Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical code for evaluating biosafety performance of laboratory equipmentRB/T 199-20152016-7-1
Specification on computer room power units of the financial information systemJR/T 0131-20152015-12-10
Glass fiber reinforced polyester continuous panelsGB/T 14206-20152016-11-1
Gases for electronic industry―Tungsten hexaflourideGB/T 32386-20152016-7-1
Wire rods for weldingGB/T 3429-20152016-11-1
Steel cord conveyor belts — Part 4: Vulcanized belt jointsGB/T 28267.4-20152016-7-1
Compressed air — Part 3: Test methods for measurement of humidityGB/T 13277.3-20152016-6-30
Chinese internet email address―Technical specification for email headers to supportGB/T 32397-20152016-7-1
Sterilization of health care products―Chemical indicators―Guidance for selection,use and interpretion of resultsGB/T 32310-20152016-9-1
Software engineering―Software reviews and auditsGB/T 32421-20152016-8-1
Walking tractors―General requirementGB/T 13875-20152016-7-1
Chinese medicine pill making machineGB/T 32239-20152016-7-1
Information codes for public security industry—Part 73: Codes for methods of personal identification and verificationGA/T 2000.73-20152015-12-30
Sterilization of health care products―VocabularyGB/T 19971-20152016-9-1
Standard practice for testing flame ionization detectors used in gas or supercritical fluid chromatographyGB/T 32193-20152016-7-1
Information codes for public security industry—Part 108: Classification and codes for regionsGA/T 2000.108-20152015-12-30
Plastics―Polyamide(PA)moulding and extrusion materials―Part 2:Preparation of test specimens and determination of propertiesGB/T 32363.2-20152016-6-1
Matching test requirements for spacecraft and launch vehicleGB/T 32298-20152016-7-1
Technical code for levee engineering on soft ground in coast areaGB/T 50943-20152016-8-1
Diagnosis of occupational pneumoconiosisGBZ 70-20152016-5-1
Information technology―Service analysis and design of SOA applicationGB/T 32430-20152017-1-1
Determination of the heavy metal Pb,Cr,Cd,Ba,Hg,As,Se,Sb dissolved in adhesivesGB/T 32448-20152016-7-1
Building construction machinery and equipment—Pedestrian-controlled vibratory(percussion) rammers—Terminology and commercial specificationsGB/T 32274-20152016-7-1
Terms of continuous handling equipmentGB/T 14521-20152016-7-1
Rules of inspection for import and export synthetic fiber for WIGSN/T 1701-20152016-7-1
Confirmation of the rated output of electric locomotives and electric multiple unitsGB/T 3319-20152016-6-1
Railway applications—Specification and demonstration ofreliability,availability,maintainability and safety(RAMS)—Part 2:Guide to the application for safetyGB/T 21562.2-20152016-7-1
Continuously cold rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile—Part 8: Complex phase steelGB/T 20564.8-20152016-11-1
Unplasticizedpoly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) piping system for industrial applications―Part 2: FittingsGB/T 4219.2-20152016-7-1
Implants for surgery—Active implantable medical devices—Part 1: General requirements for safety, marking and for information to be provided by the manufacturerGB 16174.1-20152017-7-1
Technical Code for Steel Structure of Light-weight Building with Gabled FramesGB 51022-20152016-8-1
Vacuum techology—Ferrofluid rotary feedthroughs—Generic specificationGB/T 32292-20152016-7-1
Flight evaluation of launch vehicleGB/T 32454-20152016-7-1
轻型输送带 最大拉伸强度的测定 GB/T 32330-20152016-7-1
Technical code for wastewater treatment facilities from nitroglycerine productionGB/T 51146-20152016-8-1
Safety of machinery--Risk assessment--Practical guidance and example of methodsGB/T 16856-20152016-7-1
Examination organization unified identity code encoding standardsRB/T 191-20152016-7-1
Railway applications―Test methods of rolling stock on test rigsGB/T 32358-20152016-7-1
Pear cultivation technical manualDB31/T 309-20152016-3-1
Hydraulic fluid power—Sealing devices—Standard test methods to assess the performance of seals used in oil hydraulic reciprocating applicationsGB/T 32217-20152017-1-1
Phrase and codification of chemical hazard statementsGB/T 32374-20152017-1-1
Diagnosis of occupational cadmium poisoningGBZ 17-20152016-5-1
Monolithic (unshaped) refractory products―Part 1: Introduction andclassificationGB/T 4513.1-20152016-7-1
Verification Regulation of Traffic Loop-based Speed MetersJJG 1122-20152016-1-30
Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices―Part 2:Validation requirements for forming,sealing and assembly processesGB/T 19633.2-20152016-9-1
