Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Flat head axis HB 1-703-19831984-7-1
Rubberized bushing HB 6-37-19831984-7-1
AN-3 button protector HB 6-28-19831984-7-1
Die cuts in angle stringerHB 0-24-19831984-7-1
Z section purlin gap?HB 0-34-19831984-7-1
Quick release spring pin HB 1-706-19831984-7-1
Hexagon self-locking nut HB 1-19801-831984-7-1
Airtight guide bushing for high frequency cable HB 6-25-19831984-7-1
Hollow roll pin HB 1-19709-19831984-7-1
Rubber protective jacket HB 6-29-19831984-7-1
Spring stop pin HB 1-710-19831984-7-1
The copper bushingHB 3-14-19831984-7-1
Technical Specification for Washer HB 5856-19841984-7-1
Roll pin with slot HB 1-702-19831984-7-1
?Frame and external form of label and logo?HB 0-49-19831984-7-1
Flat conical threaded hollow rivet with blind holesHB 1-19603-19831984-7-1
Closing up welded end of pipes?HB 0-65-19831984-7-1
Large wire joint for trimmingHB 6-94-19831984-7-1
Threaded Joints for Low-pressure PipesCB* 821-19841985-8-1
Die cuts in angle stringerHB 0-27-19831984-7-1
Large cable jointHB 6-93-19831984-7-1
Wiring board HB 6-20-19831984-7-1
Rubber protective jacket HB 6-30-19831984-7-1
Safety regulation for railway and road transportation in plants of industrial enterprisesGB 4387-20082009-10-1
Hexagonal slot nutHB 1-403-19831984-7-1
Industrial process measurement and control instrument operating conditions; VibrationGB/T 4439-19841985-4-1
Earth wire with two tubular connectorsHB 6-74-19831984-7-1
Rubber protective jacket HB 6-34-19831984-7-1
Technical specification for aircraft bond strap HB 6-43-19831984-7-1
Method on Calibration of Hydraulic DynamometerCB* 3209-19831985-5-1
Transverse fluted round nut?HB 1-405-19831984-7-1
High shear strength rivet / loop HB 1-606-19831984-7-1
Aluminum and aluminum alloy corrugated sheetsGB 4438-19841985-5-1
Two-lug floating self-locking nut with support plate HB 1-19808-831984-7-1
90°countersunk head high shear strength rivet HB 1-610-19831984-7-1
AN-1 and AN-2 button protector HB 6-27-19831984-7-1
Wire lateral joint HB 6-5-19831984-7-1
High shear strength rivet HB 1-19606-19831984-7-1
Wire tubular joint HB 6-16-19831984-7-1
The tail knurled blind hole nut?HB 1-407-19831984-7-1
Cushion for disk base instrument HB 6-24-19831984-7-1
Rubber protective jacket HB 6-31-19831984-7-1
Die cuts in T-shaped stringer?HB 0-29-19831984-7-1
Curved edge with openingHB 0-19-19831984-7-1
Loop HB 1-705-19831984-7-1
Round nut with t type locking?HB 1-507-19831984-7-1
Two-lug self-locking nut with support plate HB 1-19804-831984-7-1
Die cuts in stringer in groove shape?HB 0-30-19831984-7-1
Small cable joint HB 6-91-19831984-7-1
Wire center tap HB 6-92-19831984-7-1
Flat head high shear strength rivet HB 1-609-19831984-7-1
Specifications for the design of garages-fire prevention (Trial)GBJ 67-19841985-1-1
High tensile strength type ring grooved rivet collarHB 5507-19831984-7-1
Fairlead for Working Ship CB* 3015-19831985-5-1
Special nut?HB 1-409-19831984-7-1
Bolts, screws and stud with hole size?HB 0-40-19831984-7-1
Through Sleeves with Pipe Sections Connected and WeldedCB* 3193-19831985-5-1
Die cuts in stringer in groove shape?HB 0-31-19831984-7-1
Requirements for Acceptance on Trial Run of Special Equipments for Trailing Suction Hopper DredgerCB* 3207-19831985-5-1
?Transverse fluted convex shoulder round nut?HB 1-406-19831984-7-1
Pipe Type Natural Draft CoverCB* 294-19841985-3-1
Closing up welded end of pipesHB 0-1965-19831984-7-1
Rubber protective jacket HB 6-36-19831984-7-1
Bond strap with three tubular jointsHB 6-1975-19831984-7-1
Lateral joint of wire HB 6-14-19831984-7-1
Steel board washer?HB 1-510-19831984-7-1
Threaded connection sealing washer?HB 1-504-19831984-7-1
Round nut with single tooth check washer?HB 1-505-19831984-7-1
Technical conditions of pin and axis HB 1-708-19831984-7-1
Die cuts in angle stringerHB 0-25-19831984-7-1
High shear strength rivet loop HB 1-19611-19831984-7-1
Screw in aluminium magnesium alloy interference threaded studHB 1-304-19831984-7-1
Bond strip HB 6-6-19831984-7-1
Flat conical head thread hollow rivet with 120° counter sink headHB 1-19615-19831984-7-1
90°countersunk head high shearing strength ring-grooved riverHB 5504-19831984-7-1
