Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical requirements for cold drawn quality structure steel barsGB 3078-19821983-3-1
Electric wire and cable--Method of flexing test for flexible cables and wiresGB 2951.21-19821983-3-1
Lubricating greases;Determination of dropping point(wide temperature range)GB/T 3498-19831983-12-1
Petroleum products;Determination of flash point;Closed cup methodGB/T 261-19831983-12-1
Petroleum waxes-Determination of oil contentGB/T 3554-19831983-12-1
Straight cylindrical involute splines-Modules, basic rack profiles and tolerancesGB/T 3478.1-19951996-5-1
Aluminium-nickel-cobalt permanent magnet for loudspeakersSJ 2318-19831983-10-1
Test methods for elasticity modulus and loss factor of paper stock for loudspeakersSJ 2317-19831983-10-1
Specification for paper stock for use in loudspeakersSJ 2316-19831983-10-1
Technical specification for connector assembly of aircraftHB 6-1977-19831983-7-1
Petroleum products;Determination of acid numberGB/T 264-19831983-1-2
Petroleum products;Determination of acid numberGB 264-19831983-1-2
Verification Regulation of Magnetic Flux MeasureJJG 316-19831984-3-1
Vulcanized Rubber,vulcanized;Determination of carbon black content;Pyrolytic methodGB/T 3515-19831983-1-2
Heat treatment spring steel stripsYB/T 5063-19931983-12-1
Assessing principles and calculating methods for the economic effect of standardizationGB 3533.1-19831983-10-1
Series and Type Spectrum for Filter and Filter Elements of Aviation Hydraulic SystemHB 5824-19831983-7-1
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