Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Standard for eye bankWS 325-20102011-3-1
Monitoring system of operating status for overhead transmission linesGB/T 25095-20102011-2-1
Standard for evaluation of intensive use of development zone landTD/T 1029-20102010-12-31
Determination of mesh size of fishing netsGB/T 6964-20102011-5-1
Recycled coarse aggregate for concreteGB/T 25177-20102011-8-1
General pressure gaugeGB/T 1226-20102010-12-1
Grain and oil machinery—General specifications for products paintingGB/T 25218-20102011-3-1
Technical Guideline of Dust and Poison Control Furniture IndustryAQ 4211-20102011-5-1
Testing method of performance for vacuum insulation cryogenic equipment—Part 5:Static evaporation rate measurementGB/T 18443.5-20102011-2-1
Railway applications—Electronic equipments used on rail vehiclesGB/T 25119-20102011-2-1
Description standard for germplasm resources of cassavaNY/T 1943-20102010-12-1
Specification of coal used for pulverized coal-fired boiler for power generationGB/T 7562-20102011-2-1
Industrial automation systems and integration—Process specification language—Part 44:Definitional extension—Resource extensionsGB/T 20719.44-20102010-12-1
Rules for tobacco intensive seedling production—Part 3:Seedling with sand cultureGB/T 25241.3-20102011-1-1
Grain and oil machine-Slice hammer smasher for inspectionGB/T 25236-20102011-3-1
in and oil machinery—Gravity screenGB/T 25238-20102011-3-1
Accurate pressure gaugeGB/T 1227-20102010-12-1
Determination of chlorinated herbicides in water by gas chromatographySL 495-20102010-12-17
Automatic sprinkler system—Part 20:Coating steel pipeGB/T 5135.20-20102011-2-1
The general rule for the packaging and marking of tropic fruitsNY/T 1939-20102010-12-1
Determination of free water for compound fertilizers—Vacuum oven methodGB/T 8576-20102011-3-1
Technical specification for production and preservation of fresh boar semenGB/T 25172-20102011-1-1
Method for the determination of rare-earth in food of plant--Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometric methodNY/T 1937-20102010-12-1
Technical regulation of farm animals genome BAC library construction and preservationGB/T 25170-20102011-3-1
Feed additive—SaccharicterpeninGB/T 25247-20102011-3-1
Grain and oils storage-Requirement of airtightness of warehouseGB/T 25229-20102011-3-1
Grain and oil machinery—Bag filterGB/T 25233-20102011-3-1
Techniques of dipping for parasite of sheep and goatNY/T 1947-20102010-12-1
Sacks for packing cementGB 9774-20102011-7-1
Quality and safety requirements of cultivar substrate for edible fungiNY/T 1935-20102010-12-1
Dynamic measurement of crude oil - General principlesGB/T 9109.1-20102010-12-1
Metal-oxide surge arresters without gaps for a.c. systemsGB 11032-2010/XG1-20142015-5-1
Code for Design on Operating Ventilation of Railway TunnelTB 10068-20102010-9-11
Liquid-borne Particle CountersJJG 1061-20102010-12-6
Automatic sprinkler system—Part 19:Plastic pipe and fittingsGB/T 5135.19-20102011-2-1
Gansu alpine fine-wool sheepGB/T 25243-20102011-3-1
Metrological Instruments for Air Kerma of γ RaysJJG 2044-20102011-3-6
Specification for water-saving products crtification SL 476-20102010-12-17
Ferroalloys—Vocabulary—Part 1:MaterialsGB/T 14984.1-20102011-6-1
Electroacoustics—Sound level meters—Part 2:Pattern evaluation testsGB/T 3785.2-20102011-4-1
Acoustics—Materials for acoustical applications—Determination of airflow resistanceGB/T 25077-20102011-4-1
Standard Mercury-in-Glass ThermometersJJG 161-20102011-3-6
Safety disign management guidelines for chemical construction projectsAQ/T 3033-20102011-5-1
Xinji fine wool sheepGB/T 25167-20102011-3-1
Technology code for land application rates of livestock and poultry manureGB/T 25246-20102011-3-1
Determination of total nitrogen content for compound fertilizers titrimetric method after distillationGB/T 8572-20102011-3-1
Determination of selenium in feed--Microwave digestion--Atomic fluorescence spectrometryNY/T 1945-20102010-12-1
Grain and oil machinery—Jet-air whitening machineGB/T 25231-20102011-3-1
Animal waste management terminologyGB/T 25171-20102011-3-1
Mechanical balanceGB/T 25107-20102010-12-1
Classification and coding for tropical fruitsNY/T 1940-20102010-12-1
Sacks for packing cementGB/T 9774-20102011-7-1
Grain and oil machinery—Starch washing cycloneGB/T 25237-20102011-3-1
Inspection of grain and oils—Determination of fumonisins in corn and its products by high liquid chromatography and fluorometer with immunoaffinity column cleanupGB/T 25228-20102011-3-1
