Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Marine Air Pipe HeadCB/T 3594-19941994-8-1
Food additive;Benzoic acidGB 1901-19941994-7-1
General standard for the labelling of foodsGB 7718-19941995-2-1
Designation and composition of titanium and titanium alloysGB/T 3620.1-19941994-1-2
Method of Static Explosion Test for Torpedo Warhead CB 1238-19931994-8-1
Titanium and titanium alloy sheet and plateGB/T 3621-19941994-1-2
Technical specification for fume extractors for tubular electric weldingLD 51-19941995-1-1
Food additive;Sodium benzoateGB 1902-19941994-7-1
Method for determination of phoxim pesticide residue in foodsGB 14875-19941994-9-1
Feng-flavour chinese spiritsGB/T 14867-19941994-6-1
Technical Requirements for Marine Electromagnetic Starter RepairCB/T 3573-19941994-5-1
Technical conditions for transational sand sawing machineJC 531-19941994-11-1
Strum BoxesCB/T 3531-19941994-8-1
Non-asbestos Gaskets and Fillers for Marine ValvesCB/T 3589-19941994-8-1
Requirements for Particular Wind-resistant for Oceanographic Research Vessel CB/T 3526-19941994-5-1
Technical Requirements for Ship Distribution Box RepairCB/T 3575-19941994-5-1
Specification of equipments for power suppply used in cabled distribution systems primarily intended ofr sound and television signls operating between 30MHz and 1GHzGB/T 14948.1-19941994-10-1
Method for determination of chlorothalonil residue in foodsGB 14878-19941994-9-1
Brass wiresGB/T 14954-19941994-1-2
Ship steel weld radiographic testing technology and quality classificationCB/T 3558-19941994-5-1
Suction Coarse Water FilterCB/T 497-19941994-8-1
Designation and composition of titanium and titanium alloysGB/T 3620.2-19941994-1-2
GoldGB 4134-19941994-1-2
Rules for inspecting and testing of metro vehicles after completion of constructionGB/T 14894-19941994-10-1
Technical Specification for Hydrostatic Pressure Release Device for Inflatable Life Raft CB 3065-19941994-8-1
Flange Cast Steel Rectangular Overboard ValvesCB/T 3087-19941992-10-1
Requirements for Setting of Compartment and its Facilities Special for Oceanographic Research VesselsCB/T 3470-19941992-10-1
Method for determination of carbamate pesticide residues in foodsGB 14877-19941994-9-1
Silver ingotsGB 4135-19941994-12-1
Fireproofing Ventilation Head of Oil Hold CB 457-19941993-7-1
Technical Requirements for Ship Cable RepairCB/T 3577-19941994-8-1
Food additive-Potassium aluminum sulfate(potassium alum)GB 1895-19941994-7-1
Environmental Conditions and Test Methods for Torpedo CB 1235-19931994-8-1
Requirements for Setting of Oceanographic Research Vessel Accommodation and its FacilitiesCB/T 3469-19941992-10-1
Copper wiresGB/T 14953-19941994-1-2
Method for determination of methamidophos and acephate pesticiole nesidues in foodsGB 14876-19941994-9-1
Specification of channel processor used in cabled distribution systems primarily intended for suound and television signals operating between 30MHz and 1GHzGB/T 14948.5-19941994-10-1
Safety Footwear (Boot) for Toe Protection LD 50-19941995-1-1
Food additive- New redGB 14888.1-19941994-7-1
Flange Bronze Throttle ValveCB/T 314-19941994-8-1
Technical Conditions for Inflatable Life Raft CB 3593-19941994-5-1
Capillary tube of copper and copper alloysGB/T 1531-19941994-12-1
Plane Permanent-magnetic Suction Suspension Device CB/T 3555-19941994-5-1
Special copper and copper alloy wiresGB/T 14956-19941994-1-2
Rules for Radiograph and Ultrasonic Inspection of Ship Steel Welds CB/T 3177-19941993-2-1
Requirements for Installation and Structure Design of Pedestals of Deck MachineryCB/T 3520-19941994-8-1
Method for determination of permethrin residue in foodsGB 14879-19941994-9-1
Technical Requirements for Shore Power Supply During Ship Repair CB/T 3578-19941994-8-1
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