Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Detection Tube for Hydrogen Sulfide CB 1019.4-19821983-12-1
Steel Grille Slide Door CB* 3115-19821984-1-1
Aluminum Gangplank CB* 3116-19821984-1-1
Detection Tube for Sulfur Dioxide CB 1019.2-19821983-12-1
Technical requirements of superfine palladium oxide powderGB/T 3502-19831983-1-2
Technical requirements of superfine ruthenium dioxide hydrate powderGB/T 3501-19831983-1-2
Hydrographic Winch CB* 3128-19821984-1-1
Detection Tube for Chlorine Gas CB 1019.5-19821983-12-1
Metallographic examination standard for the cast aluminum piston for reciprocating internal combustion engineGB 3508-19831984-1-1
Detection Tube for Carbon MonoxideCB 1019.1-19821983-12-1
Guidance of lightning test for electronic equipmentsGB/T 3483-19831983-10-1
Nominal torque series of the mechanical couplingGB/T 3507-19831983-12-1
Detection Tube for Nitrogen Oxide CB 1019.3-19821983-12-1
Technical Conditions for Filter and Filter Cartridge of Marine Hydraulic System CB 1016-19821983-12-1
Directly heated positive temperature coefficient thermistors used for temperature compensation for Type MZ11SJ 2028.1-19831983-10-1
Design and Estimation Method on Seakeeping of High-Speed Surface ShipsCB/Z 195-19821994-7-1
Generic specification for environmental test equipment for electronic industrySJ 2311-19831983-5-1
Technical Requirements for Installation of Submarine Hull Ternary Zinc AnodeCB/Z 197-19821994-7-1
Specifications for construction and acceptance of masonry structureGBJ 203-19831983-9-1
Design Method on Air Intake & Exhaust System for Submarine Diesel Engine Power PlantCB/Z 204-19821994-7-1
Positive temperature coefficient thermistors used for temperature control for Type MZ61SJ 2028.2-19831983-10-1
Cavel for RigsCB* 59-19821984-1-1
Basic Parameters for Marine Inner-curve Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor CB 1017-19821983-12-1
General specification for d. c. digital voltmetersSJ 2314-19831983-7-1
Standard method for measuring diameter of fine wire of the precious metals and their alloys(weighing method)GB 3493-19831983-12-1
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