Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
The terms and definitions related to radarGB/T 3784-19831984-3-1
Union for butt joints-BodyGB/T 3756.2-19831984-4-1
Specification for bite type tube fittingsGB/T 3765-19831984-4-1
Straight thread connector; AssemblyGB 3733.1-19831984-4-1
Standard time for process equipment for airplane (engine) accessories onlyHB 4985-19831985-1-1
Standard time for process equipment for instrument onlyHB 4982-19821984-1-1
Bulkhead union elbow; BodyGB/T 3749.2-19831984-4-1
FerruleGB/T 3764-19831984-4-1
Male connector for butt joints; BodyGB/T 3755.2-19831984-4-1
Male branch tee; BodyGB 3742.2-19831984-4-1
Bite type tube fittings; Nuts for butt jointsGB/T 3760-19831984-4-1
Straight thread elbow; BodyGB 3738.2-19831984-4-1
Bite type tube fittings; Hexagon thin nutsGB/T 3763-19831984-4-1
Connector for pressure gauge; BodyGB/T 3751.2-19831984-4-1
Carbon black—Part 12:Inspection of impurity materialGB/T 3780.12-20072008-6-1
Straight thread long connector; BodyGB 3735.2-19831984-4-1
Male connector; BodyGB 3734.2-19831984-4-1
Male run tee; BodyGB/T 3744.2-19831984-4-1
Conversion of hardness and strength for copper alloysGB 3771-19831984-4-1
Adjustable elbow; BodyGB 3752.2-19831984-4-1
Bulkhead union; BodyGB/T 3748.2-19831984-4-1
Union cross; BodyGB/T 3746.2-19831984-4-1
Union cross; AssemblyGB/T 3746.1-19831984-4-1
Straight thread run tee; BodyGB 3743.2-19831984-4-1
General specification for waveguide rectangular assembliesSJ 2337-19831984-1-1
Carbon black (pelletized)--Determination of pour densityGB/T 3780.13-19831984-12-1
Union elbow; BodyGB 3740.2-19831984-4-1
Straight thread branch tee; BodyGB 3741.2-19831984-4-1
Electric,sonic properties and measuring methods for sound level metersGB 3785-19831984-3-1
Bite type tube fittings; NutsGB/T 3759-19831984-4-1
Male long connector; BodyGB 3736.2-19831984-4-1
Union tee; BodyGB/T 3745.2-19831984-4-1
Adjustable T-unions-BodyGB/T 3753.2-19831984-4-1
Method for manual sampling of commercial coalGB 475-20082009-5-1
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