Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Compressors for the process industry. Reciprocating types. Specifications and data sheets for their design and constructionJB/T 8685-19981998-7-1
Brushless resolver transmitter,Type J36XFW4121,Detail specification forSJ 51421/1-19981998-5-1
Verification Regulation of Ultrasonic RangerJJG 928-19981998-10-1
Specification for external measuring of torpedo noiseCB 1306-19981998-8-1
Hexagon socket screw keysGB/T 5356-19981999-1-1
Technical requirement of communication antenna for naval shipCB 1338-19981998-8-1
Specifications of shoes simulated walk ( life ) testing machineHG/T 3136-19981998-5-1
Prosthetics and orthotics--Classification and description of prosthetic components--Part 1:Classification of prosthetic componentsGB/T 17255.1-19981999-1-1
General specification for trunk signalling processing modulesSJ 20686-19981998-5-1
General specification of hydraulic molding press for wet magnetic materialSJ/T 11182-19981998-5-1
Inspection -- Acception Regulation and Quality Evaluation Standard of Geotechnical EngineeringYB 9010-19981998-7-1
Spherical Tanks Type and Data BaseGB/T 17261-19981998-10-1
Worsted high counts light-weight fabricsFZ/T 24008-19981998-10-1
Electrotechnical terminology Electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheresGB/T 2900.35-19981998-1-2
General specification of radio for artillery position communication command systemSJ 20692-19981998-5-1
Format and encoding of military situation mapSJ 20707-19981998-5-1
Cables,radio frequency,flexible,polythtrafluoroethylene(PTFE) insulation, Type SFF-50-3-51, Detail specification forSJ 50973/10-19981998-5-1
Cast iron pipe blank flangesGB/T 17241.2-19981998-1-2
General specification for digital beam controller module of T/R module for phased array radarSJ 20683-19981998-5-1
Classification denomination and coding of wool textiles—PlushFZ/T 20015.8-19981998-10-1
YKA type heat exchanger of graphite circular -- blockHG/T 3113-19981998-5-1
General specification for transmitter-receiver modules group for information radar image transmiision equipmentSJ 20684-19981998-5-1
Classification, denomination and coding of wool textiles. Paper-machine feltFZ/T 20015.4-19981998-10-1
Electronic automatic quantitative packaging machineHG/T 3130-19981998-5-1
Specification for the torpedo contactorCB 1334-19981998-8-1
Specification for automatic sodium ion exchange water treatment equipmentHG/T 3135-19981998-5-1
General specification for radar test rangersSJ 20696-19981998-5-1
General specification for split Stirling cryocoolerSJ 20720-19981998-5-1
Beer Bottling LineQB/T 1080-19981998-12-1
Torque motor,d.c. permanent magnet Type J25LYX16,Detail specification forSJ 50971/4-19981998-5-1
Tyre valves for cyclesHG 2942-19981998-10-1
General specification for military power station shelterSJ 20658-19981998-5-1
Honeycomb style electric coal tar removerJB/T 8704-19981998-7-1
Fan Vibration Detection and Its Limited ValueJB/T 8689-19981998-6-1
Code of dust control for quartz sand(powder)plantGB/T 17270-19981998-10-1
Integrated multilayer clumping high pressure vesselsHG 3129-19981998-5-1
Feed-grade Dicalcium Phosphate (Bone) QB/T 2355-19981998-12-1
Quality control requirement for engine assembly of thermal propulsion torpedoCB 1301-19981998-8-1
General specification for wireless microphone systemsGB/T 17276-19981998-1-2
Detail specification for module at low temperature for temperature compensation thermistors for Type MF18SJ 20725-19981998-5-1
Test Methods for Thermal Sealing Strength of Plastic Film Packaging Bag QB/T 2358-19981998-12-1
Dehairing of goat hairFZ/T 21003-19981998-10-1
Steel pressure vesselsGB 150-19981998-10-1
General specification for switch network modulesSJ 20678-19981998-5-1
After-sale service of industrial products Part 2: MaintainGB/T 16784.2-19981998-10-1
Standard of Seimical Appraisal for Metallurgic Industrial EquipmentYB/T 9260-19981998-10-1
Technical guidelines for metallurgic replicaDL/T 652-19981998-9-1
Glass plant pipeline and fittings -- General rules for testing handling and useHG/T 3116-19981998-5-1
Hot environments --Estimation of the heat stress on working man based on the WBGT -index(wet bulb globe temperature)GB/T 17244-19981998-10-1