Hydraulic fluid power―Test method for the proportional/servo controlled hydraulic cylinderGB/T 32216-20152017-1-1
Evaluation standard for green hospital buildingGB/T 51153-20152016-8-1
Test method for bulk density and true porosity of shaped insulating refractory productsGB/T 2998-20152017-1-1
Diagnosis of toxoplasmosisWS/T 486-20152016-6-1
滚动轴承 四点接触球轴承轴向游隙的测量方法 GB/T 32323-20152016-4-1
Inspection rule for binocularsGB/T 18312-20152016-7-1
Sampling methods for the quarantine of plants and their products for import and exportSN/T 2122-20152016-7-1
Specific solid enzyme(ALD,TIM,GDH)reagent for determination of fructose diphosphate(FDP)GB/T 32226-20152016-7-1
Steel plates for building structureGB/T 19879-20152016-11-1
Control standards for medical vector in entry-exit airplaneSN/T 1422-20152016-7-1
Assessment values of recyclability rate for electrical and electronic products―Part 5 : Small and medium three-phase asynchronous motorGB/T 32355.5-20152016-7-1
Determination of lead in gasoline―Atomic absorption spectrometryGB/T 8020-20152016-6-1
航天器磁性评估和控制方法 GB/T 32307-20152016-7-1
Railway applications―Insulation coordination―Part 1:Basic requirements―Clearances and creepage distances for all electrical and electronic equipmentGB/T 32350.1-20152016-7-1
Information technology — Vocabulary in TibetanGB/T 32391-20152017-1-1
Footwear manufacturing machines―Safety requirements―Part 1:Lasting machinesGB/T 31301.1-20152016-7-1
Superstrength alloy steel forgings―General specificationsGB/T 32248-20152016-7-1
ebXML based messages of irrevocable documentary credit applicationGB/T 32172-20152016-7-1
Cross helically wound steel wires reinforced-polyethylene composite pipelines for water supplyGB/T 32439-20152016-7-1
Sterilization of health care products―Radiation―Part 1:Requirements for development,validation and routine control of a sterilization process for medical devicesGB 18280.1-20152017-7-1
Function blocks—Part 2: Software tools requirementsGB/T 19769.2-20152016-7-1
Design code disasters emergency shelterGB 51143-20152016-8-1
Biological evaluation of medical devices—Part 7: Ethylene oxide sterilization residualsGB/T 16886.7-20152017-1-1
Soft magnetic alloys—Part 1:Nickel-iron alloysGB/T 32286.1-20152016-11-1
All-terrain vehicle tyresGB/T 32381-20152016-11-1
Information technology―Advanced coding of audio and video―Part 11:Synchronous textGB/T 20090.11-20152016-8-1
Code for engineering design of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical fiber transmission systemsGB/T 51152-20152016-8-1
Guidance for the application of good laboratory practice for peer review of histopathologyRB/T 193-20152016-7-1
Calibration Specification for Conveyor Roller Friction TestersJJF(石化)004-20152016-4-1
Heat metersGB/T 32224-20152016-11-1
Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for commercial refrigerating appliances—Part 2: Commercial refrigerated cabinets with self-contained condensing unitGB 26920.2-20152017-1-1
Footwear manufacturing machines―Safety requirements―Part 3:Grinding and polishing machinesGB/T 31301.3-20152016-7-1
Highly purified compound—Reagent for pesticide residue analysis—Method of the gas chromatography with electron capture detector(ECD)GB/T 32263-20152017-1-1
Crop protection equipment―Field measurement of spray distribution in tree and bush cropsGB/T 32244-20152016-7-1
Information technology―Kyrgyz common termsGB/T 32408-20152016-7-1
Liquefied Petroleum Gas DispenserJJG 997-20152016-6-7
Calibration Specification for Photodetector Bandwidth Measuring InstrumentsJJF 1549-20152016-3-7
Test methods of cleanliness of aluminium and aluminium alloy ingotsGB/T 32186-20152016-7-1
Terminology of space environment for spacecraftGB/T 32452-20152016-7-1
石油天然气工业 钻井和修井设备 钻井泵 GB/T 32338-20152016-4-1
Enterprise control system integration―Part 5: Business to manufacturing transactionsGB/T 20720.5-20152016-7-1
Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines—Data interpretation and diagnostics techniques—Part 1:General guidelinesGB/T 22394.1-20152016-7-1
Information codes for public security industry—Part 101: Codes for means of imitating and counterfeitingGA/T 2000.101-20152015-12-30
Standard practice for using flame photometric detectors in gas chromatographyGB/T 32190-20152016-7-1
Connection set for conductive charging of electric vehicles―Part 2:AC charging couplerGB/T 20234.2-20152016-1-1
Guide of design for recycling of electrical and electronic productsGB/T 32356-20152016-7-1
