Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Value engineering-General terms and work programGB 8223-19871988-7-1
Food additive-Glucoamvlase preperationGB 8276-19871988-2-1
Control standards of pollutants in fly ash for agricultural useGB 8173-19871988-2-1
Feed grade sodium propionateNY 40-19871988-5-1
SorghumGB 8231-19871988-4-1
Food additive-Sodium D-isoascorbateGB 8273-19871988-2-1
Information processing - Magnetic disk for data storage devices - 107, 500 flux transitions per track, with OD of 266 and 356mmSJ/Z 9046-19871987-10-22
Performance requirements and tests methods for fire water branchGB 8181-19871988-6-1
Test method for nonmetal sand wich constructions or coresGB 1452~1453-19871988-5-1
Methods of test for full-flow lubricating oil filters for diesel engines-Pressure drop/flow charactGB/T 8243.1-19871988-7-1
Highway transportation terminologyGB/T 8226-19871988-7-1
Millet in huskGB 8232-19871988-4-1
Feed grade calcium propionateNY 41-19871988-5-1
Test method for flatwise compression properties of nonmetal sandwich constructions or coresGB/T 1453-19871988-5-1
Test method for flatwise tension strength of nonmetal sandwich constructionsGB/T 1452-19871988-5-1
Liquid unsaturated polyester resin for glass fiber reinforced plasticsGB/T 8237-19871988-5-1
Feed grade sodium propionateHG 2930-19871988-5-1
Feed grade ferrous sulfateNY 45-19871988-5-1
Feed grade copper sulphateNY 42-19871988-5-1
Castor oilGB 8234-19871988-4-1
Disturbances in power supply systems caused by household appliances and similar electrical equipment Part 3: Voltage fluctuationSJ/Z 9029.3-19871987-10-19
EMI filterSJ/Z 9038-19871987-10-20
Identification cards - Machine readable passportsSJ/Z 9024-19871987-10-20
Specification for flexible coupling of housingGB/T 8259-19871988-5-1
Identification cards-Physical characteristicsSJ/Z 9025-19871987-10-20
Unsaturated polyester resin; Determination of refractive index of liquid and castingGB/T 8238-19871988-5-1
Food additive-Sucrose fatty acid esterGB 8272-19871988-2-1
Slotted shoulder screwsGB/T 831-19881988-7-1
Linseed oilGB 8235-19871988-4-1
Terminology for hull equipment; Marine gearGB 8242.1-19871988-7-1
Feed grade manganese sulphateNY 46-19871988-5-1
Quick terminalSJ/Z 9037-19871987-10-20
Feed grade sodium seleniteNY 47-19871988-5-1
Terminology for hull equipment; Life-saving appliancesGB 8242.4-19871988-7-1
Test method for nonmetal sand wich constructions or coresGB1452~1453-1987GB1464-19871988-5-1
Terminology for ship accommodation equipmentGB 8241-19871988-7-1
Millet in huskGB/T 8232-20082009-1-20
Test method for density of nonmetal sandwich constructions or coresGB/T 1464-19871988-5-1
Bolts,round head with oval neckGB/T 8262-19871988-5-1
300Ω/75Ω balun for FM and TV broadcast receiverGB 8977-19881989-1-1
Normal concrete small hollow blockGB 8239-19971997-1-1
Sesame oilGB 8233-19871988-4-1
Methods of test for full-flow lubricating oil filters for diesel engines-Resistance to high pressurGB/T 8243.3-19871988-7-1
Methods of measurement for short duration transients on low voltage power and signal lines - GuidelineSJ/Z 9032-19871987-10-19
Guide for the choice of colour to be used for the marking of capacitors and resistorsSJ/Z 9022.1-19871987-10-12
Conveyor chains,attachments and sprocketsGB/T 8350-20032004-5-1
Square set screws with long dog point and rounded endGB/T 83-19881988-7-1
Glossary of painting termsGB 8264-19871988-7-1
Information processing - Magnetic disk for data storage devices - 160, 000 flux transitions per track, with OD of 356mmSJ/Z 9045-19871987-10-22
Feed grade zinc sulphateNY 44-19871988-5-1
Feed grade magnesium sulphateNY 43-19871988-5-1
Office machines and printing machines used for information processing-Widths of fabric printing ribbons exceeding 19mmSJ/Z 9056-19871987-10-30
Feed grade calcium propionateHG/T 2931-19871988-5-1
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