Construction guide for prestressed tendon of hydraulic tunnel with concrete liningDL/T 5083-19981998-11-1
Test method for kinematic viscosity of saphalts(bitumens)SH/T 0654-19981998-10-1
General principles for preparation of instructions for use of industrial productsGB 9969.1-19981998-10-1
Resistor network,fixed,film,Style RN2161,Detail specification forSJ 50920/1-19981998-5-1
The interconnection and interoperability of field electronic systems for combined group army Interface for synchronous 16kb/s digital channelSJ 20701.3-19981998-5-1
Maintain technology of electrical equipment for naval shipCB/Z 128-19981998-8-1
Safety regulations for the prevention and protection of dust explosion of the manufacture of aluminium and magnesium powderGB 17269-19981998-10-1
Drafting rules for document STANDARDsGB/T 17298-19981998-10-1
Information related to containers on board vessels Bay plan systemGB/T 17272.1-19981998-10-1
Unsteady-state oil-gas relative permeability measurementSY/T 6339-19981998-7-1
General specification for reconnaissance radars mounted in armoured vehiclesSJ 20663-19981998-5-1
Specification of information exchange format for character generatorsSJ/T 11172-19981998-5-1
General specification for temperature transducers for thermal resistanceSJ 20722-19981998-5-1
Textile materials and textile products. Compression property. Part 1: Determination of lasting compression characteristicsFZ/T 01051.1-19981998-10-1
Terminology for container transportGB/T 17271-19981998-10-1
Fresh and frozen beef,cutsGB/T 17238-19981998-10-1
Urine collection bags--Part 4: Determination of freedom from leakageGB/T 17257.4-19981999-1-1
Classification denomination and coding for wool textiles―Worsted goodsFZ/T 20015.1-19981998-10-1
Series and products of microwave circuits-Products of microwave solid state noise sources seriesSJ 20675-19981998-5-1
Design Code of GarageJGJ 100-19981998-9-1
Test method for sub-surface damege of gallium arsenide polished wafer by X-ray double crystal diffractionSJ 20714-19981998-5-1
Classification denomination and coding of wool textiles―Wool feltFZ/T 20015.5-19981998-10-1
Tactical performance test methods for electric system of scout armored vehicleSJ 20705-19981998-5-1
Sheet metal formability and test methodsGB/T 7330-19981998-1-2
Detail specification for type GZS10-2 sockets for colour picture tubesSJ/T 11163-19981998-5-1
Integral cast iron pipe flangesGB/T 17241.6-19981998-1-2
Time Standard for Mathematical Model of Work Quota in Transformer Industry LD/T 104-19981997-2-1
Mass center of the adult human bodyGB/T 17245-19981998-10-1
Acoustics--Calibration method of hydrophone acceleration sensitivityGB/T 17251-19981998-10-1
Table tennis ballGB/T 180-19981999-1-1
Technical condition of the tyre strength tubness unseating、dead load testerHG/T 3123-19981998-5-1
Supplementary foods for infants and young children-Tomato juiceGB 10780-19891990-1-1
General specification for step and repeat exposure systemsSJ 20711-19981998-5-1
Codes for ports and other locations of peoples Republic of ChinaGB/T 15514-19981998-10-1
Withdrawable wire mesh mist eliminatorHG/T 21586-19981998-5-1
General specification for communication subscriber interface modulesSJ 20679-19981998-5-1
Urine collection bags--Part 1: VocabularyGB/T 17257.1-19981999-1-1
Management Rules for Design Documents of Space Product - Specification for Subscription of Design Document QJ 1714.9A-19981999-3-15
Type XGS208/160 BY17×3 Chip of SmCo rare-earth permanent magnets, Detail specification forSJ 52453/2-19981998-5-1
Detail specification of infrared detector module for Type 4/20H83SY2SJ 51206/3-19981998-5-1
Torque motor,d.c. permanent magnet Types J250LYX12A, Detail specification forSJ 50971/2-19981998-5-1
Technical requirements and measurement methods for 900MHz RF repeaterYD/T 952-19981998-3-23
Test method for low cycle faitigue surface crack growth rates of metallic materialsCB/Z 264-19981998-8-1
Type designation system for sensing elements and sensing devices and transducers/sensorsSJ/T 11167-19981998-5-1
Specification for transmitting antenna of torpedo electromagnetic fuzeCB 1321-19981998-8-1
Graphical symbols for diagrams. Part 2: Symbol elements, qualifying symbols and other symbols having general applicationGB/T 4728.2-19981998-1-2
Codes for units of measure used in international tradeGB/T 17295-19981998-10-1
