Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Calibration Specification for Phosphate AnalyzersJJF 1567-20162016-9-27
Specification for brazing joint with aluminum filler metalsSJ/T 3201-20162016-6-1
Regulation for Type Test of LiftsTSG T7007-20162016-7-1
Test method for uniformity of zinc coating on zinc-coated steel wire by the copper sulphate dipGB/T 2972-20162017-5-1
Pig iron contenting nickel―Determination of iron content―Dichromate titration methodGB/T 32786-20162017-5-1
Quality evaluation on live lean type pidsGB/T 32759-20162017-1-1
Calibration Specification for Condensation Particle CountersJJF 1562-20162016-9-27
Construction Specification for Underground Projects with Cover-excavation Method JGJ/T 364-20162016-12-1
Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene(PE-UHMW) resinGB/T 32679-20162017-1-1
Scale paraffin waxGB/T 1202-20162017-1-1
Cold-rolled electrical steel delivered in the fully-processed state—Part 2: Grain-oriented steel strip(sheet)GB/T 2521.2-20162017-5-1
Determination of the gasoline octane number―Test method for motor octane numberGB/T 503-2016/XG1-20172017-12-29
Test method of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) for industrial use--Part 3 : Determination of water contentGB/T 30921.3-20162017-1-1
Motor vehicles speedometer and odometer calibration method GB/T 12548-20162017-1-1
Guideline for amino acid products classificationGB/T 32687-20162017-1-1
Assessment guidelines of daily administration for designated laboratories of China compulsory certificationRB/T 207-20162017-2-1
Fluorescent whitening agents一Determination of fluoristrengthGB/T 21883-20162017-1-1
Silver ingotGB/T 4135-20162017-5-1
The Washed Sea Sand for Construction and Municipal EngineeringJG/T 494-20162016-12-1
Environmental testing methods for digital television receiver and display equipmentSJ/T 11326-20162016-6-1
Sampling method for carbon materialGB/T 1427-20162017-5-1
Technical Specification for Construction with Pipe-roof Pre-construction MethodJGJ/T 375-20162016-12-1
Test method of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) for industrial use—Part 6: Determination of particle size distributionGB/T 30921.6-20162017-1-1
Testing criteria of personnel dosimetry performance for external exposureGBZ 207-20162016-11-1
General specification of signals and interfaces for geotechnical engineering instrumentsGB/T 32746-20162017-1-1
Calibration Specification for Workstation of Chromatographic DataJJF 1563-20162016-9-27
Specifications for conclusion of handwriting examination in forensicsGA/T 1310-20162016-6-27
Import and export textile--Test method for functionality--Part 12: Air permeabilitySN/T 2558.12-20162017-2-1
Meat of Tunchang fragrant chickenDB469022/T 3-20162016-10-20
Portable LED information screen for road trafficGA/T 742-20162016-6-7
Test method of degree of dissolution and solution stability for pesticidesGB/T 32777-20162017-1-1
Technical specification for external thermal insulation composite systems based on cellular glass boardCECS 443-20162016-10-1
Planting soil for greeningCJ/T 340-20162016-8-1
Criteria for Green Expo Building Evaluation GB/T 51148-20162017-2-1
Laboratory test methods for truck and bus tyres capabilitiesGB/T 4501-20162017-5-1
Mustard seedGB/T 32730-20162017-1-1
Rules efficiently cultivation techniques of peanutDB21/T 2655-20162016-8-21
Technical requirements for the inspection of used electrical and mechanical products for import-Part 18:Aerial work machinerySN/T 3701.18-20162017-2-1
Test method of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) for industrial use一Part 7:Determination of b*value一Color difference meterGB/T 30921.7-20162017-1-1
Occupational Skills Standard for Installation of Construction Engineering JGJ/T 306-20162016-10-1
Diagnosis for occupational radiation injuries of skinGBZ 106-20162016-11-1
Molluscs karyotype analysisGB/T 32757-20162017-1-1
Code of practice for examination of normal handwriting in forensicsGA/T 1313-20162016-6-27
Conformity assessment—General technical rules for service certificationRB/T 301-20162017-2-1
Technical requirements and measurement method for multimedia function of electronic projectorSJ/T 11596-20162016-6-1
Sea cucumber—Broodstock and seedlingGB/T 32756-20162017-1-1
Technical specification for application of anti-cavitation pressure regulating valveCECS 442-20162016-10-1
Canal lining and seepage prevention materialsGB/T 32748-20162017-1-1
General Technical Requirements for Photothermal Member Used for BuildingsJG/T 493-20162016-12-1
Technical specification for exterior window system in industrialized residential buildingCECS 437-20162016-9-1