Information security technology—Testing and evaluation requirement for server securityGB/T 25063-20102011-2-1
Calibration Spectification for Sheathed ThermocouplesJJF 12622-20102010-12-6
Pressure gauge used in welding cutting and allied processesGB/T 25112-20102010-12-1
WakameGB/T 25166-20102011-5-1
Grain and oil machinery—Combined separatorGB/T 25235-20102011-3-1
Calibration Specification for Coordinate Measuring MachineJJF 1064-20102011-3-6
Technical code for evaluating germplasm resource-AgaveNY/T 1941-20102010-12-1
Personal Dose Equivalent Rate Warning Devices for X and γ RadiationJJG 962-20102011-3-6
Ferroalloys—Vocabulary—Part 2:Sampling and sample preparationGB/T 14984.2-20102011-6-1
Rubber and plastics test equipment - Tensile flexural and compression types(constant rate of traverse) - SpecificationGB/T 25270-20102011-8-1
Technical code for evaluating resistance of agave diseasesNY/T 1942-20102010-12-1
Test method for daylighting performance of gutter connected greenhousesNY/T 1936-20102010-12-1
Determination of volatile aromatics in water by headspace-gas chromatography (HS-GC)SL 496-20102010-12-17
Marine oil lubrication stern shaft sealing apparatusGB/T 25017-20102010-12-1
Childrens canvas rubber footwear (shoes)GB 25036-20102011-7-1
License Management Measures for Transport Safety of Radioactive Articles000014672/2010-007502010-11-1
Reduced-pressure type backflow preventerGB/T 25178-20102011-8-1
Pollution-free Food - Specification for Vegetables Production Management NY/T 5363-20102010-12-1
General specifications for aero turbine jet and turbofan engineGJB 241A-20102010-12-1
Steel slag cement for roadGB/T 25029-20102011-7-1
Marine water lubrication stern shaft sealing apparatusGB/T 25018-20102010-12-1
Backup board for printed circuit board drillingT/CPCA 4403-20102011-1-1
High-voltage presence indicating systemsGB/T 25081-20102011-8-1
Traceability in the feed and food chain—Guideline for system design and implementationGB/Z 25008-20102010-12-1
Technical requirements for protective face mask for medical useGB 19083-20102011-8-1
Plastics—Methods for determining the density of non-cellular plastics—Part 2:Density gradient column methodGB/T 1033.2-20102011-8-1
Plastics—Methods for determining the density of non-cellular plastics—Part 3:Gas pyknometer methodGB/T 1033.3-20102011-8-1
Marine autopilotGB/T 5743-20102010-12-1
Pollution-free Food - Environmental Requirements for Production Areas of Edible Flowers NY 5360-20102010-12-1
Hand-held Laser Distance MetersJJG 966-20102011-3-6
Safety rules for lifting appliances—Part 1:GeneralGB 6067.1-20102011-6-1
Industrial automation systems and integration—Distributed installation in industrial applications—Part 1:Sensors and actuatorsGB/T 25110.1-20102010-12-1
Thermoluminescence Dosimeters used in Personal and Environmental Monitoring for X and γ RadiationJJG 1059-20102010-12-6
Industrial automation systems and integration—Distributed installation in industrial application—Part 3:Power distribution busGB/T 25110.3-20102010-12-1
Sensory analysis—General guidance for the selection,training and monitoring of assessors—Part 2:Expert sensory assessorsGB/T 16291.2-20102010-12-1
Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes―Part 10:Introduction to the GB/T 2828 series of standards for sampling for inspection by attributesGB/T 2828.10-20102011-4-1
Protocol of identification of bovine,caprine,ovine and porcine derived materials in gelatin—Real time PCR methodGB/T 25165-20102011-5-1
Calibration Spectification for Sheathed ThermocouplesJJF 1262-20102010-12-6
Acoustics—Recommended practice for the design of low-noise machinery and equipment—Part 1:PlanningGB/T 25078.1-20102011-4-1
Pollution-free Food - Environmental Requirements for Production Areas of Freshwater Aquiculture NY 5361-20102010-12-1
Determination of bovine and ovine material in feeds--Realtime PCR methodNY/T 1946-20102010-12-1
Industry Platinum and Copper Resistance ThermometersJJG 229-20102011-3-6
Diagnostic techniques for fascioliasisNY/T 1950-20102010-12-1
Packaging containers—25.4mm aperture aluminum monobloc aerosol cansGB/T 25164-20102011-3-1
Guangling donkeyGB/T 25245-20102011-3-1
Load code for harbour engineeringJTS 144-1-20102011-1-1
Grain and oil machinery-Bran brushGB/T 25232-20102011-3-1
Grain and oil machinery—Bran finisherGB/T 25230-20102011-3-1
~JJG 2043-20102011-3-6
Torsion balanceGB/T 25106-20102010-12-1
Construction Standard for Closure Engineering Project of Household Garbage Landfill JIANBIAO 140-20102011-1-1
Calibration Specification for Burden Box of Instrument TransformersJJF 1264-20102010-12-6
