Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Guide for 200MW grade boiler operationDL/T 610-19961997-6-1
Design Code for Insulation Engineering of Industrial Equipment and PipeGB 50264-19971997-10-1
Inspection regulation for import and export polyester filament yarn and nylon filament yarnSN/T 0612-19961993-5-1
MgO-CaO-Fe�2O�3―System synthesized material for bottom of electro-arc furnacesYB/T 101-19971997-7-1
Technical Specifications for the TV-Supervisory System Design of Postal Matter Handling CenterYD 5030-19971997-4-1
Road vehicles--Vehicle identification number(VIN)--Content and structureGB/T 16736-19971997-9-1
Technical requirement and test method of 30-channel pulse code modulation subscriber loop terminal equipment at 2048kbit/sYD/T 885-19971997-7-1
Guide for thermal energy balance of thermal power plantDL/T 606.3-19961997-6-1
Chemical fertilizer Products-standard volumetric、standard、reagent and indicator solutions for chemical analysisHG/T 2843-19971997-10-1
Tractors and machinery for agriculture and foresssstry-- Technical means for ensuring safety--Part 12:Portable powered hedge-trimmersGB 10395.12-19971997-8-1
Mangano-Manganic oxide for soft magnetic ferrites useHG/T 2835-19971997-10-1
Nickel steel-clad plateYB/T 108-19971997-7-1
Rule for inspection of edible salt for exportSN/T 0623-19961997-5-1
Road vehicles--World manufacturer identifier(WMI)codeGB/T 16737-19971997-9-1
High carbon chromium stainless steel wire High carbon chromium stainless steel wireYB/T 096-19971997-7-1
Technical conditions of fiber optic couplersYD/T 893-19971997-7-1
Rule of inspection for export scutched flaxSN/T 0616-19961997-5-1
Requirements for industry of vehicle maintenance and repair being managed--Part 1:For the first kind of enterprises of vehicle maintenance and repairGB/T 16739.1-19971997-7-1
Rule for inspection of general service incandescent lamps for exportSN/T 0620-19961997-5-1
Cold-bounded high-titaning bearing pelletsYB/T 106-19971997-7-1
Regulations for session initiation period of data transmission over public telephone networkYD/T 887-19971997-7-1
Dual-fibre optical cableYD/T 899-19971997-7-1
Potassium fluoride anhydrous for industrial useHG/T 2829-19971997-10-1
Rules of inspection for import and export jute and kenafSN/T 0615-19961997-5-1
Road vehicles--Vehicle identification number(VIN)--Location and attachmentGB/T 16735-19971997-9-1
Rules for the inspection of steel wire for exportSN/T 0610-19961997-5-1
General rules of guide for energy balance of thermal power plantDL/T 606.1-19961997-6-1
Standards for classification and gradation of soil erosionSL 190-19961997-5-1
Alloy tool steel wireYB/T 095-19971997-7-1
Cold-rolled strips alloy 4J42K for IC leadframesYB/T 100-19971997-7-1
Code for installation and acceptance of gas fire-extinguishing systemsGB 50263-19971997-8-1
Rule for inspection of starter for fluorescent lamps for exportSN/T 0618-19961997-5-1
Requirments for industry of vehicle maintenance and repair being managed--Part 3:For the third kind of enterprises of vehicle maintenance and repairGB/T 16739.3-19971997-7-1
Agricultural tractors-Operators seating accommodation-DimensionsGB/T 6235-19971997-8-1
FluorsparYB/T 5217-19971997-7-1
Technical conditions of optical fixed attenuatorsYD/T 894-19971997-7-1
Specification of Plastic Duct Engineering Acceptance for Long Haul Telecommunication Optical CableYD 5043-19971997-9-1
General STANDARD for health (functional) foodsGB 16740-19971997-5-1
Baked compact for graphite electrodeYB/T 099-19971997-7-1
Discharge manganese powder of naturalYB/T 103-19971997-7-1
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