Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Verification Regulation of Optical Rotry TableJJG 305-19921992-8-1
Specification for Altitude Simulation Test of Solid Rocket MotorQJ 2301-19921992-11-1
Technical Conditions for 925 High Tensile Steel ForgingsCB 1207-19921992-9-1
Technical Specification on Safe Use of Hydrogen QJ 2298-19921992-12-1
General technich conditions of lnsulating poles for live workingGB 13398-19921992-10-1
Hand-hold Radar Measuring Speedo MeterJJG 771-19921993-1-1
Verification Regulation for Standard DynamometersJJG 144-19921992-8-1
Plastic scintillatorsGB/T 13376-19921992-1-2
Technical requirements for fire working of sea going transport shipsGB/T 13386-19921993-1-1
Classification and grading directives for restaurants and hotelsGB/T 13391-19921992-5-1
Tightness Test Method for Surface Ship CB 746-19921992-9-1
Verification Regulation for Calibrater for Railway Track Gauging RuleJJG 404-19921992-8-1
Methods of measurement for short wave single sideband setSJ 20043-19921992-5-1
Semiconductor discrete device. Detail specification for silicon N-channel depletion mode field-effect transistor of types CS4 GP, GT and GCT classesSJ 20012-19921992-5-1
Vector common long fangsongti letterings and symbols in mechanical drawings and computer for information interchange--Data setGB/T 13362.5-19921992-10-1
Principles for the exemption of radiation sources and practices from regulatory cortrolGB 13367-19921992-1-2
Spectrographic analysis of uranium oxide (U@3O@8) by gallium oxide-carrier techniqueGB/T 13374-19921992-1-2
Common long fangsongti letterings and symbols in mechanical drawings and computer for information interchange--Basic setGB/T 13362.1-19921992-10-1
Electron Beam Radiation Source (for radiation processing )JJG 772-19921993-1-1
Specification for packaging drawingGB/T 13385-19921992-10-1
Caesium-137 gamma radiation source for industrial gaugesGB/T 13366-19921992-1-2
Method for measuring crystallographic orientation of flats on single crystal silicon slices and wafers by X-ray techniquesGB/T 13388-19921992-10-1
General specification of mechanical and physical design and manufacturing for military electronic equipmentsSJ 20053-19921992-5-1
General specification for VHF/FM vehicle radioSJ 20028-19921992-5-1
Safety requirements for short wave single sideband communication equipmentSJ 20044-19921992-5-1
Combined Appearance Measuring InstrumentJJG 786-19921992-8-10
Compilation Guideline for Ship Product Assurance ProgramCB/T 1208-19921992-9-1
Electric cables and wires-Method for D.C.voltage testGB/T 3048.14-19921992-10-1
Rotary solenoid,General specification forSJ 20038-19921992-5-1
Determination Method for Specific Heat of Composite Solid Propellant QJ 2275-19921992-12-1
Rules for Classification and Nomenclature of Space PyrotechnicsQJ 2261-19921992-12-1
General specification for solid-state lasersSJ 20027-19921992-5-1
Generic specification for 4800bit/s wire voice-band modemsSJ 20040-19921992-5-1
After-loading γ-Radiation Source For Brady TherapyJJG 773-19921993-1-1
Instrument for Measuring Bounce of Deep Groove Ball BearingJJG 784-19921992-8-10
General specification for packagings of mechanical and electrical productsGB/T 13384-19921992-10-1
Evaluation method of residual intelligibility for analog-voice scramblers (RIAVS)SJ 20041-19921992-5-1
Technical sodium alkane sulfonatesQB 1429-19921992-8-1
Vertical laser MetroscopeJJG 764-19921992-8-1
Dial Test IndicatorJJG 35-19921992-8-10
General specification for air-conduction dynamic and electro magnetic transmittersSJ 20045-19921992-5-1
Test chart for electrostatic copying processGB/T 4591-19921992-10-1
Verification Regulation of Box PlateJJG 194-19921992-8-1
Selective Level MeterJJG 777-19921993-1-1
Guide for sampling inspectionGB/T 13393-19921992-10-1
General rule for representation on network planning techniquesGB/T 13400.2-19921992-1-2
