Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Network Management Interface Testing Method SpecificationYD/T 1145-20012001-11-1
Testing method of cryo-insulation pressure vessels-Leakage measurementGB/T 18443.3-20012002-4-1
High-chlorine wastewater -- Determination of chemical oxygen demand -- Chlorine emendation methodHJ/T 70-20012001-12-1
The Technical Specification of Radiation Pattern Envelope for Paraboloid Antenna Used in Microwave Relay Communication SystemYD/T 1153-20012001-11-1
Testing method of cryo-insulation pressure vessels-Vacuum measurementGB/T 18443.2-20012002-4-1
Metallic knoop hardness test--Part 1:Test methodGB/T 18449.1-20012002-2-1
Waste submersible motor-pumpsJB/T 5118-20012001-12-1
Spherical plain bearings--Spherical plain bearings rod endsGB/T 9161-20012002-4-1
Classification of gases vapors and dusts for electrical equipment in hazardous (classified) locationsSY/T 6519-20012002-1-1
Pollution-free Food - Technical Regulation for Prawn CulturingNY/T 5059-20012001-10-1
Exchanging Data Specification between Newspapers and Periodicals Distribution System and Information Exchanging and Processing Systems of Information CentersYZ/Z 0026-20012000-12-1
Crusher equipment safety requirementsGB 18452-20012002-4-1
Geometrical product specifications (GPS)--Series of angles and slopes on prismsGB/T 4096-20012002-4-1
Techinical Requirements of Network Access Server(NAS)-Broadband Network Access ServerYD/T 1148-20012001-11-1
Main hoisting equipment for drilling rigSY/T 5527-20012002-1-1
The technical specification for intelligent public telephone serviceYD/T 1150-20012001-11-1
Electrotechnical terminology--Wind turbine generator systemsGB/T 2900.53-20012002-4-1
Geometrical product specifications (GPS) Series of conical tapers and taper anglesGB/T 157-20012002-4-1
STANDARD test method for unreacted toluene diisocyanates in urethane prepolymers and coatings solution by gas chromatographyGB/T 18446-20012002-1-1
Pollution-free Food - Technical Regulation for Protection Field Production of TomatoNY/T 5007-20012001-10-1
Population code for information management Part 5: Code for service conditionGA 324.5-20012001-10-1
Pollution-free Food - Rules for Dairy Cattle Feeding and ManagementNY/T 5049-20012001-10-1
Laminated bags using for aseptic package of liquid foodGB/T 18454-20012002-1-1
Preparing tank bottoms for hot workSY/T 6514-20012002-1-1
Arch-shaped Clamp with One Side FixedHB 3-18-20002001-1-1
Spherical plain bearings--Angular contact radial spherical plain bearingsGB/T 9164-20012002-4-1
Rules for safe operation of electrical welding in petroleum industrySY 6516-20012002-1-1
Packaging recycle markGB 18455-20012002-1-1
Specification of construction and acceptance of heat insulation for buried high temperature steel pipelineSY 0324-20012002-1-1
Terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) power generating systems--General and guideGB/T 18479-20012002-5-1
Test method for dehydration of crude oil by autoclaveSY/T 6520-20012002-1-1
Raw silkGB 1797-20012002-5-1
Biological evaluation of medical devices--Part 1:Evaluation and testingGB/T 16886.1-20012002-2-1
Labor quota for seismic prospecting with truck-mounted rigSY/T 5498-20012002-1-1
Technical Requirement for the Interface between Mobile Service Switching Center and Base Station Subsystem in 800MHz CDMA Digital Cellular Mobile Communication NetworkYD/T 1026-20012001-11-1
Analysis Method for Cyaniding Electro-galvanizing Solution - Determination of Copper Content with Atomic Absorption Spectrometry MethodHB/Z 5084.6-20002001-1-1
Recommended practice for development of a safety and environmental management program for outer continental shelf operations and facilitiesSY/T 6513-20012002-1-1
New Service Technical Specification-Multimedia Retrieval SystemYD/T 1151-20012001-11-1
