Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Design Code for Liquid Rocket Engine SystemQJ 3059-19981998-12-1
Test conditions of precision machining centres. Part 2: Geometric tests of vertical machining centresJB/T 8772.2-19981998-12-1
Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories. Part 6: Special requirements for ohmmeters (impedance meters) and conductance metersGB/T 7676.6-19981999-5-1
Reliability prediction handbook for electronic equipmentGJB/Z 299B-19981999-1-1
Lightweight aggregates and its test methods--Part 2: Test methods for lightweight aggregatesGB/T 17431.2-19981999-2-1
Specification of the graphite for the rocket nozzle GJB 3306-19981999-1-1
Series 1 freight containers--Interface connections for tank containersGB/T 17423-19981999-5-1
Antimony trioxide―Determination of antimony trioxide contentGB/T 3254.1-19981999-2-1
Fire resistance test method of ventilation ductsGB 17428-19981999-6-1
Technical specification for steel structure engineering and parts installation of petrochemical tubular heaterSH 3086-19981999-9-1
Ingot tinGB/T 728-19981999-2-1
Test conditions of machining centres. Part 4: Accuracy and repeatability of positioning of linear and rotary axesJB/T 8771.4-19981998-12-1
Methods for End-face Seal Test of Turbo Pump of Hydrogen-Oxygen Rocket EngineQJ 3060-19981998-12-1
Test conditions of precision machining centres. Part 7: Accuracy of a finished test pieceJB/T 8772.7-19981998-12-1
General Requirements for Pipeline System of Liquid Rocket Engine QJ 1016A-19981998-12-1
Panel veneer side planer Accuracy inspectionJB/T 8770.1-19981998-12-1
Technical Specification of Plasma Arc Welding QJ 3071-19981999-5-1
General Commissioning Items and Criteria for SDH Optical Fiber Cable Trunk Line ProjectYD XXX 1-19981998-9-1
Telecommunication Cable Tunnel AtlasYD 5063-19981998-9-1
Fuel dispensers for motor vehiclesGB/T 9081-19981999-7-1
Fine aluminum-1% silicon wire for semiconductor lend-bondingGB/T 8646-19981999-2-1
Antimony trioxide-Determination of lead contentGB/T 3254.3-19981999-2-1
Cast grinding ballsGB/T 17445-19981999-7-1
Rubber, butadiene(BR)-Solution-polymerized types-Evaluation proceduresGB/T 8660-19981999-2-1
Safety standard of ship to ship transfer operations of liquefied gas carriers on watersGB 17422-19981999-5-1
General technical conditions for fire indicating panelsGB 17429-19981999-6-1
Powder metallurgy―VocabularyGB/T 3500-19981999-2-1
Requirements for Assembly and Decomposition of Liquid Rocket Engine QJ 1705A-19981998-12-1
Method for Altitude Simulation Test of Attitude Control Rocket MotorQJ 1663A-19981996-12-1
Verification Regulation of Non-disperse Atomic Fluoreacence SpectrometerJJG 939-19981999-1-15
Antimony trioxide--Determination of iron contentGB/T 3254.5-19981999-2-1
Design Specifications of Highway Environmental ProtectionJTJ 006-19981998-12-1
Specifications on Lightning Protection and Earthing Desing for Mobile Communication Base StationsYD 5068-19981998-10-1
Common name for pesticidesGB 4839-19981999-1-1
Technical specifications for offshore real time DGPS positioning and surveySY/T 10019-19981999-3-1
Foundry terminologyGB/T 5611-19981999-7-1
Industrial machinery Electromagnetic startersJB/T 8793-19981998-12-1
Helmets for motorcycle usersGB 811-19981999-6-1
Design and installation of electrolysis of seawater anti-fouling system for shipGB/T 17435-19981999-5-1
Lightweight aggregates and its test methods--Part 1: Lightweight aggregatesGB/T 17431.1-19981999-2-1
Methods of Sampling for Analyzing the Chemical Composition of Wrought Aluminum and Aluminum AlloyGB/T 17432-19981999-2-1
Antimony trioxide-Determination of arsnic contentGB/T 3254.2-19981999-2-1
Titanium and titanium alloy wireGB/T 3623-19981999-2-1
Technical Specification of Vertical Greening DBJ 08-1975-19981998-11-1
Electromagnetic (eddy-current) examination of copper and copper alloy seamless tubeGB/T 5248-19981999-2-1
