Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Nominal pressure for pipe componentsGB/T 1048-19901990-1-2
Verification Regulation of Standard Sea WaterJJG 674-19901991-1-1
The rule of type designation for quarz crystal oscillatorsGB 12275-19901990-10-1
Cardiac valve prostheses general technical specificationGB 12279-19901990-1-2
Glossary of general terms in metal cuttingGB/T 12204-19901990-10-1
Methods for determination of calcium in foodsGB/T 12398-19901990-12-1
Method of model designation for the electronic computer peripheral equipmentGB/T 12354-19901991-3-1
Fixed resistors for use in electronic equipment-Part 7:Blank detail specification-Fixed resistor networks in which not all resistors are individually measurable-Assessment level EGB/T 12277-19901990-10-1
Standard method for examination of nitrogen dioxide in air of residential areas-Modified Saltzman methodGB 12372-19901991-3-1
Method for determination of total ascorbic acid in fruits, vegetables and derived products―Fluorometric method and colorimetric method 2.4-dinitrophenylhydrazineGB/T 12392-19901990-12-1
Method for the determination of available boron in soilNY/T 149-19901990-12-1
Method for determination of carotene in foodsGB/T 12389-1990
Method for determination of potassium and sodium in foodsGB/T 12397-19901990-12-1
Spherical plain bearings joint type--FitsGB/T 304.3-19901990-10-1
Test methods of safe operating area for power transistorsGB 12300-19901990-8-1
Method for determination of iron, magnesium and manganese in foodsGB/T 12396-19901990-12-1
Cardiovasular implants - Cardiac valve prosthesesGB 12279-20082009-12-1
Measuring Instruments for GearJJG 2055-19901990-12-1
Method for determination of insoluble dietary fiber in foodsGB/T 12394-19901990-12-1
List of dangerous goodsGB 12268-19901990-9-1
Method for determination of niacin in foodsGB/T 12395-19901990-12-1
Method for determination of riboflavin in foodsGB/T 12391-19901990-12-1
Measuring Instruments for Length (Gauge Block)JJG 2056-19901990-12-1
Method for determination of retinol and tocopherol in foodsGB/T 12388-19901990-12-1
Method for determination of thiamine ( vitamin B1 ) in foodsGB/T 12390-19901990-12-1
Measuring Instruments for Ultrasonic PowerJJG 2050-19901991-1-1
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