Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Subprograms of Computer Automated Measurement and Control (CAMAC) QJ 825-19841984-6-1
Taper reamers--Technical requirementsGB/T 4250-19841985-1-1
Hand reamersGB/T 1131-19841985-1-1
Countersinks with parallel shanks for angles 60°90°and 120°inclusiveGB/T 4258-19841985-1-1
Classification and designation for powder metallurgy materialsGB/T 4309-19841985-3-1
Long fluted machine reamers with Morse taper shanksGB/T 4243-19841985-1-1
Core drills--Technical requirementsGB/T 4257-19841985-1-1
Sodium fluorideGB/T 4293-19841985-3-1
Multiple Controller in Computer Automated Measurement and Control (CAMAC) Case QJ 823-19841984-6-1
Methods of weight calculation of stainless steel plates and sheetsGB/T 4229-19841985-3-1
Data Block Transmission in Computer Automated Measurement and Control (CAMAC) System QJ 824-19841984-6-1
Parts and Components of Machine Tool Fixture - Rotating Guide Bushing for High-Speed Reaming (Quill Roller Type)QJ 800-19831984-6-1
Magnesium alloy wrought products--Microstructure--Inspection methodGB/T 4296-19841985-3-1
Molybdenum tungsten alloy wiresGB/T 4183-19841984-11-1
Detachable pilots for use with counterbores and countersinksGB/T 4266-19841985-1-1
Method for determining the comparative and the proof tracking indices of solid insulating materials under moist conditionsGB/T 4207-19841984-12-1
Definitions of Terminologies for Computer Automated Measurement and Control (CAMAC) QJ 826-19841984-6-1
Methods for chemical analysis of iron,steel and alloy;The xylenol orange photometric method for determination of lead content after carrier precipitationGB 223.29-19841985-3-1
High speed steel tool bitsGB/T 4211-19841985-1-1
Serial Highway Interface System for Computer Automated Measurement and Control (CAMAC) QJ 821-19841984-6-1
Covered wires--Test method for elongationGB/T 1343.3-1984
Hot rolled stainless steel with equal leg anglesGB/T 4227-19841985-3-1
Special tolerance for reamersGB/T 4246-19841985-1-1
Machine reamers--Technical requirementsGB/T 4245-19841985-1-1
Silicone resin glass laminated sheetsGB/T 4206-19841984-1-2
Counterbores--Technical requirementsGB/T 4262-19841985-1-1
Specification for cycloid pin gear speed reducersSJ 2459-19841984-10-1
Modular Instrument and Digital Interface System for Computer Automated Measurement and Control (CAMAC) QJ 820-19841984-6-1
Cold finished stainless steel barsGB/T 4226-19841985-3-1
90°Countersinks with morse taper shanks and detachable pilotsGB/T 4264-19841985-1-1
Machine bridge reamers with Morse taper shanksGB/T 4247-19841985-1-1
Method of verification for universal horizontal balancing machinesGB/T 4201-19841985-1-1
Rolling bearings--Tolerances-DefinitionsGB/T 4199-19841985-1-1
Molybdenum tungsten alloy rodsGB/T 4186-19841984-11-1
Magnesium alloy wrought products--macrostructure--inspection methodGB/T 4297-19841985-3-1
Countersinks--Technical requirementsGB/T 4259-19841985-1-1
Standard directions of movement for actuators which control the operation of electrical apparatusGB/T 4205-19841984-12-1
Machine reamers with edge inclination with parallel shanksGB/T 4244-19841985-1-1
Covered wires--Test method generalGB/T 1343.1-1984
Thermoplastics pipes for the conveyance of fluids--Nominal outside diameters and nominal pressuresGB/T 4217-20012002-5-1
Hand taper 1:50 reamers--Technical requirementsGB/T 4248-19841985-1-1
Countersinks with Morse taper shanks for angles 60, 90 and 120 degree inclusiveGB/T 1143-19841985-1-1
Tungsten rhenium alloy wiresGB/T 4184-19841984-11-1
Structural Steel and Stainless Steel Resistance Spot Welding and Seam Welding Quality InspectionHB 5282-19841984-7-1
Graphical symbols for agricultural machineryGB/T 4268.1-19841984-1-2
Cermet hot extrusion die blankGB/T 4308-19841985-3-1
Stainless steel wires for cold heading and cold forgingGB/T 4232-19931994-1-1
Machine reamers with Morse taper shanks with carbide tipsGB/T 4252-19841985-1-1
Stainless steel wire rods for weldingGB/T 4241-19841985-3-1
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