Rice—Evaluation of gelatinization time of kernels during cookingGB/T 25226-20102011-3-1
Determination of calcium in feed--Atomic absorption spectrometryNY/T 1944-20102010-12-1
Low-level Dissolved Oxygen MetersJJG 1060-20102010-12-6
Gaoyou duckGB/T 25244-20102011-3-1
Calibration Specification for the Alarmer Detector of Sulfur HexafluorideJJF 1263-20102011-3-6
Grain and oil machinery—Micro-feederGB/T 25239-20102011-3-1
Feed additive—4,7-dihydroxyisoflavoneGB/T 25174-20102011-1-1
Determination of free water for compound fertilizers—Karl Fischer methodGB/T 8577-20102011-3-1
Technical code for field detective devices for the equipments in grain processing and storage systemGB/T 25227-20102011-3-1
Plastics - Determination of the fluidity of plastics using capillary and slit-die rheometersGB/T 25278-20102011-8-1
Inspection of grain and oils—Determination of acidity in grain and produceGB/T 5517-20102011-3-1
Technical specifications for monitoring of animal manureGB/T 25169-20102011-3-1
Emission standard of pollutants for lead and zinc industryGB 25466-20102010-10-1
Emission Standard of Pollutants for Copper, Nickel, Cobalt IndustryGB 25467-20102010-10-1
Limits of radionuclides in building materialsGB 6566-20102011-7-1
Modified acid-fast staining technique for detection of Cryptosporidium spp oocystsNY/T 1949-20102010-12-1
Rules for tobacco intensive seedling production—Part 1:Seedling with float systemGB/T 25241.1-20102011-1-1
Rules for tobacco intensive seedling production—Part 2:Seedling in trayGB/T 25241.2-20102011-1-1
Phase Noise Measurement SystemJJG 721-20102011-3-6
General specification for air condition of shipGB/T 25016-20102010-12-1
Grades and specifications of soybeanNY/T 1933-20102010-12-1
Inspection of grain and oils—Determination of ergosterol in grain—Normal phase high performance liquid chromatographyGB/T 25221-20102011-3-1
Inspection of grain and oils—Determination of phosphide residues in grain—Spectrophotometric methodGB/T 25222-20102011-3-1
Software engineering—Software product Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE)—Requirements for quality of Commercial Off-The-Self (COTS) software product and instructions for testingGB/T 25000.51-20102011-2-1
Inspection of grain and oils—Determination of starch content in maize—Near-infrared methodGB/T 25219-20102011-3-1
Testing method of performance for vacuum insulation cryogenic equipment—Part 2:Vacuum degree measurementGB/T 18443.2-20102011-2-1
Animal and vegetable fats and oils—Detection and identification of a volatile organic contaminant by GC/MSGB/T 25225-20102011-3-1
Technical regulation of farm animals cDNA library construction and preservationGB/T 25168-20102011-3-1
Method for the determination of rare-earth in food of plant--Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometric methodNY/T 1938-20102010-12-1
Micrographics—Colour microfilm—Application of the exposure technique to prepare line originals and continuous-tone originalsGB/T 25073-20102010-12-1
Grain and oil machinery—Impeller airlockGB/T 25234-20102011-3-1
Industrial automation systems and integration—Distributed installation in industrial application—Part 2:Hybrid communication busGB/T 25110.2-20102010-12-1
Standard for Database of Evaluation of Intensive Use of Development Zone LandTD/T 1030-20102010-12-31
Ao han finewool sheepGB/T 25242-20102011-3-1
StopwatchesJJG 237-20102011-3-6
Liquid Positive Displacement FlowmeterJJG 667-20102011-3-1
Technical specification for ABS plastical pipeline of water supply and drainage engineeringCECS 270-20102010-12-1
General biosafety standard for veterinary laboratoryNY/T 1948-20102010-12-1
Continuously cold rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile—Part 6:Transformation induced plasticity steelGB/T 20564.6-20102011-6-1
Pelleted seed of tobaccoGB/T 25240-20102011-1-1
Information security technology. Technical requirements of security design for information system classified protectionGB/T 25070-20102011-2-1
Ship-shifting winchGB/T 25015-20102010-12-1
High-voltage/low-voltage prefabricated substationGB/T 17467-20102011-8-1
Entry board for printed circuit board drillingT/CPCA 4402-20102011-1-1
Pollution-free Food - Environmental Requirements for Production Areas of Spices NY 5359-20102010-12-1
Pollution-free Food - Environmental Requirements for Production Areas of Marine Aquaculture NY 5362-20102010-12-1
Animal and vegetable fats and oils—Determination of individual and total sterols contents—Gas chromatographic methodGB/T 25223-20102011-3-1
Dimethyl ether for city gasGB/T 25035-20102011-7-1
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