Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Calibration Specification for PIND (Particle Impact Noise Detection)JJF 1220-20092009-11-18
Technical Guidelines for Construction of Highway TunnelJTG/T F60-20092009-10-1
Methanol Gasoline for Motor Vehicles - Part 1: M15DB33/T 756.1-20092009-9-30
Technical Specifications for Construction of Highway TunnelJTG F60-20092009-10-1
Cleaner production standard Chlor-alkali industry (Caustic soda)HJ 475-20092009-10-1
Bush of locomotive and rolling stockTB/T 1240-20092009-5-1
Code for design of steel structure residential buildingsCECS 261-20092009-11-1
Sampling and Analysis Methods for Domestic WasteCJ/T 313-20092009-12-1
Ball Angle Cock and Combined Dirt Collector for Rolling Stock TB/T 2698-20092009-9-5
Standard on Design Ship for Container Terminal at Sea PortJTS 165-2-20092009-11-1
Calibration Specification for Exhaust Pollutants from Gasoline Vehicle under Steady-state Loaded Mode Measurement SystemJJF 1227-20092009-11-18
Cleaner production standard Chlor-alkali industry(Polyvinyl Chloride)HJ 476-20092009-10-1
Raw Cotton Moisture TesterJJG 845-20092009-9-1
Airport Geographic Information System Designing Guidance MH/T 5108-20092009-11-1
Tecjmocal Specifications for Construction of Highway TunnelJTG F60―20092009-10-1
Guideline of Stipulation Procedure for Special Equipment Safety Technical RegulationTSG Z0001-20092009-8-31
Cleaner production standard Alumina industryHJ 473-20092009-10-1
Technical standard of city area monitoring and alarming network system—Part 10:Technical specification for wireless video/audio monitoring systemGA/T 669.10-20092009-9-1
Calibration Specification for Laser VibrometersJJF 1219-20092009-11-18
Cleaner production standard Soda ash industryHJ 474-20092009-10-1
Semi-spherical Angle Cock for LocomotiveTB/T 3217-20092009-9-5
Surveying and prospecting of active faultDB/T 15-20092010-1-1
Pressure Pipe Service Registration Administration RegulationTSG D5001-20092009-12-1
Concrete truck mixer-Requirements and test methodsQC/T 667-20102010-12-1
Non-environmental Pollution Persimmon - Technical Regulations for CultivationDB33/T 374-20092009-9-10
Air Brake Fitting Guard for Railway Rolling StockTB/T 3218-20092009-9-5
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