Hexagon thin nuts―Fine pitch threadGB/T 6173-20152016-4-1
Vacuum technology―Roots vacuum pump―Measurement of performance characteristics―Part 4:Measurement of noiseGB/T 25753.4-20152017-1-1
Chemical analysis of magnesia-alumina refractoriesGB/T 5069-20152017-1-1
Classification of furniture materialsGB/T 32445-20152016-7-1
Remanufactured internal combustion engine―General specificationsGB/T 32222-20152016-7-1
Monocrystalline siliconGB/T 12962-20152017-1-1
35 mm cinematography―Subjective test film(colour chart)GB/T 13920-20152016-7-1
航天结构断裂与损伤控制要求 GB/T 32303-20152016-7-1
Guidelines for quality culture development in enterprisesGB/T 32230-20152016-7-1
Projectable image area on 70 mm motion-picture film,15/70 formatGB/T 32145-20152016-7-1
Calibration Specification for Pendulum Tear InstrumentsJJF 1553-20152016-3-7
Short term method for measuring the emission properties oflow-solvent or solvent-free adhesives after application―Part 4:Determination of volatile diisocyanatesGB/T 32371.4-20152016-7-1
Protective structure strength on narrow-track wheeled agricultural and forestry tractors—Testing method and acceptance condition—Part 1:Static testing method of front mounted ROPSGB/T 21956.1-20152016-7-1
航天项目风险管理 GB/T 32299-20152016-7-1
Technical specification of evaluation for agricultural science and technology achievementsGB/T 32225-20152016-2-1
Non-traditional machines―Terminology―Part 6:Other non-traditional machinesGB/T 14896.6-20152016-7-1
Ambient air-Determination of phosphorus pentoxide-Molybdenum blue spectrophotometric methodHJ 546-20152016-2-1
Nuclear medicine instrumentation—Routine tests—Part 3: Positron emission tomographsGB/T 20013.3-20152017-7-1
Rolling bearings―Cylindrical rollersGB/T 4661-20152016-7-1
Equipment for crop protection―Methods for the laboratory measurement of spray drift―Wind tunnelsGB/T 32241-20152016-7-1
Automatic milking installations―Requirements and testingGB/T 32240-20152016-7-1
Steel cord conveyor belts — Part 3: Special safety requirementsfor belts for use in underground installationsGB/T 28267.3-20152016-7-1
Information codes for public security industry—Part 81: Codes for roles of case-related unitsGA/T 2000.81-20152015-12-30
Silicone rubber compound―Classification and system nomenclatureGB/T 32365-20152016-4-1
Information technology―Advanced coding of audio and video―Part 12: Synthetic sceneGB/T 20090.12-20152016-8-1
Information codes for public security industry—Part 88: Classification and codes for methods of obtaining crime toolsGA/T 2000.88-20152015-12-30
Optics and photonics―Optical coatings―Part 4:Specific test methodsGB/T 26332.4-20152016-7-1
Equipment for crop protection―Induction hopper―Part 2:General requirements and performance limitsGB/T 32242.2-20152016-7-1
Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines—General guidelinesGB/T 22393-20152016-7-1
Equipment for crop protection―Induction hopper―Part 1:Test methodsGB/T 32242.1-20152016-7-1
Hand-held digital multimetersGB/T 32194-20152016-7-1
Nanotechnologies—Vocabulary—Part 3: Carbon nano-objectsGB/T 30544.3-20152017-1-1
Industrial-process control valves—Part 4:Inspection and routine testingGB/T 17213.4-20152016-7-1
Determination of boron oxide in refractory materialsGB/T 32177-20152017-1-1
Railway applications—Specification and demonstration of reliability,availability,maintainability and safety (RAMS)—Part 3:Guide to the application for rolling stock RAMGB/T 21562.3-20152016-7-1
Safety and environmental protection requirements for digital projection screensGB/T 32143-20152016-7-1
Standard practice for testing variable-wavelength photometricdetectors used in liquid chromatographyGB/T 32211-20152016-7-1
Systems and software engineering―Requirements for designers and developers of user documentationGB/T 32424-20152016-7-1
Terminology of launch vehicleGB/T 32455-20152016-7-1
Regenerative,enamelled and packed panels for air-gas and gas-gas heat exchangersGB/T 31567-20152016-8-1
General rules for drafting of frontier health and quarantine standards-General principleSN/T 0011.1-20152016-7-1
Test method for dielectric tangent of loss angle of pyroelectric materialsGB/T 11297.9-20152016-7-1
Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Building Electrical EngineeringGB 50303-20152016-8-1
GEO卫星任务后处置要求 GB/T 32308-20152016-7-1
滚动轴承 直线运动滚动支承成型导轨副 第2部分:4、5系列外形尺寸和公差 GB/T 32322.2-20152016-4-1
Communication protocols between off-board conductive charger and battery management system for electric vehicleGB/T 27930-20152016-1-1
