Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Types and Dimensions for Direct-acting Electric Check Valve QJ 937-19851986-1-1
Plain washers-Small series-Product grade AGB/T 848-19851989-6-1
Industrial woven metal wire cloth (square opening series)GB/T 5330-19851986-4-1
Hexagon head tapping screwsGB/T 5285-19851986-6-1
Countersunk head screws; Head configuration and gaugingGB/T 5279-19851986-6-1
Metallic powder material; Self-fluxing Ni-B-Si alloy powderGB/T 5315-19851986-7-1
Aviation Air - General Technical Specifications for Air Heat Exchanger HB 5882-19851986-5-1
Slotted countersunk head tapping screwsGB/T 5283-19851986-6-1
Cross recessed raised countersunk head tapping screwsGB 847-19851986-6-1
Slideways grinding machines with two columns; Testing of the accuracyGB/T 5288-19851986-6-1
Plain washers-Chamfered-Normal series-Product grade AGB/T 97.2-19851986-6-1
Types and Dimensions of Electromagnet QJ 983-19851986-12-1
Production Instruction for Porcelain Anodic Oxide Film of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy QJ/Z 69-19851986-12-1
Technical Specification for Electromagnet QJ 984-19851986-12-1
Sintered metals materials,excluding hardmetals; Unnotched impact test pieceGB/T 5318-19851986-7-1
Automobile hydraulic pressure test connection for braking equipmentGB/T 5335-19851986-5-1
Plain washers-Extra large series-Product grade CGB/T 5287-19851986-6-1
Face-milling cutters with indexable insertsGB/T 5342-19851986-7-1
Tracheostomy tubes ConnectorsYY 91013-19991986-3-1
Slotted pan head tapping screwsGB 5282-19851986-6-1
Types and Dimensions for Direct-acting Straight-through Type Electric Check Valve QJ 938-19851986-1-1
Plain washers-Large series-Product grades A and CGB/T 96-19851986-6-1
Technical Specification for Electric Check Valve QJ 941-19851986-1-1
Slotted raised countersunk head tapping screwsGB 5284-19851986-6-1
End milling cutters with indexable insertsGB/T 5340-19851986-7-1
Specification for carrier systems supergroup translating equipmentGB 5367-19851986-5-1
Steel Plate with Through-thickness CharacteristicsGB 5313-19851986-7-1
Nomenclature and terminology for automotive electrical equipment, lighting and instrumentationGB 5337-19851986-5-1
Technical requirements for bus bodies being overhauledGB/T 5336-19851986-5-1
Method of test for ignition temperature of flammable liquids and gasesGB/T 5332-19851986-5-1
Test procedure for three-phase induction motorsGB/T 1032-19851986-4-1
Area for titles on 35mm and 16mm motion-picture release prints-Positions and dimensionsGB/T 5297-19851986-4-1
Standard examination methods for drinking waterGB 5750-19851986-10-1
Fasteners; Bolts,screws,studs and nuts; Symbols and designations of dimensionsGB 5276-19851986-6-1
Technical requirements and testing methods for crossbar private automatic branch exchangeGB 5322-19851986-4-1
Countersunk head screws; Head configuration and gaugingGB 5279-19851986-6-1
Types and Dimensions for Two-way Pilot-operated Type Electric Check Valve QJ 940-19851986-1-1
Side and face-milling cutters with indexable insertsGB/T 5341-19851986-7-1
The standard for feeding and management of high-yielding dairy cowsNY/T 14-19851985-9-1
Reliability approval and acceptance tests for monochrome television receiversSJ 2596-19851986-1-1
Hexagon head tapping screwsGB 5285-19851986-6-1
Plain washers--Product grade CGB/T 95-19851986-6-1
Steel plate with through-thickness characteristicsGB/T 5313-19851986-7-1
Slotted countersunk head tapping screwsGB 5283-19851986-6-1
Sanitary standard for drinking waterGB 5749-19851986-10-1
Terminals for transformers,high-voltage apparatus and bushingsGB/T 5273-19851986-4-1
Gas analysis; Preparation of calibration gas mixtures; Permeation methodsGB 5275-19851986-6-1
Sintered metal materials excluding hardmetals--Determination of transverse rupture strengthGB/T 5319-19851986-7-1
Cross recesses for screwsGB/T 944.1-19851986-6-1
Gas analysis; Preparation of calibration gas mixtures; Weighing methodsGB 5274-19851986-6-1
Metallic powder material; Self-fluxing Ni-Cr-B-Si alloy powderGB/T 5316-19851986-7-1
Cross recessed pan head tapping screwsGB 845-19851986-6-1
Seamless steel tubes and pipes for high pressure boilerGB 5310-20082009-10-1
Safe picture areas for motion-picture films for television-Positions and dimensionsGB/T 5301-19851986-4-1
Cross recesses for screwsGB 944.1-19851986-6-1
Surface active agents; TermsGB 5327-19851986-4-1
Test sieves and test sieving--VocabularyGB/T 5329-19851986-4-1
Technical Specifications for Chemical Oxide Film Layer of Magnesium Alloy QJ 468-19851986-1-1
Slotted raised countersunk head tapping screwsGB/T 5284-19851986-6-1
Plain washers-Normal series-Product grade AGB/T 97.1-19851986-6-1
Slotted Set Screws with Flat PointGB 73-19851986-6-1
Cross recessed countersunk head tapping screwsGB 846-19851986-6-1
Fasteners; Bolts,screws,studs and nuts; Symbols and designations of dimensionsGB/T 5276-19851986-6-1
Hexagon socket head shoulder screwsGB/T 5281-19851986-6-1
Slotted pan head tapping screwsGB/T 5282-19851986-6-1
Tapping screws threadGB/T 5280-19851986-6-1
Analysis Method for Porcelain Anodic Oxidation Solution of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy QJ/Z 133-19851985-10-1
Production Instruction for Chemical Oxide Film of Magnesium Alloy QJ/Z 134-19851985-10-1
Specifications for construction and acceptance of chimneyGBJ 78-19851986-3-1
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