Pollution-free Food - Technical Regulation for Open Field Production of TomatoNY/T 5006-20012001-10-1
Sterile hypodermic needles for single useGB 15811-20012002-2-1
Overfill protection for storage tanks in petroleum facilitiesSY/T 6517-20012002-1-1
Classification for ground accidents of civil aviationGB 18432-20012002-4-1
Pollution-free Food - Argopecten IrradiansNY 5962-20012001-10-1
Hiht-lift rider trucks--Overhead guards--Specification and testingGB/T 5143-20012002-4-1
Population code for information management Part 1: Code for register categoryGA 324.1-20012001-10-1
Safety coloursGB 2893-20012002-6-1
Testing method of cryo-insulation pressure vessels-Volume measurementGB/T 18443.1-20012002-4-1
Pollution-free Food - Rules for Pig Feeding and ManagementNY/T 5033-20012001-10-1
Method of testing for raw silkGB/T 1798-20012002-5-1
Health and Quarantine Regulations for Slaughtering of livestock and PoultryNY 467-20012001-10-1
Pollution-free Food - Quality of Water for Freshwater AquicultureNY 5051-20012001-10-1
Packing container 1m3 steel middle-sized bulk caseGB/T 18456-20012002-1-1
Wind turbine generator systems - Safety requirementsGB 18451.1-20012002-4-1
Control system for surface mounted BOP stacksSY/T 5053.2-20012002-1-1
Type designation for control motorGB/T 10405-20012002-5-1
Population code for information management Part 7: Code for register information levelGA 324.7-20012001-10-1
The technical criterion of refitting for vehicle by using gas-liquefied petroleum gas vehicle(LPGV)GB/T 18437.2-20012002-4-1
Specification of Fluorescent Bar Code for PostYZ/T 0062-20012001-11-1
Laminated bags using for aseptic package of liquid foodGB 18454-20012002-1-1
Ignition risk of hydrocarbon vapors by hot surfaces in the open airSY/T 6515-20012002-1-1
STANDARD data element types with associated classification scheme for electric components--Part 4:IEC reference collection of STANDARD data element types,component classes and termsGB/T 17564.4-20012002-5-1
Testing method of cryo-insulation pressure vessels-Leak and outgassing rate measurementGB/T 18443.4-20012002-4-1
Undisclosed Know-how for Safety Require for Postal Electronic Remittance and Exchange SystemYZ/Z 0033-20012000-12-1
Testing method of cryo-insulation pressure vessels-Static vaporation rate measurementGB/T 18443.5-20012002-4-1
Sea urchinSC/T 3902-20012001-11-1
Knife sections, ledger plates and knife backs of cutter bars for agricultural machineryJB/T 7862.2-20012001-12-1
Dissolved oxygen meterSC/T 7006-20012001-11-1
Pollution-free Food - Veterinary Antiepizootic Rules for Dairy Cattle FeedingNY 5047-20012001-10-1
Spherical plain bearings--Radial spherical plain bearingsGB/T 9163-20012002-4-1
Water quality - determination of total selenium - iron (II) - O - phenanthroline indirect spectrophotometrySL/T 272-20012001-12-1
Glass bulbs used for automatic fire extinguishing systemsGB 18428-20012002-2-1
Barcode Label of Domestic Registered MailYZ/Z 0034-20012000-12-1
Cementing truckSY/T 5611-20012002-1-1
Safety operation rules for oil tankers and terminalsGB 18434-20012002-4-1
The port crane technical performance and acceptance documentsGB/T 18440-20012002-4-1
Earth-moving machinery--Operators controlsGB/T 8595-20012002-4-1
Synthetic resin emulsion coating for interior wallGB/T 9756-20012002-4-1
Breathing gases for diversGB 18435-20012002-4-1
Steel pipelines crossing railroads and highwaysSY/T 0325-20012002-1-1
Spherical plain bearings--Thrust spherical plain bearingsGB/T 9162-20012002-4-1
The technical criterion of refitting for vehicle by using gas-compressed natural gas for vehicle(CNGV)GB/T 18437.1-20012002-4-1
Welded steel pipe for low pressure liquid deliveryGB/T 3091-20012002-2-1
Technical specification for manufacture and installation of wet steam generators used in oil-fieldsSY/T 0441-20012002-1-1
Channel catfishSC 1031-20012001-11-1
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