Standard test method for determination of water in petroleum products,lubricating oils,and additives―Coulometric Karl Fischer titration methodGB/T 11133-20152016-6-1
Accelerated stress testing procedures for electric and electronic products — Guidance for highly accelerated stress screenGB/T 32466-20152016-7-1
Verification Regulation of Ultraviolet Irradiance MetersJJG 879-20152016-6-7
Technical specification for classification of the environmental risk grade of oil depot operatorSZDB/Z 161-20152016-1-1
Railway applications — Electric traction — Short-primary type linear induction motors (LIM) fed by power convertersGB/T 32349-20152016-7-1
Verification Regulation of Automatic Monitor for Hexavalent Chromium Water Quality JJG(湘)22-20152016-1-4
Hot-rolled profiled steels for coal mechanismGB/T 3414-20152016-11-1
Personal flotation devices―Part 7:Materials and components―Safety requirements and test methodsGB/T 32234.7-20152016-4-1
Automobile Self-driving Tour Base Construction Management SpecificationCA/T 1512002-20152016-3-1
气动 二位三通电磁阀安装面 GB/T 32337-20152016-7-1
Mechanical vibration―Evaluation of machine vibration by measurements on non-rotating parts―Part 4:Gas turbine sets with fluid-film bearingsGB/T 6075.4-20152016-7-1
Chemical analysis of refractories—General requirements for wet chemical analysis, atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry(ICP-AES) methodsGB/T 32179-20152017-1-1
航天器包装、运输通用要求 GB/T 32301-20152016-7-1
Technical specifications of pipeline safety apparatus for fire dampers and explosion protection in textile industryGB 32275-20152017-1-1
社会治安综合治理基础数据规范 GB/T 31000-20152016-3-1
NewsprintGB/T 1910-20152016-7-1
Test method for measuring oxygen, carbon, boron and phosphorus in solar silicon wafers and feedstock by secondary ion mass spectrometryGB/T 32281-20152017-1-1
Non-destructive testing instruments―Equipment for eddy current examination―Part 1:Instrument characteristics and verificationGB/T 14480.1-20152016-7-1
Investment casting process―General technology guidelinesGB/T 32252-20152016-7-1
Test method for dielectric constant of pyroelectric materialsGB/T 11297.11-20152016-7-1
航天产品保证 GB/T 32305-20152016-7-1
Guidelines for document classificationGB/T 32153-20152016-7-1
adiotherapy equipment—Coordinates, movements and scalesGB/T 18987-20152017-7-1
Test methods for reverse osmosis membranesGB/T 32373-20152016-6-1
Information technology―Uyghur common termsGB/T 32410-20152016-8-1
Technical requirements of M2M communication module for logistic informatization service in mobile networkGB/T 32407-20152016-3-1
Calibration Specification for Boreho1e ClinometersJJF 1550-20152016-3-7
Information codes for public security industry—Part 125:Codes for complaints completed statusGA/T 2000.125-20162015-12-30
Technical requirements and measurement methods for VHF/UHF frequency band radio monitoring receiverGB/T 32401-20152016-7-1
The method for full width at half maximum of double crystal X-ray rocking curve of GaN single crystal substrateGB/T 32188-20152016-11-1
Natural gas generating set for the petroleum industryGB/T 22343-20152016-4-1
Safety regulations for dust explosion protection in textile industryGB 32276-20152017-1-1
Football shoesGB/T 19706-20152017-1-1
ebXML based messages of irrevocable documentary creditGB/T 32171-20152016-7-1
Aluminium strips for computer-to-printing platesGB/T 32183-20152016-11-1
Industrial wireless networks WIA specification―Part 3:WIA-PA protocol conformance test specificationGB/T 26790.3-20152016-7-1
Best practices for orbit elements at payload-launch vehicle separationGB/T 32300-20152016-7-1
Verification Regulation of Five-parameter (pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature) Water Quality Automatic Monitor JJG(湘)26-20152016-1-4
Implants for surgery—Active implantable medical devices—Part 2: Cardiac pacemakersGB 16174.2-20152017-7-1
Information security level evaluation indicators for electric power industryGB/T 32351-20152016-7-1
Construct ion and management specification on the agricultural information and technology service centerGH/T 1122-20152016-6-1
Non-destructive testing instruments―Quality inspection provisionsGB/T 32195-20152016-7-1
Systems and software engineering―Requirements for managers of user documentationGB/T 16680-20152016-7-1
Nominal diameter for pressure vesselsGB/T 9019-20152016-7-1
Agricultural tractors―Test procedures―Part 21:StabilityGB/T 3871.21-20152016-7-1