Single-lug self-locking nut with support plate HB 1-19803-831984-7-1
Technical specification for wire joint of aircrafts HB 6-96-19831984-7-1
Roll pin with slot HB 1-19702-19831984-7-1
?Extrusion profile Angle limit value?HB 0-35-19831984-7-1
Flat Round Head High Tensile Ring Grooved Rivet HB 5506-19831984-7-1
Cushion for oval tray instrument HB 6-23-19831984-7-1
Large cable jointHB 6-1993-19831984-7-1
Flat cone head blind hole thread hollow rivets HB 1-603-19831984-7-1
Loop HB 1-19705-19831984-7-1
Technical specification for cable joint of aircraftHB 6-1996-19831984-7-1
Flat head high shear strength rivet HB 1-19609-19831984-7-1
The screw in steel interference threaded stud?HB 1-303-19831984-7-1
Wiring board HB 6-19-19831984-7-1
Bond strap with two tubular jointsHB 6-1974-19831984-7-1
Two-lug sealed floating self-locking nut HB 1-19818-831984-7-1
Ground connector for nylon bush HB 6-54-19831984-7-1
Quick release stop pin HB 1-704-19831984-7-1
High shear strength rivet / screw HB 1-605-19831984-7-1
Fire extinguishing agent;Carbon dioxideGB 4396-19841985-1-1
Technical conditions of pin and axis HB 1-19708-19831984-7-1
Hollow roll pin HB 1-709-19831984-7-1
Cast Steel Chain Controller for Switch Blade CB* 286-19841985-8-1
Test Method for Metal Low-temperature Impact TenacityHB 5278-19841984-5-1
Grinding undercut (Trial Implementation)?HB 0-98-19831984-7-1
Tail knurled blind hole nut technical conditions?HB 1-408-19831984-7-1
Two-lug damping nut HB 1-19814-831984-7-1
High shear strength rivet loop HB 1-611-19831984-7-1
High tensile strength type ring grooved rivet collarHB 5508-19831984-7-1
gasket?HB 1-509-19831984-7-1
The bolt and screw countersunk head?HB 0-4-19831984-7-1
Die cuts in stringer in groove shape?HB 0-32-19831984-7-1
High shear strength rivet / screw HB 1-19605-19831984-7-1
90°countersunk head high shear strength rivet HB 1-19610-19831984-7-1
Sign of threaded parts?HB 0-3-19831984-7-1
Portable carbon dioxide fire extinguishersGB 4399-19841985-1-1
Medium cable jointHB 6-1992-19831984-7-1
Earth wire with three tubular connectorsHB 6-75-19831984-7-1
Elastic locking screw slot?HB 0-60-19831984-7-1
Rubber protective jacket HB 6-33-19831984-7-1
Relief grooves for grinding wheelsHB 0-1998-19831984-7-1
Fit dimension of chamfers and rounds?HB 0-46-19831984-7-1
Electric Control Diaphragm Air WhistleCB* 881-19841985-8-1
Precious Alloy Wire Packeted with Oil Paint Used for Aviation PotentiometerHB 5291-19841984-10-1
The quartet cant washer?HB 1-512-19831984-7-1
Soft clampHB 3-21-19831984-7-1
Classification of die cuts in molded stringersHB 0-23-19831984-7-1
Metal structure lightening holeHB 0-12-19831984-7-1
90°countersunk head high shearing strength ring-grooved riverHB 5503-19831984-7-1
Rubber protective jacket HB 6-35-19831984-7-1
Round nut with double check washer?HB 1-506-19831984-7-1
Die cuts in stringer in groove shape?HB 0-33-19831984-7-1
Flat head axis HB 1-19703-19831984-7-1
Die cuts in angle stringerHB 0-28-19831984-7-1
pressure welding between conductor joint and wire HB 6-15-19831984-7-1
Head with 120 ° taper hole of flat taper thread hollow rivets HB 1-615-19831984-7-1
Bushing Support HB 3-8-19831984-7-1
Test Method for Vibration Fatigue of Engine Leaf and MaterialHB 5277-19841984-5-1
Steel board washer technical conditions?HB 1-511-19831984-7-1
Sealing guide bushing for wires HB 6-26-19831984-7-1
Quick release stop pin HB 1-19704-19831984-7-1
Hexagon trough thick nut?HB 1-402-19831984-7-1
Penetration Fittings for High Pressure Thread JointsCB* 632-19841985-8-1
Nickel and nickel-copper alloys round barsGB/T 4435-19841985-5-1
Round nut with simple locking piece?HB 1-508-19831984-7-1
Calculation table for spread length?HB 0-45-19831984-7-1
Wrinkles flangingHB 0-20-19831984-7-1
90℃ountersunk Head High Tensile Strength Ring-grooved Rivet HB 5505-19831984-7-1
Cadmium round barsYS/T 247-19941985-5-1
Flat head high shearing strength ring-grooved riverHB 5502-19831984-7-1
Portable Aluminum LadderCB* 3216-19841985-8-1
Die cuts in angle stringerHB 0-26-19831984-7-1
Rubber protective jacket HB 6-32-19831984-7-1
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