steel Tensile Stress Corrosion HB 5260-19831984-1-1
Specification for phosphoric acid quadrol salt YB 2426-19821983-6-1
Specification for benzyl arsonic acid YB 2425-19821983-6-1
Specification for butyl ether oil YB 2421-19821983-6-1
Centrifugal pumps for refinery,chemical and petrochemical processes; General technical specificationsGB/T 3215-19821983-6-1
Specification for benzyl oilYB 2422-19821983-6-1
Specification for ether alcohol oil YB 2420-19821983-6-1
Terms for piezoelectric filtersSJ 2179-19821983-7-1
Methods for measurement of capacity of pumpGB/T 3214-20072008-2-1
Specification for phenethyl phenylacetate oil YB 2423-19821983-6-1
Technical conditions for isopropyl ethyl thionocarbamateYS/T 357-19941983-6-1
Specification for ether ammonia thioester YB 2424-19821983-6-1
Specification and testing for 5D general purpose containersGB/T 3218-19821983-10-1
Centrifugal pumps for petroleum petrochemical and natural gas industriesGB/T 3215-20072008-2-1
Technical Specification of 38~50kg/m Steel Rail for RailwayGB 2585-19811982-10-1
Technical conditions for Ganbian OilYS/T 387-19941983-6-1
General specification for clean work stationsSJ 2131-19821983-1-1
Technical conditions for metallurgical titanium dioxideYS/T 322-19941993-6-1
Dimensional and capacity series for freight container spreaderGB 3220-19821983-10-1
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