Technical Guideline for the Environmental Protection Status Assessment of the Centralized Drinking Water SourcesHJ 774-20152016-3-1
Environmental Protection Technical Requirement for Standardized Construction of the Centralized Drinking Water SourcesHJ 773-20152016-3-1
Sterilization of health care products―Biological indicators―Part 3:Biological indicators for moist heat sterilization processesGB 18281.3-20152017-1-1
Information codes for public security industry—Part 96: Classification and codes for patterens and modus operandi of entering building spacesGA/T 2000.96-20152015-12-30
Eco-declarations of communication terminal product for consumersGB/T 32426-20152016-7-1
Non-destructive testing instruments―Model designation methodGB/T 32196-20152016-7-1
Hydraulic fluid power filters―Multi-pass method for evaluating filtration performance of a filter elementGB/T 18853-20152016-7-1
Azoxystrobin technical materialGB/T 32341-20152016-7-1
Chinese internet email address―Technical specification for SMTP extension to supportGB/T 32398-20152016-7-1
Technical specification of screw expander(unit)GB/T 32354-20152017-1-1
Soil and sediment-Determination of inorganic element - Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometryHJ 780-20152016-2-1
Nanotechnologies—Terminology and definitions for nano-objects—Nanoparticle, nanofibre and nanoplateGB/T 32269-20152017-1-1
Footwear―Critical substances potentially present in footwear and footwear components―Determination of organotin compounds in footwear materialsGB/T 32447-20152016-7-1
Specification for testing of wireless local area networkGB/T 32420-20152017-1-1
Asphalt shingles made from glass feltGB/T 20474-20152016-11-1
Rules for the inspection of wheat gluten for exportSN/T 0260-20152016-7-1
Gas metersGB/T 32201-20152016-7-1
Safety of machinery—Safety-related parts of control systems—Part 2: ValidationGB/T 16855.2-20152016-7-1
Industrial-process control valves—Part 8-4:Noise considerations—Prediction of noise generated by hydrodynamic flowGB/T 17213.16-20152016-7-1
Calibration Specification for Paint Film Scrub Resistance TestersJJF(石化)001-20152016-4-1
The basic requirements of bank branches servicesGB/T 32320-20152016-6-1
Limits of fuel consumption for light-duty commercial vehiclesGB 20997-20152018-1-1
植物新品种特异性、一致性、稳定性测试指南 杨属 GB/T 32344-20152016-7-1
Plastics—Phenolic resins—Determination of pHGB/T 32364-20152017-1-1
Determination of formaldehyde in amino resins and phenolic resins and of migration of formaldehyde in their moldings―High performance liquid chromatographyGB/T 32461-20152016-7-1
Reciprocating internal combustion engines―Measurement of sound power level using sound pressure―Part 1:Engineering methodGB/T 1859.1-20152016-7-1
Equipment for crop protection―Sprayer filters―Colour coding for identificationGB/T 32243-20152016-7-1
Non-destructive testing instruments―Equipment for eddy current examination―Part 2:Probe characteristics and verificationGB/T 14480.2-20152016-7-1
Load Test Methods for Highway BridgeJTG/T J21-01-20152016-4-1
Footwear―Chemical test method―Heavy metal content―Microwave plasma atomic emission spectroscopyGB/T 32433-20152016-7-1
Information codes for public security industry—Part 106: Codes for categories of commiting crime opportunitiesGA/T 2000.106-20152015-12-30
Standard practice for use of electron-capture detectors in gas chromatographyGB/T 32207-20152016-7-1
Sterilization of health care products―Radiation―Part 3:Guidance on dosimetric aspectsGB/T 18280.3-20152018-1-1
Reciprocating internal combustion engines―Measurement of sound power level using sound pressureGB/T 1859.1~1859.3-20152016-7-1
Technical requirements of M2M platform for logistic information service in mobile networkGB/T 32406-20152016-3-1
Electrostatic discharge protection requirements for aerospace electronic productsGB/T 32304-20152016-7-1
Iron-cobalt-vanadium permanent-magnet alloysGB/T 14989-20152016-11-1
Steel cross wedge rollings―General specificationGB/T 32258-20152016-7-1
Usability of consumer products and products for public use―Part 2:Summative test methodGB/T 32261.2-20152016-7-1
Building hardware for windows and doors―General requirementsGB/T 32223-20152016-11-1
Code for design of gas gathering and transportation system in gas fie1d GB 50349-20152016-8-1
Conical fittings with a 6%(Luer) taper for syringes,needles and certain other medical equipment—Part 1: General requirementGB/T 1962.1-20152017-1-1
General specification for chemical agent alarmGB/T 32187-20152016-7-1