Network-to-network interface between public data networks providing the frame relay data trausmission serviceYD/T 969-19981999-1-1
Polarimeter and SaccharimeterJJG 536-19981999-1-15
Antimony trioxide--Determination of copper contentGB/T 3254.4-19981999-2-1
Austenitic manganese steel castingsGB/T 5680-19981999-7-1
Foundry silica sandGB/T 9442-19981999-7-1
Wedge-type power chuck Categorization and technical conditionsJB/T 3860.1-19981998-12-1
Multipoint binary file transfer protocolYD/T 949-19981999-1-1
Test conditions of precision machining centres. Part 5: Tests for accuracy and repeatability of positioning of work-holding palletsJB/T 8772.5-19981998-12-1
Technical requirements for the transmission through contribution and primary distribution networks of digital television signals defined according to the 4:2:2 STANDARDGB/T 17438-19981999-5-1
Control STANDARDs for urban wastes for agricultural useGB 8172-19871988-2-1
Symbols for alternating- current electricity metersGB/T 17441-19981999-6-1
Purchase and acceptance of couplers and coupler yokes for freight serviceGB/T 17425-19981999-4-1
Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories. Part 3: Special requirements for wattmeters and varmetersGB/T 7676.3-19981999-5-1
Fired common bricksGB/T 5101-19981999-2-1
Technical conditions for lining board of high chromium cast ironsJC/T 691-19981998-12-1
Seamless copper alloy tube for condenser and heat-exchangerGB/T 8890-19981999-2-1
Generic conference controlYD/T 970-19982002-10-29
Super-hard abrasive Micro powder of man-made diamond and borazonJB/T 7990-19981998-12-1
Safety regulations for the protection of dust explosion for grain processing,storage and transportation systemGB 17440-19981999-6-1
Ground Test Method for Hydrogen-Oxygen Rocket EngineQJ 1042A-19981998-12-1
Control Requirements for Cleanliness and Foreign Objects of Liquid Rocket Engine Test SystemQJ 3062-19981998-12-1
B-ISDN user-network interface physical layer specificationYD/T 976-19981999-1-1
Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories. Part 2: Special requirements for ammeters and voltmetersGB/T 7676.2-19981999-5-1
Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories. Part 4: Special requirements for frequency metersGB/T 7676.4-19981999-5-1
Specifications for ships fire-resistant windowsGB/T 17434-19981999-5-1
Verification Regulation of the Class of Common Normal MicrometerJJG 82-19981999-1-15
Test Method for Low Temperature and High-Speed Bearing of Hydrogen-Oxygen Rocket Engine QJ 3061-19981998-12-1
Safety requirement for lifting pulley blocksGB 13308-19981999-7-1
Antimony trioxide―Determination of selenium contentGB/T 3254.6-19981999-2-1
Acceptance inspection for direct connected alternating current static watt-hour meters for active energy (classes 1 and 2)GB/T 17442-19981999-5-1
Styrene for industrial use-Determinaiton of purity-Gas chromotographic methodGB/T 12688.1-19981999-2-1
Aqueous film forming foam extinguishing agentGB 17427-19981999-1-1
Test code for machine tools--Part 1: Geometric accuracy of machines operating under no-load or finishing conditionsGB/T 17421.1-19981999-5-1
Performance requirements and test methods for fire pumpsGB 6245-19981999-6-1
Copper drawing stock for electrical purposesGB/T 3952-19981999-2-1
Technical Specification for Decoration Project of Architectural Vitrolite CECS:101-19981998-7-1
Selection of explosion proof electrical equipment in ship hazardous areasGB/T 17436-19981999-5-1
Technical requirements of differential global positioning systemGB/T 17424-19981999-5-1
Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy sheets and strips--Tolerances on forms and dimensionsGB/T 3194-19981999-2-1
Bench press type and main parameterJB/T 5247.2-19981998-12-1
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