Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Bonded abrasives hardness measurement by Rockwell testerGB/T 2491-19841985-1-1
Shank of cold press dies--Screwed shankGB 2862.2-19811984-1-1
General methods of measurement of immunity to interference for electrical equipmentGB 4859-19841985-10-1
Mechanical connection between towing vehicle and full trailers for interchangeabilityGB/T 4781-19841985-10-1
Electrotechnical terminology; Household and similar electrical applianceGB 2900.29-19841985-7-1
Lockring HB 5847-19831984-5-1
Wire-drawing Bulbed Aluminium Rivet with Flat Conical HeadHB 5845-19831984-5-1
Static balance testing for grinding wheels and unbalance valueGB/T 2492-19841985-1-1
Code for construction and acceptance of installation works of refrigeration equipmentGBJ 66-19841984-8-1
Generic specification for electronic time relaysSJ 2456-19841984-10-1
Direct or indirect-reading capacitor-type pocket dosemetersGB/T 4834-20012002-6-1
Core Bar HB 5846-19831984-5-1
Volume table of chinese firtree polesGB 4815-19841985-1-2
Metallic powders´╝ŹDetermination of flowability by means of a calibrated funnal (Hall flowmeter)GB/T 1482-19841984-1-2
Prescription for installation of the external lighting and light signalling devices for motor vehicles and their trailersGB 4785-19981999-10-1
Portable X or gamma radiation doserate meters and monitors for use in radiation protectionGB/T 4835-19841985-7-1
Families and products of linear amplifier for semiconductor integrated circuitsGB 4855-19841985-10-1
Bidirectional bonding sheet in a straight lineSJ 2435.4-19841984-10-1
Basic environmental testing procedures for electric and electronic products; Guidance for the environmental tests simulating the effects of storageGB/T 2424.19-19841985-7-1
Environmental conditions appearing in nature of electric and electronic products; Temperature and humidityGB/T 4797.1-19841985-7-1
Electrical safety terminologyGB 4776-19841985-7-1
Graphical symbols of pipeline accessory systems in shipsGB 4791-19841985-1-1
Packaging-Transport packages-Sinusoidal vibration test method at constant frequencyGB/T 4857.7-19921993-6-1
Analogue counting ratemeters characteristics and test methodsGB/T 4861-19841985-10-1
Test Method for Metal Plate KR CurveHB 5261-19831984-1-1
Packaging-Transport packages-Temperature and humidity conditioningGB/T 4857.2-19921993-6-1
The types parameters and main sizes of lights for marine useCB/T 338-19991984-12-1
Impact test method of safety glasses for road vehiclesGB/T 4125-19841984-12-1
Generic specification for electrodynamic vibrating machinesSJ 2454-19841984-10-1
The type designation for laseresGB/T 4799-20012002-5-1
Chemical reagent; Arsenic trioxideGB/T 673-19841985-9-1
Requirements of data transmission at 50 bit/sGB/T 4827-19841985-10-1
Frozen semen of bovineGB/T 4143-19841984-9-1
Permitted level of fluorine in foodsGB 4809-19841985-9-1
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