Alloy structure steelsGB/T 3077-20152016-11-1
Information technology―Specification for SOA technical implementation―Part 1:Service descriptionGB/T 32419.1-20152017-1-1
China compulsory certification business data specificationRB/T 189-20152016-7-1
Personal protective equipment—Eye and face protection—Occupational eye and face protectors—Part 2: Test methodsGB/T 32166.2-20152016-11-1
Protective structure strength on narrow-track wheeled agricultural and forestry tractors—Testing method and acceptance condition—Part 3:Static testing method of rear mounted ROPSGB/T 21956.3-20152016-7-1
Biological evaluation of medical devices―Part 20:Principles and methods for immunotoxicology testing of medical devicesGB/T 16886.20-20152017-1-1
Test methods for pore size properties of membrane filters—Bubble point and mean flow pore testGB/T 32361-20152016-5-1
Determination of the gasoline octane number―Test method for research octane numberGB/T 5487-2015/XG1-20172017-12-29
The procedure specification of financial leasing servicesGB/T 32316-20152016-6-1
Specification for electronic data of air freight. Part 2: Flight freight manifest electronic dataMH/T 0059.2-20152016-4-1
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Downhole equipment - Lock mandrels and landing nipplesGB/T 21410-20152016-4-1
Guide on stating test and calibration results and compliance with specificationRB/T 197-20152016-7-1
Code for investigation of geotechnical engineering of mine construction in coal industryGB 51144-20152016-8-1
pecification for order entry format of silicon wafersGB/T 32279-20152017-1-1
Evaluation of the effectiveness of surface treatment techniques for aluminium use in adhesives by wet-peel test by floating-rollerGB/T 32372-20152016-7-1
Footwear manufacturing machines―Safety requirements―Part 2:Nailing machinesGB/T 31301.2-20152016-7-1
Verification Regulation of Automatic Monitor for Cadmium Water Quality JJG(湘)21-20152016-1-4
Sheep skinsGH/T 1041-20152016-6-1
Code for safety management in electrical transformation and installationDB11/ 527-20152016-7-1
Railway applications - Environmental conditions for equipment - Part 3: Equipment for signaling and telecommunicationsGB/T 32347.3-20152016-7-1
Verification Regulation of Automatic Monitor for Arsenic Water Quality JJG(湘)23-20152016-1-4
Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for hydrogen producing systems by water electrolysisGB 32311-20152017-1-1
Personal flotation devices―Part 8:Accessories―Safety requirements and test methodsGB/T 32234.8-20152016-6-1
Aluminium alloy welding wires for railway applicationGB/T 32181-20152016-11-1
Procedure for validation of chemical analysis methods for chemicals, minerals and metallic materialsRB/T 190-20152016-7-1
Short term method for measuring the emission properties of low-solvent or solvent-free adhesives after application―Part 1:General procedureGB/T 32371.1-20152016-7-1
Water quality � Determination of 32 elements-Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometryHJ 776-20152016-1-1
Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for metal-halide lampsGB 20054-20152017-1-1
Terms of ultraviolet disinfection technologyGB/T 32092-20152016-6-1
General technical requirements of electrically driven ride-on vehicles for childrenGB/T 32441-20152017-1-1
General steel castings suitable for low temperature and high pressure serviceGB/T 32238-20152016-7-1
Electrical steel core for power transformersGB/T 32288-20152016-11-1
Evaluation and routine testing in medical imaging departments―Part 2-6:Constancy tests―Imaging performance of computed tomography X-ray equipmentGB/T 17006.11-20152016-9-1
Technical requirements of design and construction for inspection and testing laboratory―Part 2:Electrical laboratoryGB/T 32146.2-20152016-7-1
Inspection of sprayers in use―Part 3:Air-assisted sprayers for bush and tree cropsGB/T 32250.3-20152016-7-1
Sterilization of health care products―Radiation―Part 2:Establishing the sterilization doseGB 18280.2-20152017-7-1
Test method for instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) of siliconGB/T 32277-20152017-1-1
Elastic constants test method for fibre reinforced compositesGB/T 32376-20152016-11-1
Rapid Test Method for Braking Capability of Traction LiftT/CASEI T102-20152016-3-1
Rubber shoes―Determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds from whole shoeGB/T 32367-20152017-1-1
Explosive-proof industrial trucks―Part 2: Internal combustion industrial trucksGB/T 26950.2-20152016-7-1
