Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical specification for circulation of recycling building materialsSB/T 10904-20122013-9-1
Commodity management specification of agricultural wholesale—Part 1:TeaSB/T 10872-20122013-7-1
Criterion for consignment stores serviceSB/T 10902-20122013-9-1
Wood floor detergentsSB/T 10953-20122013-9-1
Technical specification of tyre claimsSB/T 10468.2-20122013-9-1
Quick frozen lobstersSB/T 10878-20122013-7-1
Old-age home service specificationsSB/T 10944-20122013-9-1
Construction standard of scrap steel processing and distribution centerSB/T 10897-20122013-9-1
Classification of used batteriesSB/T 10901-20122013-9-1
Technical specifications for lightning protection and inspection of security and protection systemQX/T 186-20132013-5-1
Roasted beansSB/T 10948-2012/XG1-20152015-5-26
Pressure Vessels Periodical Inspection RegulationTSG R7001-20132013-7-1
Management specification for commerce and trade functional zoneSB/T 10898-20122013-9-1
Specifications for machine-readeble information of the resident ID cardGA 490-20132013-1-9
Skill requirement on refrigeration worker in the slaughterhouseSB/T 10912-20122013-9-1
Guidelines of calculating ecological benefit on the project of small hydropower substituting for fuelSL 593-20132013-4-22
Compilation Guidelines for Drought Resonse PlanSL 590-20132013-4-22
Code for design of clean roomGB 50073-20132013-9-1
Standards for transport of lithium batteries by airMH/T 1020-20132013-5-1
Detailed rules for slaughter enterprises to implement credit management systemsSB/T 10909-20122013-9-1
Completion standards on land reclamation qualityTD/T 1036-20132013-2-1
Function Requirements for Healthcare Textile-AnionT/CAS 115.2-20132013-1-18
Code of practice for tobacco curing by loose-leavesYC/T 457-20132013-2-1
Technological specifications of waste televisions recyclingSB/T 10899-20122013-9-1
Wood composite doorSB/T 10952-20122013-9-1
Standard for retail business market safetySB/T 10906-20122013-9-1
Storage and conservation of strips—Low emission method of mechanical regulationYC/T 456-20132013-2-1
Classification of scrap glassSB/T 10900-20122013-9-1
Web shop credit rating factors guideSB/T 10907-20122013-9-1
中华人民共和国商务部SB/T 10903-20122013-9-1
Code of urban communication engineering planningGB/T 50853-20132013-9-1
Guides for slaughter enterprises to establish and implement credit management systemsSB/T 10908-20122013-9-1
Skill requirement on equipment repairer in the slaughterhouseSB/T 10911-20122013-9-1
Specification of circulation for pre-packed pearSB/T 10891-20122013-7-1
The code for construction and acceptance of water and sewerage ductile iron pipeline works Specification requirementT/CFA 02010202-3-20132013-4-1
Code of Hydrology for Sea HarbourJTS 145-2-20132013-4-1
Condemned poultry and poultry product rendering equipmentSB/T 10913-20122013-9-1
Information collection,analysis and application for cigarette market—Part 3:Information analysis and applicationYC/T 455.3-20132013-2-1
Code for construction and quality acceptance of automation instrumentation engineeringGB 50093-20132013-9-1
Technical regulations for utilization of pig by-productsSB/T 10910-20122013-9-1
Guideline for the county-level land rearrangement planningTD/T 1035-20132013-2-1
Condemned poultry and poultry product rendering equipmentSB/T 10914-20122013-9-1
Code of practice for inspection of power-driven vehiclesGA 801-20132013-1-9
Guideline for municipal land rearrangement planningTD/T 1034-20132013-2-1
Code for Design of Wastewater Treatment of RailwayTB 10079-20132013-1-9
全国烟草标准化技术委员会农业分技术委员会(SAC/TC 144/SC 2)YC/T 458-20132013-2-1
Labels for tobacco machinery productsYC/T 454-20132013-2-1
Circulating box cleaner for pig butchering and processSB/T 10915-20122013-9-1
Construction and management technical specifications for professional general merchandise wholesale marketSB/T 10905-20122013-9-1
Standard for allowable vibration of building engineeringGB 50868-20132013-9-1
Specifications for arrangement of meteorological record archives in paper formQX/T 184-20132013-5-1
Fundamental specification for collection,analysis and application of cigarette retail market information—Part 2:Information collectionYC/T 455.2-20132013-2-1
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