Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
General Technical Specifications for Thermoplastic Plastic Compression Parts QJ 167A-19951995-12-5
Chain Controller for Single Point Mooring CB/T 3672-19951994-7-1
Roll Conveyer LY/T 1168-19951995-12-1
Alumino-silicate Refractory Fiber Needling FeltsCB/T 3691-19951996-4-1
Test Method for Networking of Digital Office Telephone Exchange Equipment in Public Telephone NetworkYD/T 751-19951995-11-1
Letter Symbols for Marine Electrical EquipmentCB/T 3713-19951996-4-1
Technical Requirements for Marine Cane Pump RepairCB/T 3689-19951996-4-1
40% Dimethoate emulsifiable concentratesGB/T 15583-19951996-2-1
Taxonomic codes of the Chinese fauna-VertebratesGB/T 15628.1-19951996-2-1
Rules of coding for the representation of enterprises,institutions and communitiesGB/T 11714-19951996-2-1
Symbols of plastics and resins―Part 2: Fillers and reinforcing materialsGB/T 1844.2-19951995-1-2
Methods of measuring the chromaticity of colour televisionGB/T 15609-19951996-2-1
Terms relating to coal petrologyGB/T 12937-19951996-2-1
Technical Requirements for Marine Mooring Winch and Capstan RepairCB/T 3687-19951996-4-1
Code for the names of the Central Party and State Organs Peoples Communities and the other State OrganizationsGB/T 4657-19951996-2-1
Test methods for the thermal stability of polyvinyl chloride resin-Whiteness methodGB/T 15595-19951995-1-2
Technical conditions of microwave towersYD/T 757-19951995-12-1
Technical specification for low temperature valvesJB/T 7749-19951996-1-1
Displacement compressors vocabulary-GeneralGB/T 4975-19951995-10-1
Testing methods for shear strength of plastics by punch toolGB/T 15598-19951995-1-2
Symbols of plastics and resins―Part 3: PlasticizersGB/T 1844.3-19951995-1-2
Safety code for painting-Safety for electrostatic powder spraying processGB 15607-19951996-1-1
Method for visual evaluation of metamerismGB/T 15610-19951996-2-1
Electrical Steam Hot Water Tank CB/T 3686-19951996-4-1
General specification of serial impact dot matrix printerGB/T 9314-19951996-2-1
The conical fittings with a 6% taper for syringes needles and certain other medical equipmentGB 1962-19951995-12-1
Marine Pneumatic Time Delay Valves CB/T 3699-19951996-4-1
Marine Fire-proof Air Valve CB/T 3557-19951994-5-1
Specification for atmospheric hot water boilersJB/T 7985-19951995-7-1
Erection and Dismantling of Cableway in Forest Technical SpecificationLY/T 1169-19951995-12-1
40% Dimethoate Missible Oil G 1315583-19951996-2-1
Materials and Equipment Classification and Code - Mechanical and Electrical Products PartQJ 2774.3-19951996-1-1
Guides for energy management in industrial enterpriseGB/T 15587-19951996-2-1
Discharge STANDARD of water pollutants for caustic alkali and polyvinyl chloride industryGB 15581-19951996-7-1
Technical Requirements for Marine Camshaft Connecting-rod Radial Plunger Type MotorCB/T 3683-19951996-4-1
Rolling Bearings - Double Row Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing Track RollersJB/T 7754-19951996-7-1
Oil changing criterion for motorcar diesel engine oil in useGB/T 7607-19951995-12-1
Technical Requirements for Ship in & out Dry Dock CB/T 3677-19951996-4-1
Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) moulding materialsGB/T 15597-19951995-1-2
Steel Products Standard DesignationGB/T 15575-19951995-12-1
Determination of microlithotype compositionGB/T 15590-19951996-2-1
Parathion technicalGB 2897-19951996-2-1
Weather Grade for National Forest Fire InsuranceLY/T 1172-19951995-12-1
50% Parathion emulsifiable concentrateGB 2898-19951996-2-1
Industrial screens and screening VocabularyGB/T 15602-19951996-1-1
Materials and Equipment Classification and Code - External Auxillary Products Part QJ 2774.5-19951996-1-1
Grading of products quality for siphon rainfall recorderSL/T 148.7-19951996-1-1