Thermal insulating products for build applications―Determination of shear behaviourGB/T 32382-20152016-11-1
Technical requirements and test methodsfor portable gas chromatography-mass spectrometerGB/T 32210-20152016-7-1
Assessment values of recyclability rate for electrical and electronic products―Part 1: Room air conditioners and household refrigeratorsGB/T 32355.1-20152017-1-1
Grades of cemented carbide—Part 3: Grades of cemented carbide for wear partsGB/T 18376.3-20152016-7-1
Radiant-convective heat exchanger with parallel pipesDB21/T 2546-20152016-2-10
Protective structure strength on narrow-track wheeled agricultural and forestry tractors—Testing method and acceptance condition—Part 2:Dynamic testing method of front mounted ROPSGB/T 21956.2-20152016-7-1
Standard practice for testing fixed-wavelength photometric detectors used in liquid chromatographyGB/T 32212-20152016-7-1
Method of performance testing for atomic fluorescence spectrometerGB/T 32266-20152017-1-1
Ergonomics of human-system interaction―Part 307:Analysis and compliance test methods for electronic visual displaysGB/T 18978.307-20152016-7-1
Specifications for Highway Safety AuditJTG B05-20152016-4-1
Rapid Test Method for Balance Factor of LiftT/CASEI T101-20152016-3-1
Intellectual property rights management in science and technology research projectsGB/T 32089-20152016-7-1
Test methods for flatness of monocrystalline silicon carbide wafersGB/T 32278-20152017-1-1
Agricultural tractors―Test procedures―Part 20:Test methods of tractor bumpinessGB/T 3871.20-20152016-7-1
Technical requirement of design and construction for inspection and testing laboratory―Part 1:General specificationGB/T 32146.1-20152016-7-1
Microscopes―ObjectivesGB/T 2609-20152016-7-1
Detection and identification of potato virus MSN/T 1135.12-20152016-7-1
Domestic steel cookwareGB/T 32432-20152017-1-1
Information technology—Electronic book—Part 3:MetadataGB/T 18787.3-20152017-1-1
Glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics(GRP)pipes―Determination of the long-term ultimate bending strain and the long-term ultimate relative ring deflection under wet conditionsGB/T 32378-20152016-11-1
Connectors for frequencies below 3 MHz for use with printed boards―Part 2:Detail specification for two-part connectors with assessed quality,for printed boards,for basic grid of 2.54 mm with common mounting featuresGB/T 15157.2-20152017-1-1
Numerical control system of machine tool—Reliability test and evaluationGB/T 32245-20152016-7-1
Standard practice for general techniques for obtaining infrared spectra for qualitative analysisGB/T 32199-20152016-7-1
Test methods for water vapour transmission properties of building materials and productsGB/T 17146-20152016-11-1
Radio frequency connectors―Part 29:Sectional specification for miniature radio frequency coaxial connector(type 1.0/2.3)with screw,snap-on,push-pull or quick-lock,slide-in(rack and panel applications)mechanism with characteristic impedance 50 Ω for 50GB/T 11313.29-20152016-7-1
Zipper terminologyGB/T 18746-20152016-7-1
Information codes for public security industry. Part 105: Codes for methods of obtaining investigation cluesGA/T 2000.105-20152015-12-30
实验室玻璃仪器 量杯 GB/T 12803-20152016-7-1
Guide for evaluating industrial wastewater treatment and reuse technologyGB/T 32327-20152016-7-1
气动 带可拆卸安装件的缸径32mm至320mm的气缸基本尺寸、安装尺寸和附件尺寸 GB/T 32336-20152016-7-1
Hexagon socket button head screwsGB/T 70.2-20152017-1-1
Information codes for public security industry—Part 110:Classification and codes for spacial positionsGA/T 2000.110-20152015-12-30
Industrial-process control valves―Part 9:Test procedure for response measurements from step inputsGB/T 17213.18-20152016-7-1
Information technology―Special and quotative Uyghur,Kazakh and Kirghiz function charactersGB/T 32412-20152017-1-1
Information codes for public security industry—Part 85: Codes for service identification numberGA/T 2000.85-20152015-12-30
Information technology―Interfaces requirement of game software for handheld devicesGB/T 32418-20152016-7-1
Fasteners—Bolts, screws, studs and nuts—Symbols and descriptions of dimensionsGB/T 5276-20152017-1-1
Spray dryer for the extract of traditional chinese medicineGB/T 32237-20152016-7-1
Test method for tyre valves―Part 1:Test method for tube clamp-in valvesGB/T 9766.1-20152016-11-1
Optical fibre perform―Part 1:Generic specificationGB/T 32385.1-20152016-4-1
Method for inspection of animal and vegetable oils and fats for export一 Part 5:Determination of slip melting pointSN/T 0801.5-20152016-7-1