Test method for resistance of glass fiber reinforced plastics to damp heatGB/T 2574-19891989-1-2
Supplementary foods for infants and young children-Chicken vegetable pasteGB 10779-19891990-1-1
General specification for armored vehicle-bore command automated systemSJ 20693-19981998-5-1
Four farm vehicles leaf spring reliability assessment test specification JB/T 50106-19981998-7-1
Standard for lithium batteriesSJ/T 11169-19981998-5-1
Machine steel forkNY/T 331-19981998-9-1
Basic rules for cultivate seedling technology of tobaccoYC/T 143-19981998-5-1
Special thread gauges for gas cylindersGB/T 8336-19981998-10-1
Safety code for design of industrial explosive materials manufacturing plantsGB 50089-19981998-11-1
Adjustable wrenchesGB/T 4440-19981999-1-1
Detail specification for Model JMW-270M microminiature hermetically sealed magnetic latching relays established reliabilitySJ 50065/6-19981998-5-1
Redried-lamina packing. Corrugated box packagingYC/T 137.1-19981998-5-1
Torpedo vibration modal measurement methodCB 1320-19981998-8-1
Detail specification for Type GG6001 optoelectronic isolator assembly for pulse signalSJ 20723-19981998-5-1
Urine collection bags--Part 3: Verification of rated volumeGB/T 17257.3-19981999-1-1
Specification for Copper-beryllium alloy wire and bor for use in electronic componentsSJ 20716-19981998-5-1
Graphical symbols for diagrams. Part 3 Conductors and connecting devicesGB/T 4728.3-19981998-1-2
Format and encoding of military vectorial mapSJ 20708-19981998-5-1
Grid systems for printed circuitsGB/T 1360-19981998-12-1
Coupling devices for power line carrier systemsGB/T 7329-19981998-1-2
Series and Type Spectrum of Time Delay Relay for Aerospace QJ 3052-19981998-9-30
Requirements of rubber seal for torpedo fuel tank and baffleCB 1335-19981998-8-1
Technical requirements for fixed water-spraying fire-extinguishing arrangement in ships paint locderCB/T 3813-19981998-8-1
Blank detail specification for a.c. powder electro luminescent display devicesSJ/T 11152-19981998-5-1
Synthetic filament yarn fabricsGB/T 17253-19981998-12-1
Determination of the Water Dew Point of Natural Gas - Cooled Surface Condensation HygrometersGB/T 17283-19981998-9-1
Three-phase induction motors - Part 1: Y2 series (IP54) three-phase asynchronous motor (frame size 63 to 355)JB/T 8680.1-19981998-7-1
Citric acidGB/T 8269-19981999-1-1
Impeller pulverized coal feederDL/T 648-19981998-8-1
Detail specification for micro-presure transducers for CGY-YZ-001SJ 20721/1-19981998-5-1
Micrographics--Require on the quality of first generation silver-gelatin microformsGB/T 17292-19981998-10-1
Verification Regulation of Measuring Condenser MicrophonesJJG 175-19981998-10-1
Specification for power converter of torpedoCB 1332-19981998-8-1
General specification for airborne marker beacon receiverSJ 20662-19981998-5-1
Four farm vehicles drive shaft assembly reliability assessment test specificationJB/T 50110-19981998-7-1
PCI local bus specificationSJ 20706-19981998-5-1
Domestic fine wool and its modified topsFZ/T 21004-19981998-10-1
Hydranlic fluid Power-Hose assembliesJB/T 8727-19981998-7-1
Fresh and frozen rabbit meatGB/T 17239-19981998-10-1
Technical requirements of cutting fitting and welding for detachable plates of pressure hull on submarineCB/Z 126-19981998-8-1
Guidelines for complaints handlingGB/T 17242-19981998-10-1
Safety standard for household and commercial batteriesSJ/T 11170-19981998-5-1
General specification for IFF/ATC airborne interrogator-transpondersSJ 20697-19981998-5-1
Coated fabrics—Determination of resistance to damage by crumpling /flexingFZ/T 01052-19981998-10-1
Cables,radio frequency,flexible,polytetrathuoroethylene(PTFE) insulation Type SFF-50-6-51,Detail specification forSJ 50973/9-19981998-5-1
Safety handling procedure for explosive bolt of torpedoCB 1299-19981998-8-1
Prosthetics and orthotics--Classification and description of prosthetic components--Part 3:Description of upper-limb prosthetic componentsGB/T 17255.3-19981999-1-1
Information Technology - Chinese Ideogram Coded Character Set (Basic Set) - 15 Dot Matrix FontSJ/T 11189-19981997-1-1
Compiling requirements for list of parts and sub-assembly of hull block structureCB/T 3814-19981998-8-1
STANDARD test method for distillation of crude petroleumGB/T 17280-19981998-9-1