Technical Requirements for Marine Anchor Windlass and Anchor Capstan RepairCB/T 3688-19951996-4-1
Sizing MachinesFZ/T 94041-19951995-10-1
Guides for preparing diagrams of enterprise STANDARD systemGB/T 13017-19951995-10-1
General rules for safety production of woodworking shopGB 15606-20082009-12-1
Food additive--Calcium gluconateGB 15571-19951995-1-2
Materials and Equipment Classification and Code - Metal Material PartQJ 2774.1-19951996-1-1
Management Rules for Shipping Industry Archives - Job Requirements for File ClerkCB 3495.11-19951993-5-1
Gear oils for industrial enclosed gear drives(mild EP)GB 5903-19951995-12-1
Technical Requirements for Marine Heat Exchanger RepairCB/T 3685-19951996-4-1
Plant quarantine rules transporting of agricultural plantGB 15569-19951996-1-1
Pine Needle Chlorophyl-carotene Ointment LY/T 1177-19951995-12-1
Plastics-Determination of changes in colour and variations in properties after exposure to daylight under glass, natural weathering or artificial lightGB/T 15596-19951995-12-1
Basic CandleQB/T 2119-19951996-3-1
Performance test methods for canister of filter type respiratorGB/T 2892-19951996-1-1
Materials and Equipment Classification and Code - Electronic Products,instrument and Measuring Instrument Part QJ 2774.4-19951996-1-1
Single sampling procedures and tables for inspection having desired operating characteristics by variables for mean valueGB/T 8054-19951996-1-1
Archives Management Rule for Shipping Industry - Acoustic Image CB 3495.8-19951993-5-1
Classification and Codes of Ferrous Metal Products and MaterialsCB/T 3695-19951996-4-1
General Specification for Satellite-carried Spaceborne CameraQJ 2783-19951996-1-1
Symbols of plastics and resins―Part 1:Basic polymers and their special characteristicsGB/T 1844.1-19951995-1-2
Lubricating Oil Electrical Heater CB/T 519-19951996-4-1
Method on Inspection of Site Metallurgic Replica CB/T 3694-19951996-4-1
Grading of products quality for cop-type current meterSL/T 148.5-19951996-1-1
Single sampling procedures and tables for product quality audit of small population by attributesGB/T 15482-19951996-1-1
Nominal size for pipe componentsGB/T 1047-19951996-2-1
Safety rules of lightning with relation to petroleum and its facilitiesGB 15599-19951996-2-1
Test Method of Powdery Pine Needle Cream Feed Additive LY/T 1176-19951995-12-1
Paste polyvinyl chloride resinsGB 15592-19951995-12-1
Technical Requirements for Process of Electrotinning Lead Alloy of Printed-circuit Board QJ 488A-19951995-12-27
Archives Management Rules for Shipping Industry - Filing Quality Assessment CB 3495.9-19951993-5-1
Powdery Pine Needle Cream Feed Additive LY/T 1175-19951995-12-1
Electric drillGB/T 5580-19951996-6-1
General rules to safely production of woodworking shopGB 15606-19951996-1-1
Technical Requirements for Nickeling and Coppering with Electric Brush CB/T 3668-19951994-7-1
Management Rules for Shipping Industry Archives - Requirements for Collection of Documents and Operational GuidanceCB 3495.10-19951993-5-1
The Chinese color systemGB/T 15608-19951996-2-1
Method on Test of Rigid Butting Cracks for Automatic Submerged-arc WeldingCB/T 3714-19951996-4-1
Information processing systems-Local area networks Part 2: Logical link controlGB/T 15629.2-19951996-2-1
Grading of products quality for evaporation panSL/T 148.8-19951996-1-1
General Specification for Air Float Single Degree of Freedom Integrating Gyro QJ 2779-19951995-12-30
The general specification for arc welding machinesGB/T 8118-19951996-8-1
Requirements and Method for On-off Test of Printed-circuit Board QJ 2776-19951995-12-27
Electrical relays-Part 3: Single input energizing quantity measuring relays with dependent or independent timeGB/T 14598.7-19951996-6-1
Textile Machinery - Creel Main DimensionsFZ/T 90083-19951995-6-1
Plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compounds for transfusion (infusion) equipmentGB 15593-19951995-12-1