Determination of sulfur in feedstuffs - Magnesium nitrate methodGB/T 17776-20162017-1-1
Test method for properties of prepreg―Part 4:Determination of tensile strengthGB/T 32788.4-20162017-5-1
Determination of organotin in toy materials-Gas chromatography-mass spectrometrySN/T 4516-20162017-2-1
Inspection of grain and oils-Determination of test weight-Waterlogged suspend methodLS/T 6117-20162016-10-1
Safety requirements for geotechnical engineering instrumentsGB/T 32747-20162017-1-1
Determination of allergenic fragrances in toys-Gas chromatography-mass spectrometer methodSN/T 4517-20162017-2-1
Calibration Specification for Water Quality On-line Analyzers of Heavy MetalsJJF 1565-20162016-9-27
Acetylene blackGB/T 3782-20162017-1-1
Technical specification for disposal and utilization of vanadium titanium magnetite smelting slagGB/T 32785-20162017-5-1
Sterile hypodermic needles for single useGB 15811-20162018-1-1
Fibre ropes—Determination of certain physical and mechanical propertiesGB/T 8834-20162017-1-1
Bohai Black CattleGB/T 32765-20162017-1-1
Safety requirements for environmental testing and conditioning equipment-Part 11:Heat aging test chambersGB/T 32710.11-20162017-1-1
Armouring hose for the connection of gas applianceCJ/T 490-20162016-12-1
Specification of Franklinism Powder Spraying Coating for Windows and Doors of Profiled Aluminum AlloyJG/T 496-20162016-12-1
Verification Regulation of Vinyl Chloride Gas Monitors and Alarms JJG 1125-20162016-9-27
Detection and idetification of Paralongidorus maximus(Butschli,1874)Siddiqi,1964GB/T 32766-20162017-1-1
Calibration Specification for Temperature and Humidity Standard ChambersJJF 1564-20162016-9-27
Determination of streptomycin and dihydrostreptomycin residues in tomato paste for export-LC-MS/MS methodSN/T 4521-20162017-2-1
Grid Type Metal Cable Bridge for Building JG/T 491-20162016-12-1
Organic compounds in drinking water—Test methods of geosmin and 2-methylisoborneolGB/T 32470-20162016-11-1
Technical specification for collection of grain information- Policy grain procurement LS/T 1805-20162016-10-1
vanillaGB/T 32733-20162017-1-1
Large yellow croakerGB/T 32755-20162017-1-1
Test method of measuring rolling circumference for truck tyresGB/T 19389-20162017-5-1
Dark tea—Part 1:Basic requirementsGB/T 32719.1-20162017-1-1
Technical guidelines for environmental impact assessment format and content of environmental impact reports for nuclear power plantsHJ 808-20162016-10-1
Molybdenum powderGB/T 3461-20162017-5-1
Guidance on social responsibility of Dairy IndustryRHB 901-20162016-6-1
Waterproofing Sealant for Building Component JunctionJG/T 501-20162016-12-1
Dried peppermintGB/T 32736-20162017-1-1
Determination of thiamphenicol, florfenicol and florfenicol amine residues in animal-derived food for export--LC-MS/MS methodSN/T 1865-20162017-2-1
Technical regulations of apricot production in solar greenhouseDB21/T 2656-20162016-8-21
GNSS system for operating vehicles - General capacity requirements for service providersDB34/T 2691-20162016-7-15
Technical Specification for Cowpea Seed ProductionDB21/T 2661-20162016-8-21
Members of Steel TrussesJG/T 8-20162016-12-1
Scale inhibitors for injecting water treatmentT/SHXH 03-20162016-6-24
Verification Regulation of Electrode Type SalimeterJJG 761-20162016-12-27
Eco一Origin prouduct一Management specifications for wild blueberry wmeSN/T 4496-20162017-2-1
Safety requirements for environmental testing and conditioning equipment-Part 10:Electric gravity convection ovens and forced ventilation ovensGB/T 32710.10-20162017-1-1
Direct buried gate valves for water supply and drainageCJ/T 262-20162016-12-1
Tibetan pigsGB/T 32763-20162017-1-1
Plugging agents while drilling used in drilling fluids―Modified vegetable fibresT/SHXH 013-20162016-6-24
Testing of IC card for construction causeCJ/T 243-20162016-12-1
Water quality � Determination of acrylonitrile and acrolein�Purge and trap / gas chromatographyHJ 806-20162016-8-1
Specifications for individual monitoring of occupational external exposureGBZ 128-20162016-11-1
Luyuan chickenGB/T 32762-20162017-1-1
Feeding and Management Regulations of Tunchang castrated chickenDB469022/T 6-20162016-10-20
Basic conditions and methods of environmental test for hydrological instrumet GB/T 9359-20162017-1-1
Test methods for degummed ramie string(unseperated fibers)GB/T 32753-20162017-1-1
General specifications of ductile iron valves fdr water supplyCJ/T 481-20162016-12-1
Guidelines on protection against sand abrasion and cavitation for small hydraulic turbinesGB/T 32745-20162017-1-1
Cut and opened degummed ramieGB/T 32754-20162017-1-1
Good manufacturing practice for organic acid fermentationGB/T 32690-20162017-1-1
