Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical Specifications of Automobile Brake Master CylinderQC/T 311-19991995-3-15
Steel Pressure Vessels - Design by AnalysisJB 4732-19951995-10-15
Code for Fire Prevention in Design of Interior Decoration of Buildings (2001 edition) GB 50222-1995(2001)1995-10-1
Screw Tap for Machining High Strength Steel - Through-hole Screw Tap QJ 2756.3-19951995-12-31
Sisal Textile - Determination of Thickness Loss After Short-time Moderate Static LoadNY/T 252-19951995-8-1
Verification Regulation of Instruments for Measuring the Moisture Content of Grain with Capacitance and Resistance MethodJJG 891-19951995-9-1
Steel Pressure Vessels - Design by AnalysisJB 4732-1995 (2005)1995-10-15
Acousticsļ¼¨Speech articulation testing methodGB/T 15508-19951995-1-2
Sisal Textile - Determination of Mass per Unit Area NY/T 251-19951995-8-1
Solid waste-Determination of total mercury-Cold atomic absorption spectrometryGB/T 15555.1-19951996-1-1
Flexible Cellular Polymeric Materials - High-resilience Polyurethane FoamQB/T 2080-19951996-1-1
Enterprise standard system Structure and requirements for adminislratice frameuork Standard and duty frauieuorkGB/T 15498-19951995-6-1
Safety code for heaters used in petroleum industrySY 0031-19951995-9-1
Enterprise standard System--Siructure and requiremcnts Techwcal framework standardGB/T 15497-19951995-6-1
Guidelines for the work of standardization of enterpriseGB/T 15496-19951995-6-1
Technical guides for evaluating the saving on steel products in enterprisesGB/T 15512-19951995-1-2
Code for construction and acceptance of steel structure engineeringGB 50205-19951995-11-1
Solid waste-Determination of copper, zinc, lead, cadmium- Atomic absorption spectrometryGB/T 15555.2-19951996-1-1
Code for fire prevention in design of interior decoration of buildings [2001 Revision]GB 50222-19951995-10-1
Sisal Textile - Determination of Dimensional Change After Different Water and Heat Treatment NY/T 256-19951995-8-1
The ABS pipes and fittings seriesHG/T 21561-19941996-3-1
Sisal Textile - Determination of Thickness Loss After Long-time Heavy Static Load NY/T 254-19951995-8-1
Steel Pressure Vessels - Design by Analysis JB 4732-20051995-10-15
Specifications of optical power meterGB/T 15515-19951995-9-1
General requirements for electrical automatic control systems of sea-going shipsGB/T 15511-19951995-1-2
Field Test Methods of Subgrade and Pavement for Highway EngineeringJTJ 059-19951995-10-1
Code for inspection and evaluation of structural steel engineering qualityGB 50221-19951995-10-1
General rules for reliability test of electromagnetic relay for control circuitsGB/T 15510-19951995-1-2
Sisal Textile - Determination of Twist and Twist Contraction - Direct Counting MethodNY/T 257-19951995-8-1
The electrical isolation of cathodically protected pipelinesSY/T 0086-19951995-9-1
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