Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Test method for tensile properties of glass fiber-reinforced plasticsGB/T 1447-19831984-8-1
Analysis Method for Conductive Oxidizing Solution of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy QJ/Z 122-19831984-1-1
The generals of test methods for properties of fiber-reinforced plasticsGB/T 1446-19831984-8-1
Molybdenum and molybdenum alloy plate and sheetGB/T 3876-20072008-6-1
Electrotechnical terminology; Electric drive and its automatic controlGB 2900.34-19831984-6-1
General specifications for products packaging of communication equipmentsGB/T 3873-19831984-5-1
Minimum performance requirements and measurement method for cassette audio tapes used for broadcasting GY/T 9-19831984-10-1
Test method for the punch-type of strength of glass fiber-reinforced plasticsGB/T 1450.2-19831984-8-1
Generic specification for dry reed relaysSJ 2386-19831984-1-1
Test Method for Level MeterYD 302-19831984-1-1
Test method for flexural properties of glass fiber-reinforced plasticsGB/T 1449-19831984-8-1
Verification Regulation of Waveguide Standard Phase ShifterJJG 323-19831984-10-1
General specifications for products packaging of communication equipmentsGB 3873-19831984-5-1
Electrotechnical terminology--Special equipment for electro-ceramicsGB/T 2900.37-19831984-6-1
Electrotechnical terminology - Steam turbine and auxiliary equipments GB/T 2900.46-19831984-6-1
Verification Regulation of HF Voltage Calibration Apparatus Types DO-2 and the LikeJJG 318-19831984-10-1
Test method for the charpy impact resistance of glass fiber-reinforced plasticsGB/T 1451-19831984-8-1
General methods of measurement for industrial radio interferenceGB/T 3907-19831984-10-1
Ultrasonic Inspection Instruction for TC 11 Titanium Alloy Compressor Panel and Biscuit Used for Aero-engineHB 5265-19831983-11-1
Determination of thickness of textiles and textile productsGB/T 3820-19971998-5-1
Verification Regulation of Waveguide Noise GeneratorJJG 320-19831984-10-1
Molybdenum and molybdenum alloy sheetGB/T 3876-19831984-10-1
Methods for chemical analysis of spodumenite and lepidolite concentrates;The ion selective electrode method for the determination of fluorine content in lepidolite concentratesGB/T 3885.10-19831984-10-1
Combination Type and Weight of Shear Resistant Sealing Ring Groove Rivet QJ 522-19831984-7-1
Rapid stop pin HB 5841-19831984-5-1
Specifications for construction and acceptance of ground and foundationsGBJ 202-19831984-5-1
Molybdenum foilGB/T 3877-19831984-10-1
Test Method for Level OscillatorYD 301-19831984-1-1
Tungsten sheetGB/T 3875-19831984-10-1
Verification Regulation of Rotory Vane AttenuatorJJG 322-19831984-10-1
Commercial dyestuffs for textile—Standard colour cards for the nomenclatureGB/T 3899.2-20072008-6-1
Ultrasonic Acceptance Criteria for TC 11 Titanium Alloy Compressor Panel and Biscuit Used for Aero-engineHB 5266-19831983-11-1
Electrotechnical terminology; Stationary boilersGB/T 2900.48-19831984-6-1
Verification Regulation of VHF Microvolt MeterJJG 319-19831984-10-1
Verification Regulation of Calibration Attenuator by Series RF SubstitutionJJG 321-19831984-10-1
Magnetic compasses for sea navigation;VocabularyGB 3898-19831984-5-1
The material blanks of steel bonded carbideGB/T 3879-19831984-10-1
Metallographic Structure Standard for TC 11 Titanium Alloy Panel and BiscuitHB 5264-19831983-11-1
Electrotechnical terminology-Gas turbineGB 2900.47-19831984-6-1
Production Instruction for Chemical Conductive Oxide Film of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy QJ/Z 120-19831984-1-1
Graphical symbols for shipsGB 3895-19831984-5-1
Inscribed and Printed Fonts and Symbols QJ 770-19821983-1-1
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