Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Drawings for metal hull of ships;General provisionsGB/T 4476.1-19841985-4-1
General Technical Specifications for Manufacturing of Mine CB 864-19841985-7-1
Heat-treated steel bar for prestressed concreteGB 4463-19841985-6-1
Drawings for metal hull of ships;Presentation and coding of drawingsGB 4476.3-19841985-4-1
Pivoting Point for Aircraft Instrument HB 5850-19841985-1-1
Steel beds for shipsCB/T 3849-19991985-3-1
Vulcanized rubber--Determination of zinc content--Flame atomic absorption spectrometric methodGB 4500-19841985-5-1
Test method for the dispersion stability of disperse dye suspensionsGB/T 4468-19841985-3-1
Methods of vibration(sinusoidal) test for use in industrial process measurement and control instrumentGB/T 4451-19841985-4-1
Method for the test of sharpness and strength of needles tipsGB 4506-19841985-2-1
Test method for determining the breaking point of petroleum bitumensGB/T 4510-19841984-9-1
Lifting hooks; NomenclatureGB/T 4307-19841985-3-1
Coke; Determination of apparent relative density and total porosityGB/T 4511.3-19841985-6-1
Vulcanized rubber;Determination of total sulphur content;Oxygen combustion flask methodGB/T 4497-19841985-5-1
Glass containers;Stress examination;Method of testGB/T 4545-19841985-3-1
Square table type adjustable drilling jig (able to be equipped with cornerwise localizer)HB 3432-19841980-10-1
GH 698 Alloy Dished Forging Used for Aviation HB 5285-19841984-8-1
Drawings for metal hull of ships;DimensioningGB/T 4476.4-19841985-4-1
Marine low pressure bronze male threaded stop check valvesGB 1953-19841985-3-1
The general specifications on medical diagnostic X-ray generating unitGB 4505-19841985-2-1
Stitch types-Classification and terminologyGB 4515-19841985-3-1
Standard Sample of the Magnetic Properties of Permanent Magnet MaterialsJJG 352-19841985-5-1
Technical Specification for Silk-wrapped Resistance Alloy WireHB 5852-19841984-10-1
Technical Specification for Oil Paint-wrapped Resistance Alloy Wire HB 5853-19841984-10-1
Impulse Test Method for Hydraulic Parts CB 1103-19841985-7-1
Flange Brass Four-way Cock CB 583-19841984-5-1
Method for the test of sharpness and strength of needles tipsGB/T 4506-19841985-2-1
Hydrant connectorGB 4453-19841985-1-1
Test method of dyestuff migrationGB/T 4464-19841985-3-1
Marine low pressure bronze male threaded stop valvesGB 1951-19841985-3-1
Drawings for metal hull of ships;Graphical symbolsGB 4476.2-19841985-4-1
Technical Specification for High-strength Paint-wrapped Resistance Alloy Wire HB 5851-19841984-10-1
Standard figure of coarse carbide of high speed tool steelGB/T 4462-19841985-6-1
Square table type adjustable drilling jigHB 3431-19841984-10-1
YPL YXL Hydraulic Filter for ShipsCB 1101-19841985-7-1
Unified standards for the design of structures(Trial)GBJ 68-19841985-1-1
Figurations and symbols on the arrangement plans of ships;Life-saving apparatusGB 3894.6-19841985-3-1
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