General Specification for Gyroscope QJ 894-19921992-9-30
Measuring methods of traveling wave tubeSJ 20024-19921992-5-1
Methyl cedryl ketoneQB/T 1431-19921992-8-1
Specifiation of nuclear fuel rods for miniature neutron source reactorGB/T 13368-19921992-1-2
Metric tape screw threadGB/T 1415-19921992-10-1
Packaging-Transport packages-Low air pressure test methodGB/T 4857.13-19921992-10-1
Semiconductor discrete device. Detail specification for PNP silicon low-power transistor for types 3CG110 GP, GT and types GCT classesSJ 20014-19921992-5-1
Regulation of hot washing for electric power apparatusGB 13395-19921992-10-1
Generic specification for gas snesors of metal-oxide semiconductorSJ 20025-19921992-5-1
Selection, Design and Verification Rules for Process Equipment QJ 2233-19921992-12-1
Detail specification for air dielectric tubular (piston type) trimmer variable capacitor,Model JCWG31SJ 20033-19921992-5-1
The performance requirements and test methods for exhaust spark arrester of vehicleGB 13365-19921992-10-1
Detail specification for air dielectric tubular (piston type) trimmer variable capacitor,Model JCWG32SJ 20035-19921992-5-1
Identification of electric equipment terminals and of terminations of certain designated conductors, including general rules for an alphanumeric systemGB/T 4026-19921992-11-1
Generic specification of vacuum capacitorsSJ 20030-19921992-5-1
Packaging-Transport packages-Horizontal impact test methodsGB/T 4857.11-19921992-10-1
Detail specification for air dielectric tubular (piston type) trimmer variable capacitor,Model JCWG26SJ 20034-19921992-5-1
Heat Treatment of Spring Steels QJ 2257-19921992-11-30
Detail specification for disk-seal tube of type FM22SJ 20017-19921992-5-1
Safety of household and similar electric appliances-Particular requirements for electric fans and rGB 4706.27-19921992-10-1
General progam of network planning techniques used in project managementGB/T 13400.3-19921992-1-2
Electric cables and wires-D.C.spark test method for insulated coresGB/T 3048.15-19921992-10-1
General Technical Requirements for Satellite Lifting, Turnover, Parking and TransportationQJ 2249-19921992-11-1
Principles of visual ergonomics-The lighting of indoor work systemsGB/T 13379-19921992-1-2
General specification for air dielectric vare trimmer variable capacitorsSJ 20031-19921992-5-1
Electric cables and wires-Method for impulse ovtage testGB/T 3048.13-19921992-10-1
Semiconductor discrete device. Detail specification for PNP silicon low-power high-reverse-voltage transistor for types 3DG182 GP, GT and types GCT classesSJ 20016-19921992-5-1
Detail specification for MF11 directly heated negatice temperature coefficient thermistorSJ 20047-19921992-5-1
Test method for measuring flat length on slices of electronic materialsGB/T 13387-19921992-10-1
Technical Specification for Welding of Steel Structure of BuildingJGJ 81-19911992-9-1
Metallic powder-Determination of the specific surface area-Method of nitrogen adsorptionGB/T 13390-19921992-10-1
Synthetic fatty acidsQB 1428-19921992-8-1
Verification Regulation of AC Digital PowermeterJJG 780-19921993-1-1
Measuring methods for gas sensors of metal oxide semiconductorSJ 20026-19921992-5-1
The vehicle mark for road transportation dangerous goodsGB 13392-19921992-10-1
Edible soybean mealGB/T 13382-19921992-10-1
Woven Caps FZ/T 82002-19921993-1-1
SuperfuxQB/T 1430-19921992-8-1
Specification for Barium sodium polassium glass for military electronic devices and componentsSJ 20036-19921992-5-1
Detail specification for tranmitting tube of Type FU251FSJ 20022-19921992-5-1
Verification Regulation of Thin Gauge Block for Length from 0.05 up to 1 mmJJG 767-19921992-8-1
Heat Treatment of Beryllium Bronze QJ 2255-19921992-10-30
Edible peanut cake and mealGB/T 13383-19921992-10-1
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