Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
15*16 Dot matri*font set of chinese ideograms for information interchangeGB/T 5199.1-19851985-10-1
Technical requirements for induction type safety device used for the pressesGB 5092-19851985-1-1
Methods for chemical analysis of fluor-spar; The molybdenum blue-rhodamine B photometric method for the determination of phosphorus contentGB/T 5195.7-19851986-3-1
Electrotechnical terminology-Electric welding machineGB/T 2900.22-19851986-2-1
Welding,brazing,braze welding and soldering of metals; List of processes for symbolic representation on drawingsGB/T 5185-19851986-4-1
LY 12 MCS, LY 12 CS, LY 16 MCGS Aluminum Alloy Extruded ProfileHB 5300-19851985-10-1
Metallic powders; Determination of tap densityGB/T 5162-19851986-2-1
Methods for chemical analysis of fluor-spar; The EDTA volumetric method for the determination of calcium fluoride contentGB/T 5195.1-19851986-3-1
Method for determination of protein in foodsGB/T 5009.5-1985
Vulcanized rubber; Determination of carbon black dispersion; Micrographic methodGB/T 6030-19851986-2-1
Method for determination of specific gravity of foodsGB/T 5009.2-1985
Reach and straddle fork lift trucks; Stability testsGB/T 5142-19851986-3-1
Fork lift trucks; Hook-on type fork arms; VocabularyGB/T 5140-19851986-3-1
Method for determination of moisture in foodsGB/T 5009.3-1985
Fork lift trucks; Fork arms; DimensionsGB/T 5183-19851986-3-1
Bibliographical description for archivesGB/T 3792.5-19851986-1-1
JPZ-type Three-way Vibration Dampers with Equal RigidityQJ 838-19841985-1-1
Surface active agents-Detergents-Determination of cationic-active matter-Direct two-phase titratiGB/T 5174-19851986-1-1
Method for preparation and internal pressure testing of filament-wound pressure vesselsGB/T 6058-19851986-3-1
Permeable sintered metal materials; Determination of open porosityGB/T 5164-19851986-2-1
Test method for flammability characteristics of fiber-reinforced plastics; Incandescent rod methodGB 6011-19851986-2-1
Tin and tin alloy foil; Lead and lead alloy foil; Zinc foilGB/T 5191-19851986-3-1
Determination of mean relative molecular mass for technical straight-chain sodium alkyl benzene sulphonates; Gas-liquid chromatographic methodGB/T 5178-19851986-1-1
Nickel and nickel silver foilGB/T 5190-19851986-3-1
Method for determination of fat in foodsGB/T 5009.6-19851985-12-1
Method of ultrasonic inspection for wrought titanium and titanium alloys productsGB/T 5193-19851986-3-1
Magnesium alloy sheetsGB/T 5154-19851986-2-1
Method for determination of ash in foodsGB/T 5009.4-1985
Metallic powders--Determination of green strength by transverse rupture of rectangular com-pactsGB/T 5160-19851986-2-1
Aluminium and aluminium alloy extruded tubesGB/T 4437-19841985-5-1
General rules of infrared quantitative analysis for chemical productsGB/T 6040-19851986-2-1
Copper seal washer-Types and dimensionsSJ 1659-19801985-5-1
Methods for chemical analysis of fluor-spar; The gravimetric method for the determination of silicon dioxide contentGB/T 5195.9-19851986-3-1
Caps for injction glass vials of antibiotics--Part 1: Aluminium capsGB 5198.1-19961997-7-1
Tree seedlings of major species for afforestationGB 6000-19851986-1-1
SZ-type Three-way Damper SeriesQJ 839-19841985-1-1
Methods for chemical analysis of fluor-spar; The EDTA volumetric method for the determination of carbonate contentGB/T 5195.2-19851986-3-1
The classification and nomenclature with its code name of fishing gearGB/T 5147-19851985-12-1
Methods for chemical analysis of fluor-spar; The combustion-potassium iodate volumetric method for the determination of total sulphur contentGB/T 5195.5-19851986-3-1
Technical requirements for hand-held electromagnetic disk used for the pressesGB 5093-19851985-11-1
Determination of nitrite and nitrate in foodsGB/T 5009.33-20082009-3-1
General rules of mass spectrometric analysis for chemical productsGB/T 6041-19851986-2-1
Method for determination of saccharose in foodsGB/T 5009.8-19851985-12-1
Determination of sulphonatable matter content for industrial alkylbenzeneGB 5177.2-19851986-1-1
Technical requirements of synthetic scheeliteGB/T 5192-19851986-3-1
Basic environmental testing procedures for electric and electronic products; Guidance for test simulating inclinations and motionsGB/T 2424.20-19851986-2-1
Methods for chemical analysis of fluor-spar; The iodometric method for the determination of sulphide contentGB/T 5195.4-19851986-3-1
alpha-beta Titanium alloys; Examination of structureGB 5168-19851986-2-1
Method for determination of crude fiber in foodsGB/T 5009.10-19851985-12-1
Method for determination of reducing sugar in foodGB 5009.7-19851985-12-1
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