Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Simultaneous determination of arsenic and mercury content in iron ores. Microwave-assisted digestion-atomic fluorescence spectrometrySN/T 2765.3-20132013-9-16
Solid wood hangerLY/T 2143-20132013-7-1
Detection of allergen components in food for export―Part6:Real time PCR method for detecting walnut componentsSN/T 1961.6-20132013-9-16
Scaffolding poleLY/T 1504-20132013-7-1
Mill scale. Part 6:Method for manual sampling of mill scale in bulkSN/T 3323.6-20132013-9-16
Determination of prohibited dyes in foods for export―LC-MS/MS MethodSN/T 3540-20132013-9-16
Guidelines for the conduct of tests for distinctness, uniformity and stability―Boxwood (Buxus L.)LY/T 2095-20132013-7-1
Code for the Construction of Crane Girders Anchored to Rock Mass for Hydropower and Water Resources ProjectsDL/T 5198-2013E2013-8-1
Main and auxiliary generator for A.C. driving diesel locomotive TB/T 3335-20132013-7-1
Determination of acid-soluble iron content in import & export natural scale graphite. Atomic absorption spectrometric methodSN/T 0561-20132013-9-16
Speric bearing of railway bridge TB/T 3320-20132013-5-20
Rattan furniture quality assessment and testingLY/T 2140-20132013-7-1
Detection of allergen components in food for export―Part8:Real time PCR method for detecting hazelnut componentsSN/T 1961.8-20132013-9-16
Risk assessment specification of safety in textiles for import and export. Part 4:Textile materials. CottonSN/T 3317.4-20132013-9-16
Testing method of yield determination on oil-tea camellia plantationLY/T 2116-20132013-7-1
Determination of β-agonists residues in cattle and sheep tissues by ultra performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometryDB21/ 3004-20132013-9-8
Determination of methoxychlor residues in meat for export. GC/MS methodSN/T 0529-20132013-9-16
General Specification for Relaying Protection and Security Automation EquipmentDL/T 478-2013E2013-8-1
Test method of import and export fertilizers. Part 10:Determination of free acidSN/T 0736.10-20132013-9-16
Construction Specifications for Formwork of Hydropower and Water Conservancy EngineeringDL/T 5110-20132013-8-1
Detection of genetically modified components―Potatoes test methodsSN/T 1198-20132013-9-16
Log pilingLY/T 1371-20132013-7-1
Express Item Tracking Information Service SpecificationYZ/T 0131-20132013-9-1
Code for design of metal mineGB 50830-20132013-10-1
Rules for the damage survey of steel materials.Part 7:Electrical steel sheets and stripsSN/T 3468.7-20132013-9-16
Determination of hydrocarbon in beeswax for exportSN/T 0621-20132013-9-16
Radiator for diesel locomotiveTB/T 1160-20132013-7-1
Detection of allergen components in food for export―Part7:Real time PCR method for detecting carrot componentsSN/T 1961.7-20132013-9-16
Detection equipment in trackside acoustic diagnostic system (TADS) for rolling bearing faults of railway vehiclesTB/T 3340-20132013-7-1
Determination of six kinds of artificial sweeteners in food for export. LC-MS/MS methodSN/T 3538-20132013-9-16
Auxiliary Motor of Locomotive - Part 2: Split-phase MotorTB/T 1608.2-20132013-7-1
Test method of import and export fertilizers. Part 15:Simultaneous determination of arsenic and mercury content by microwave-assisted digestion-atomic fluorescence spectrometrySN/T 0736.15-20132013-9-16
Determination of irradiated food for export. Part 5:Direct epifluorescent filter and aerobic plate count methodSN/T 2910.5-20132013-9-16
Electric locomotive network-side cabinet TB/T 3336-20132013-7-1
gauge for straightness of steel rail TB/T 3323-20132013-7-1
Evaluation method for standby and off mode electric power consumption of electrical and electronic appliances for import and exportSN/T 3531-20132013-9-16
Technical regulation for the national afforestation integrated verificationLY/T 2083-20132013-7-1
Requirements for fire products consistency inspectionGA 1061-20132013-3-26
Detection of allergen components in food for export―Part10:Real time PCR method for detecting shrimp & crab componentsSN/T 1961.10-20132013-9-16
Technical specification for CHT special single stack drainage systemCECS 271-20132013-6-1
Auxiliary Motor of Locomotive - Part 1: Asynchronous Motor TB/T 1608.1-20132013-7-1
Detection of allergen components in food for export.Part 17:Real time PCR method for detecting lupin componentsSN/T 1961.17-20132013-9-16
Front illuminators,auxiliary illuminators and lighting marks used for locomotive and electrical multiple units. Part 1:Front illuminatorsTB/T 2325.1-20132013-7-1
Detection of allergen components in food for export―Part9:Real time PCR method for detecting almond componentsSN/T 1961.9-20132013-9-16
Regulations on Unpacking Witness Inspection of Imported Civil Nuclear Safety EquipmentHUANHEANZHONGXIN [2013] No.482013-4-1
Test method for UICC-CLF HCI protocol Part1:Terminal featuresYDB 122.1-20132013-3-6
Detection of allergen components in food for export―Part5:Realtime PCR method for detecting pistachio componentsSN/T 1961.5-20132013-9-16
Shock absorber for locomotive coupler TB/T 3334-20132013-9-1
Application Guide for Partial Discharge Detection of Gas-insulated Metal-enclosed Switchgear with Electric Ultrasound DL/T 1250-20132013-8-1
Detection of allergen components in food for export―Part4:Real time PCR method for detecting cashew componentsSN/T 1961.4-20132013-9-16
Anchor Bolts and Nuts for Poles and Towers of Electric Power Transmission LineDL/T 1236-20132013-8-1
Determination of lead and copper contents in molybdenum oxide powder for export. Atomic absorption methodSN/T 0562-20132013-9-16
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