Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Method of test for ignited residue content in concentrated nitric acid-GravimetryGB/T 4147.4-19841984-11-1
Components of injection mould for plastics; Guide bushes with headGB/T 4169.3-19841985-1-1
Hull Structure Penetration Cuts and Collar PlatesCB* 3182-19831985-1-1
Components of injection mould for plastics; Locating elementsGB/T 4169.11-19841985-1-1
Test Method for Notch Breaking and Rating Criteria of Lamellosity of High Tensile Steel for Ship Hull CB 1042-19831984-10-1
Dimension Series of Variable Pitch PropellersCB* 3165-19831985-1-1
Number of Product Drawing and Technical Documentsof Marine Diesel Engine CB* 3002-19831985-1-1
Technical Conditions for Investment-casted Copper Alloy Castings CB 815-19831984-10-1
Lingulate Chain Controller for Guide Roller CB* 3138-19831985-1-1
Concentrated nitric acidGB 337-19841984-11-1
Metals; Cupping testing method(thickness 0.2-2mm)GB/T 4156-19841985-1-1
General Technical Specifications for Plastic Parts CB 867-19831984-10-1
Technical Specifications for Manufacturing and Acceptance of Speed Boat CB 1031-19831984-10-1
Metallic powders--Determination of hydrogen reducible oxygen contentGB/T 4164-19841985-1-1
Method of test for nitrous acid content in concentrated nitric acid-VolumetryGB/T 4147.2-19841984-11-1
Components of injection mould for plastics; Support pillarsGB/T 4169.10-19841985-1-1
Hull Structure Nodes, Parts and ComponentsCB* 3181.1-19831985-1-1
Strength Calculation and Transverse Vibration Calculation Rules for Naval Vessel ShaftsCB/Z 208-19831994-7-1
P 30 Copper Flange for Different-diameter Lap Welding CB 1044-19831984-10-1
P 30 Steel Flange for Different-diameter Lap Welding CB 1045-19831984-10-1
Test Method for Filter and Filter Cartridge of Marine Hydraulic System CB 1041-19831984-10-1
Method of test for nitric acid content in concentrated nitric acid-VolumetryGB/T 4147.1-19841984-11-1
Class 1-5 weightsGB/T 4167-19841984-1-2
Verification Regulation of Optical Tooth Thickness CaliperJJG 85-19841984-12-1
Components of injection mould for plastics; SpecificationGB/T 4170-19841985-1-1
Sustained load tensile test method of metals for resistance to sulfide stress corrosion crackingGB/T 4157-19841985-1-1
Textile terms and terminology(parts of chemical fibers)GB/T 4146-19841985-1-1
The izod impact test on metalsGB/T 4158-19841985-1-1
Technical Conditions for Investment-casted Steel Casting CB 814-19831984-10-1
Components of injection mould for plastics-Ejector pinsGB/T 4169.1-19841985-1-1
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