Determination of the degree of cure for sealantGB/T 32369-20152016-7-1
Compressed air — Part 2: Test methods for oil aerosol contentGB/T 13277.2-20152016-6-30
Linear motor vehicles for urban mass transitGB/T 32383-20152016-6-1
General technical requirements for glass furnitureGB/T 32446-20152016-7-1
Color assessment boothGB/T 32387-20152016-8-1
Reduced-wall,Resilient-seated gate valves for water supply serviceGB/T 32290-20152016-7-1
Technical specifications for sports turf establishment and maintenance in soccer pitchDB31/T 951-20152016-3-1
Guideline on management review of laboratoryRB/T 195-20152016-7-1
Verification Regulation of Automatic Monitor for Manganese Water Quality JJG(湘)25-20152016-1-4
Certification program classification and codingRB/T 188-20152016-7-1
Mechanical vibration of rotating and reciprocating machinery―Requirements for instruments for measuring vibration severityGB/T 13824-20152016-7-1
Dynamic punch-shear properties test method for fibre reinforced compositesGB/T 32377-20152016-11-1
Information technology―Cloud computing―Overview and vocabularyGB/T 32400-20152017-1-1
Rolling bearings―Thrust ball bearings―Boundary dimensionsGB/T 301-20152016-4-1
Determination of mineral wool and its products formaldehyde emissionGB/T 32379-20152016-11-1
Electrical resistance trace heating systems for industrial and commercial applications―Part 2:Application guide for system design,installation and maintenanceGB/T 32348.2-20152016-7-1
Occupational requirement of logistics practitioners—Part 1:Operations and operations management inwarehousing and distributionWB/T 1055-20152016-2-1
Guide of environmental consciousdesign for communication productsGB/T 32425-20152016-7-1
Assembly technical requirements for knock-down furnitureGB/T 32442-20152016-7-1
Electrical resistance trace heating systems for industrial and commerci alapplications - Part 1: General and testing requirementsGB/T 32348.1-20152016-7-1
Polymethylene polyphenylene isocyanateGB/T 13658-20152016-7-1
Assessment values of recyclability rate for electrical and electronic products―Part 2: Washing machines, television sets and computersGB/T 32355.2-20152016-7-1
Footwear―Test method for volatile organic compoundsGB/T 32435-20152016-7-1
Design Specification for Dust Control in Coal Ore TerminalJTS 155-20152016-5-1
Spherical plain bearings―Identification codeGB/T 304.2-20152016-4-1
Management requirements for information traceability in logistics of alcoholic productsWB/T 1053-20152016-2-1
Informationtechnology―SOAservicedeliveryassurancespecificationGB/T 32431-20152017-1-1
Footwear―Critical substances potentially present in footwear and footwear components―Determination of phthalates in footwear materialsGB/T 32440-20152016-7-1
Buried polyethylene(PE)piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels―Part 1:PipesGB 15558.1-20152017-1-1
Centrifugal pumps handling viscous liquids―Performance correctionsGB/Z 32458-20152016-7-1
terilization of health care products—Biological indicator—Part 5: Biological indicators for low-temperature steam and formaldehyde sterilization processesGB 18281.5-20152017-1-1
General technological framework for logistic information service in mobile network based on M2M technologyGB/T 32404-20152016-3-1
Pneumatic fluid power―Identification of ports andcontrol mechanisms of control valves and other componentsGB/T 32215-20152016-7-1
Metrological Verification Regulation of Airtight, Watertight and Wind Load Resistance Tester of External Windows and Doors of Buildings JJG(湘)28-20152016-1-4
Hardmetals—Metallographic determination of porosity and uncombined carbonGB/T 3489-20152016-7-1
Standard practice for testing thermal conductivity detectors used in gas chromatographyGB/T 32205-20152016-7-1
Taper bush―Types,size and basic parametersGB/T 32220-20152016-7-1
Rolling bearings―Sealed deep groove ball bearings―Performance test rule of dustproofing,grease leakage and temperature riseGB/T 32321-20152016-4-1
Calibration Specification for Blackbody Radiation Sources of Radiation Thermometry from―10℃ to 200℃JJF 1552-20152016-3-7
Sterilization of health care products―Biological indicators―Part 4:Biological indicators for dry heat sterilization processesGB 18281.4-20152017-1-1
Function blocks—Part 1: ArchitectureGB/T 19769.1-20152016-7-1
Specifications for drafting diagnostic document of occupational diseaseGBZ/T 267-20152016-6-1
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