Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Cable used in photovoltaic system Part4:Computer and instrumentaion cableT/CEEIA 218.4-2012
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Maltitol and Maltitol Syrup, including Amendment 1GB 28307-2012/XG1-20152015-9-22
Quality for Business Premise of Drifting TourismDB22/T 1540-20122012-5-1
Technical Conditions for Current Repair of Vehicle being CompletedDB22/T 1554-20122012-6-10
Specification for construction and acceptance of UHMWPE steel skeleton composite pipeline engineeringCECS 306-20122012-7-1
Grading and Assessment for Tourist Qualiy of Happy Farmhouse DB22/T 1539-20122012-5-1
Code of Design and Construction of BreakwatersJTS 154-1-20112012-1-1
Technical Requirements and Measuring Methods for Digital Movies Intermediate Rail Mobile Playing SystemGY/T 256-20122012-4-11
Technical Requirements for Gas-driven Automobile Modification - Liquefied Natural Gas Passenger Car DB52/T 744-20122012-5-18
The safety technique specifications of special schoolGB 24407-2012/XG1-20172017-11-1
Terms for Sharing Basic Information of Legal Entity DB43/T 674-20122012-5-9
Technical Specification for Purity Keeping and Breeding of Hybrid Cotton Parent DB43/T 676-20122012-5-1
Safety Technology Inspection Conditions for Vehicles in Highway Passenger StationsDB22/T 1555-20122012-6-10
Code for completed fossil power construction project achieved acceptance criterionDL 5277-20122012-7-1
Cable used in photovoltaic system Part1:General requirementsT/CEEIA 218.1-2012
Concentrating Photovoltaic ReceiverDB13/T 1518-20122012-4-30
Technical specification of electric power construction´╝ŹPart 9:Hydraulic structure Engineering DL 5190.9-20122012-7-1
Technical Specification for Monitoring of Epidemic Sources and Diseases of Terrestrial WildlifeDB43/T 675-20122012-5-1
Technical specification for retaining and protection of building foundation excavationsJGJ 120-20122012-10-1
Specifications for the quality of Automobile Maintenance ServiceDB22/T 1553-20122012-6-10
Calibration Regulation for SF6 Gas Density MonitorDL/T 259-20122012-7-1
Product of Geographical Indication - Longhui Longya Lily - Part 1: Product Quality DB43/T 215.1-20122012-5-1
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Riboflavin 5' - Sodium Phosphate GB 28301-20122012-6-25
Specification for Grade 2 Maintenance Quality of Automobile DB22/T 1552-20122012-6-10
Product of Geographical Indication - Longhui Honeysuckle - Part 1: Product Quality DB43/T 214.1-20122012-5-1
Regulations for Phoenix Mushroom Production TechnologyDB33/T 526-20122012-5-10
Technical specification for steel structrre of light-weight buildingswith gabled framesCECS 102-2002(2012)2003-3-1
The Technical Requirements for Road Transportation of Dangerous GoodsDB22/T 1556-20122012-6-10
Fired Non-clay Perforated BricksDB41/ 725-20122012-6-1
Specifications for Interpretation of Main Scenic Spot in Manas County DB65/T 3400-20122012-5-20
Specifications for Interpretation of Main Scenic Spot in Changji City DB65/T 3399-20122012-5-20
Gasoline for motor vehiclesGB 17930-2011/XG1-20122012-5-1
Inspection for Comprehensive Performance of Operating Vehicles - Inspection Method and Assessment for Vehicle Appearance and Chassis DB22/T 1550-20122012-6-10
Specification for Operating Service of Automobile Comprehensive Performance Testing Station DB22/T 1551-20122012-6-10
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Caprylic/capric triglycerideGB 28302-20122012-6-25
Cable used in photovoltaic system Part2:AC/DC transmission power cableT/CEEIA 218.2-2012
Technical Specification for Emergency ExtinctionDB65/T 3398-20122012-5-10
Technical Specifications for Automotive ConnectorQ/JD 1920-2012
Specification for construction quality acceptance and evaluation of electric power construct Part 1: Civil construction engineeringDL/T 5210.1-20122012-7-1
National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Capsicum OleoresinGB 28314-20122012-6-25
Building waterproofing industry integrity of the quality evaluation guideT/HBBWA 1524-20122012-6-30
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