Terminology for dust explosion preventionGB/T 15604-19951996-1-1
Cataloging Code for Aerospace Literatures - Standard Document QJ 2777.3-19951995-12-1
Counting regulation for power consumption of city trolleybusCJ/T 3034-19951995-12-1
Performance test methods for facepiece of filter type respiratorGB/T 2891-19951996-1-1
Test Method of Pine Needle Chlorophyl-carotene Ointment LY/T 1178-19951995-12-1
Measurement procedure for exhaust silencers of internal combustion enginesGB/T 4759-19951996-2-1
Classification and Codes of Non-ferrous Metal Products and MaterialsCB/T 3696-19951996-4-1
Tin coated sheet(strip)―Tin coating mass testing methodGB/T 1838-19951995-1-2
Technical Requirements for Gearbox Repair of Ship Diesel EngineCB/T 3681-19951996-4-1
Terminology for dust explosion preventionGB/T 15604-20082009-10-1
Undecyl Imidazolines - Amphoteric SurfactantsQB/T 2118-19951996-3-1
Dimethoate technicalGB/T 15582-19951996-2-1
General Specification for Three-axis Rotating Table QJ 2780-19951995-12-30
Safety requirements for resistance welding machineGB 15578-19951996-8-1
Auxiliary Boilers for Vertical Straight Water Pipes CB/T 840-19951996-4-1
Test Regulation for Model of RiverSL 99-19951994-5-1
Directives the grading of hydrologic instruments product qualitySL/T 148.1-19951996-1-1
Marine Pneumatic Cylinder CB/T 3598-19951996-4-1
Paints and varnishes--Rating schemes of degradation of coatsGB/T 1766-19951996-2-1
Medical electrical equipment. Part 2: Particular requirements for the safety of cardiac defibrillators and cardiac defibrillator-monitorsGB 9706.8-19951996-6-1
Welding Symbols for Ships CB/T 860-19951996-4-1
Bakes Anchor CB/T 711-19951996-4-1
Technical Requirements for Marine To-and-fro Hydraulic Steering Gear Repair CB/T 3679-19951996-4-1
Design Specification for Updating Investigation of Exploitation in Southwest and Northwest Forest LY/T 1174-19951995-12-1
Technical Requirements for Marine Gear Pump RepairCB/T 3701-19951996-4-1
Marine Pneumatic Magnetic Valves CB/T 3698-19951996-4-1
Food additive-Folic acidGB 15570-19951995-1-2
The specifications of low-voltage reactive power steady compensation equipmentsGB/T 15576-19951996-6-1
Technical Requirements for Marine Cargo Crane RepairCB/T 3682-19951996-4-1
Fire-Protection Accessories for ShipsCB/T 3676-19951996-4-1
Commodity pesticide regulations for acceptanceGB/T 1604-19951996-2-1
Technical Requirements for Sea Valve RepairCB/T 3678-19951996-4-1
Rubber, vulcanized-Determination of temperature rise and resistance to fatigue in flexometer testing-Part 1: Basic principlesGB/T 15584-19951996-2-1
Safety and health codes for carbon and graphite productionGB 15600-19951996-2-1
Technical Requirements for Repair of Marine Ratary Vane Hydraulic Steering Gear CB/T 3680-19951996-4-1
Method on Test of Fracture of Fillet Weld CB/T 3692-19951996-4-1
Coating Specifications for Displacement CompressorsJB/T 7663.2-19951996-7-1
Welded fabric for the reinforcement of concretYB/T 076-19951995-12-1
Code for Package of Integrated Circuit QJ 2775-19951995-12-31
General Technical Specifications for Thermosetting Plastic Compression Part QJ 166A-19951995-3-1
Safety regulations for dust explosion prevention and protectionGB 15577-19951996-1-1
Abrasion test method for loose abrasive grains Rubber wheel methodJB/T 7705-19951996-1-1
Hydraulic CouplerCB/T 1136-19951996-4-1
Guide for design of low-temperature insulation of equipments and pipesGB/T 15586-19951995-1-2
Marine Pneumatic Speed Control ValvesCB/T 3697-19951996-4-1
Code for Test of Seakeeping of Water Surface Ship Models CB/T 3675-19951994-7-1
Grading of products quality for propeller-type current meterSL/T 148.4-19951996-1-1
Guidelines for technical evaluation of terminological data banksGB/T 15625-19951996-1-1
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