Synoptic table for cast iron pipe flangesGB/T 17241.1-19981998-1-2
Tobacco flavor—General method for evaluation of odor qualityYC/T 145.6-19981998-5-1
Specification of the drum tester for tyres endurance or high speed testHG/T 3122-19981998-5-1
Desire standards of hydropower headrace and fore baySL/T 205-19971996-10-1
Structures of tubing pump with combined liners and basic dimensions of primary partsSY/T 5143-19981998-7-1
Code for on-line acceptance test of turbine control system in fossil fuel power plantDL/T 656-19981998-10-1
Classification denomination and coding of wool textiles—BlanketFZ/T 20015.7-19981998-10-1
Textile materials and textile products. Compression property. Part 2: Determination of continuing compression characteristicsFZ/T 01051.2-19981998-10-1
Specifications of postal bar-code producersYD/T 957-19981998-6-1
Micrographics-Alphanumeric computer output microforms-Quality control-Part 2: MethodGB/T 17294.2-19981998-10-1
Four farm vehicles front axle reliability assessment test specification JB/T 50109-19981998-7-1
General specification for electric system of scout armored vehicleSJ 20704-19981998-5-1
Marking of electrical equipment with ratings related to electrical supply--Safety requirementsGB 17285-19981999-1-1
Woollen cashmere fabricsFZ/T 24007-19981998-10-1
Miniature medium frequency axial fan,Type J75FZY57-34 ,Detail specification forSJ 51423/2-19981998-5-1
Prosthetics and orthotics--Classification and description of prosthetic components--Part 2:Description of lower-limb prosthetic componentsGB/T 17255.2-19981999-1-1
Hexagon spline screwdriversGB/T 5358-19981999-1-1
Technical requirements for renewing the lignum vitae of ships stern bearingCB/T 3815-19981998-8-1
Classification denomination and coding of wool textiles―Interlining wollensFZ/T 20015.3-19981998-10-1
Pharmaceutical GelatinoQB 2354-19981998-12-1
The method of determining the oil-gas-water contant―The gas-water contacterSY/T 6313.2-19981998-7-1
Specification for power test system of torpedo thermal power plantCB 1302-19981998-8-1
General Specifications for Paints in the Metal Surface of Toys QB/T 2359-19981998-12-1
General specification for wideband solid power amplifier module in CCMSJ 20676-19981998-5-1
Analyse method of gold content in jewelleryGB/T 9288-19981999-1-1
Basic technical parameter requirements and methods of measurement on multichannel sound television receivers using the NICAM two-channel digital sound-systemSJ/T 11158-19981998-5-1
Specification for torpedo wire guidance electronic deviceCB 1316-19981998-8-1
Inspection rules for the warshot torpedo assemblyCB 1319-19981998-8-1
Inspection regulation of welding quality for submarine hull strutureCB/Z 125-19981998-8-1
Bottler and Capper QB/T 2373-19981998-12-1
Specification for wire guide torped mounted dispenserCB 1315-19981998-8-1
Technical requirements for repairing marine hydraulic primary-secondary vane pumpCB/T 3816-19981998-8-1
Sucking pigsSB/T 10293-19981998-10-1
Dimensions of deflection yoke cores for color TV receiversSJ/T 11154-19981998-5-1
Continuous Rotary Coating MachineQB/T 2367-19981998-12-1
Freight containers--Container equipment data exchange(CEDEX)-- General communication codesGB/T 17273.1-19981998-10-1
Urine collection bags--Part 2: Determination of dimensionsGB/T 17257.2-19981999-1-1
Detail specification for Type GG2240 optoelectronic isolator assembly for multi-channel high-speed dataSJ 20724-19981998-5-1
The operating procedures of pig-slaughteringGB/T 17236-19981998-10-1
Specification for Metallurgical Engineering Construction Qualification of WelderYB/T 9259-19981998-10-1
Valves for liquefied petroleum gas cylindersGB 7512-19981998-10-1
Non-refillable steel welded cylinder for industry cylinderGB 17268-19981998-10-1
EDIFACT Technical assessment guidelines. Part 2: Interactive EDI technical assessment check listGB/T 16968.2-19981998-10-1
Single-and multi-level continuous sampling procedures and tables for inspection by attributesSJ 20712-19981998-5-1
Detail specification for type GZS8-6 sockets for colour picture tubesSJ/T 11162-19981998-5-1
Acoustics-Reference zero for the calibration of audiometric equipment-Part 3: Reference equivalent threshold force levels for pure tones and bone vibratorsGB/T 4854.3-19981998-10-1
