Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Cost estimate compilation code for environmental protection of water resources and hydropower projectsSL 359-20062007-5-2
Safety code for design of engineering of civil explosives materialsGB 50089-20072007-8-1
Security technology gauge for the export garlic Part 3:Examination quarantine requestDB37/T 661.3-20072007-4-1
Verification Regulation of Temperature Indication ControllerJJG 874-20072007-8-28
Calibration Specification for Manipulating Force Tester for Automotive BrakeJJF 1169-20072007-5-28
Water quality-Determination of multi-tube zymotechnique fecal coliform groupSL 355-20062007-5-2
Exigent investigation procedure of aviation oil qualityMH/T 6023-20072007-5-1
Construction Regulation for Digital Archives Room DB37/T 663-20072007-3-12
Calibration Specification for PsophometersJJF 1167-20072007-8-28
Verfication Regulation of Oscilloscopic PolarographJJG 748-20072007-8-28
Rolling bearings--Cylindrical roller bearings—Boundary dimensionsGB/T 283-20072007-10-1
Technical Specification for Safety of Export Garlic - Part 2: Processing Requirements DB37/T 661.2-20072007-4-1
Calibration Specification for Volatile Organic Compounds Photo Ionization DetectorsJJF 1172-20072007-5-28
Instrument for dam monitoring-inclino meterSL 362-20062007-5-2
Rolling bearings--Needle roller bearing track rollers--Roundary dimensions and tolerancesGB/T 6445-20072007-10-1
Code for installation and acceptance ofGB 50401-20062007-7-1
Code for model pump acceptance testsSL 140-20062007-5-2
Calibration Specification for Cryogenic Resistance Thermometers with Negative SensitivityJJF 1170-20072007-8-28
Technical specification for the construction of groundwater monitoring stationSL 360-20062007-5-2
Verification Regulation for Ultrasonic Source of Ultrasonic Doppler Foetal MetersJJG 893-20072007-8-28
Construction Regulation for Digital Archives DB37/T 662-20072007-3-12
Guidelines of environment profection for the construction of rural hydropower stationSL 358-20062007-5-2
Instrument for dam monitoring-anchor bar stress meterSL 363-20062007-5-2
Calibration Specification for Test SievesJJF 1175-20072007-5-28
Calibration Specification for SINAD MetersJJF 1165-20072007-5-28
Verification Regulation of Leakage Current TesterJJG 843-20072007-8-28
Calibration Specification for Temperature Itinerant Detecting InstrumentJJF 1171-20072007-8-28
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