Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Marking of insulated conductorsGB/T 4884-19851985-9-1
Time signal in radio broadcastingGB/T 4961-1985
Furniture; Assessment of surface resistance to wet heatGB/T 4893.2-19851985-4-10
Sacrificial anode of Al-Zn-In system alloy--Chemical analysisGB/T 4949-19851985-10-1
Non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates--Measurement of coating thickness--Magnetic methodGB/T 4956-19851985-12-1
Methods for analysis of beerGB/T 4928-20012003-1-1
Lubricating grease; Determination of dropping pointGB/T 4929-19851985-10-1
Sacrificial anode of Zn-Al-Cd alloy; Chemical analysisGB/T 4951-19851985-10-1
Furniture; Assessment of surface resistance to cold liquidsGB/T 4893.1-19851985-4-10
Single crystal silicon rods and wafers for solar cellsSJ 2572-19851985-10-1
Normal equal-loudness contours for pure tones under free field listening conditionsGB 4963-19851985-10-1
Testing method for breaking load and elongation of netting of synthetic fibreGB/T 4925-19851985-9-1
Instrument for soil test - Oedometer - Part 1: Single level arm oedometerGB/T 4935.1-20082009-2-1
Methods for the measurement of performances of surface acoustic wave (SAW) filtersSJ 2570-19851985-10-1
Methods of measurement for equipment used in terrestrial radio-relay systems; Part 1: Measurement common to subsystems and simulated systems; Section One; GeneralGB 4958.1-19851985-8-1
Bibliographical description for serialsGB/T 3792.3-19851985-10-1
Furniture; Assessment of surface resistance to dry heatGB/T 4893.3-19851985-4-10
Non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic metal substrates--Measurement of coating thickness--Eddy current methodGB/T 4957-19851985-12-1
Classification of degrees of protection provided by enclosures for rotating machinesGB/T 4942.1-1985
Sacrificial anode of Zn-Al-Cd alloyGB/T 4950-19851985-10-1
Compression Test Method for Metallic Sheet Materials QJ 905-19851986-12-1
Measurement of noise emitted by vessels on inland water ways and harboursGB 4964-19851985-10-1
Determination Methods for Burning Rate of Composite Solid Propellant Slurry QJ 925-19851986-1-1
Food additive´╝ŹRed kojic riceGB 4926-19851985-10-1
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