Basic parameter requirements and testing methods on electronic tuners for cable television receiversSJ/T 11188-19981998-5-1
Cables,radio frequency,flexible,polythtrafluoroethylene(PTFE) insulation,Type SFF-50-3-53,Detail specification forSJ 50973/12-19981998-5-1
General specification for MW navigation vehicleSJ 20699-19981998-5-1
Specification for Copper-beryllium alloy plate and strip for use in electronic componentsSJ 20715-19981998-5-1
Feed grade spirulina powderGB/T 17243-19981998-10-1
Acceptance rules for the quality of radio receivers and cassette tape recordersSJ/T 11179-19981998-5-1
Blank detail specification of PIN-FET modules with/without pigtail for fibre optic systems or subsystemsSJ/T 11165-19981998-5-1
Classification denomination and coding of wool textiles―Woollen fabricsFZ/T 20015.2-19981998-10-1
The general technical conditions for animal slaughteringGB/T 17237-19981998-10-1
Semiconductor optoelectronic devices-Detail specification for green light-emitting diode for Type GF4111SJ 50033/139-19981998-5-1
Testability design guide for ground radarsSJ 20695-19981998-5-1
Guide for Start-up Acceptance Performance Test of Fossil-fired Power Plant [1998]1791998-3-10
Marine hand piston pumpCB/T 165-19981998-8-1
Edible blend oilSB/T 10292-19981998-10-1
Standard for Classification of Seismic Protection of Posts and Telecommunications BuildingsYD 5054-19981998-5-1
Methods of measurement on receivers for television broadcast transmissions Part 2:Electrical measurements on audio channels methods in general and those for monophonic channelsSJ/T 11157-19981998-5-1
Technical requirements of steel structure welding for submarine 921A etc.CB/Z 124-19981998-8-1
Switches,toggle,Style KN6H, Detail specification forSJ 52450/1-19981998-5-1
Electrotechnical terminology of electrical accessories, controls and protectorsGB/T 10964-19891990-1-1
Detail specification of Type F ceramic FP for semiconductor integrated circuitsSJ 51420/2-19981998-5-1
Micrographics--Planetary camera systems--Test target for checking performanceGB/T 17293-19981998-10-1
General specification for glue coating equipmentSJ/T 11183-19981998-5-1
Steel cylinders for the liquefied petroleum gas for vehiclesGB 17259-19981998-10-1
Classification and codes for Chinese Soil--Classification and codes for order suborder group and subgroupGB/T 17296-19981998-10-1
Names and codes for climate regionalization in China--Climatic zones and climatic regionsGB/T 17297-19981998-10-1
Design guidelines fo rmilitary surface mount circuit assembliesSJ 20710-19981998-5-1
Determination of fineness of flax fiber--Permeametric methodGB/T 17260-19981998-10-1
General specification for developing equipmentSJ/T 11184-19981998-5-1
Marine grilleCB/T 608-19981998-8-1
Micrographics-Alphanumeric computer output microforms-Quality control-Part 1: Characteristics of the test slide and test dataGB/T 17294.1-19981998-10-1
Classification denomination and coding of wool textiles―Apparel yarnFZ/T 20015.6-19981998-10-1
Specifications for cast iron pipe flangesGB/T 17241.7-19981998-1-2
Test procedure for coal ash high-temperature viscosity characteristicDL/T 660-19981998-10-1
Solder wire for soldering cleanout-freeSJ/T 11168-19981998-5-1
General specification for surface mounting adhesivesSJ/T 11187-19981998-5-1
Measurement methods of noise for parcel equipment flat equipment and bag equipmentYD/T 963-19981998-6-1
JX type technical conditions of the sieve remains tester mensural instrumentHG/T 3138-19981998-5-1
Acid -- Resisting ceramic vesselsHG/T 3117-19981998-5-1
General specification for tactical digital radio relay equipmentSJ 20689-19981998-5-1
Equipments and components used in cabled distribution systems primarily intended for television and sound signals Generic specification for TV demodulatorsSJ/T 11178-19981998-5-1
Wheelchairs--Type classification based on appearance characteristicsGB/T 17254-19981999-1-1
Broadcast video tape recorders methods of measurement--Part 1:Mechanical measurementsGB/T 17277-19981998-1-2
Torque motor,d.c. permanent magnet Types J80LYX01,J130LYX11,Detail specification forSJ 50971/3-19981998-5-1
General specification for TV seekerSJ 20703-19981998-5-1
Methane - Carbon Monoxide DetectorJJG(COAL)12-19981988-7-1
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