Counting methods for sea fish egg and fryGB/T 32758-20162017-1-1
Calculation and forecasting methods for municipal solid waste generation quantity CJ/T 106-20162016-12-1
Verification Regulation of Digital Weighing IndicatorJJG 649-20162016-12-27
Dark tea—Part 4:Liupao teaGB/T 32719.4-20162017-1-1
Fundamental geographic information in Tianjin-specifications for features classification and codes of vector dataDB12/T 633-20162016-9-1
Verification Regulation of Formaldehyde Gas Detection Instrument JJG 1022-20162016-12-27
Digital TV interactive application interface sp0ecificationSJ/T 11597-20162016-6-1
Edible saltGB/T 5461-20162017-1-1
Technical Specification for Combined Aluminum Alloy Formwork EngineeringJGJ 386-20162016-12-1
Safety requirements for environmental testing and conditioning equipment-Part 1:General requirementsGB/T 32710.1-20162017-1-1
Water quality-Determination of molybdenum and titanium by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometryHJ 807-20162016-8-1
High performance unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) pipes and fittings for water supplyCJ/T 493-20162016-12-1
Quarantine protocol for porcine parvovirus infectionSN/T 1919-20162017-2-1
Specification of Franklinism Powder Spraying Coating for Steel Windows and DoorsJG/T 495-20162016-12-1
Test method for properties of prepreg―Part 6:Determination of mass per unit areaGB/T 32788.6-20162017-5-1
Purified terephthalic acid (PTA) for industrial useGB/T 32685-20162017-1-1
Rubber compounding ingredients - Highly dispersible silica, precipitated,hydratedGB/T 32678-20162017-1-1
Green tea - Part 6: Steamed green teaGB/T 14456.6-20162017-1-1
Identification atlas of African tropical timber speciesGB/T 32769-20162017-1-1
Convector Copper Tube RadiatorJG/T 221-20162016-12-1
The Vegetables Factorization Grows Seedlings the Technical RegulationDB21/T 2657-20162016-8-21
Halogenated isobutene-isoprene rubber (BUR and CIIR)—Evaluation proceduresGB/T 32676-20162017-1-1
Technical regulations of raw material forest for high-yielding Taxus wallichiana var.mairei paclitaxelGB/T 32773-20162017-1-1
Carbendazim technical materialGB/T 10501-20162017-1-1
Safety requirements for laboratory instrument and equipmentPower supply for instrument and equipmentGB/T 32705-20162017-1-1
Performance test methods for endurance braking systems of commercial vehiclesGB/T 32692-20162017-1-1
Technical Specification for Function Renovation of Existing Residential BuildingsJGJ/T 390-20162016-12-1
Dyestuffs—Determination of large particles—Filter method of single layer filter clothGB/T 5542-20162017-1-1
Crude oil—Determination of carbon residue—Part 2: Micro methodGB/T 18610.2-20162017-1-1
Code for urban flood control planningGB 51079-20162017-2-1
Safety specifications of laboratory instruments and equipment - Coal industry analyzersGB/T 32709-20162017-1-1
Soil and sediment-Determination of aqua regia extracts of 12 metal elements-Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryHJ 803-20162016-8-1
Specifications for classification of handwriting characteristics in forensicsGA/T 1315-20162016-6-27
Copper-Aluminum Coloum - Wing Type RadiatorJG/T 220-20162016-12-1
Safety requirements for environmental testing and conditioning equipment-Part 12:Salt bathsGB/T 32710.12-20162017-1-1
Safety requirements for environmental testing and conditioning equipment-Part 2:Refrigerated circulatorsGB/T 32710.2-20162017-1-1
Information description of product for electronic commerce transation-BookGB/T 32702-20162017-7-1
Technical specification for application of double check valve backf low prevention assemblyCECS 446-20162016-10-1
Specification for provincial application platform of grain informationLS/T 1803-20162016-10-1
Safety requirements for laboratory instrument and equipment-Balance instrumentsGB/T 32704-20162017-1-1
Vanilla-Test methodGB/T 32732-20162017-1-1
Criteria for use in preparedness and response for a nuclear or radiological emergencyGBZ/T 271-20162016-11-1
Test method for properties of prepreg—Part 2: Determination for resin flow of prepregGB/T 32788.2-20162017-5-1
Specifications for conclusion of seal stamp examination in forensicsGA/T 1311-20162016-6-27
Grain information terminology—StorageLS/T 1801-20162016-10-1
Technical specification for manganese ferroalloy dust cold-press composite pelletGB/T 32787-20162017-5-1
Plastics—Phenolic resins一Determination of the pseudo-adiabatic temperature rise of liquid resols when cured under acid conditionsGB/T 32675-20162017-1-1
Curved type bar screen machineCJ/T 492-20162016-12-1
Food supply chain business information service specificationT/SZFIA 102-20162016-12-1
Attribute data collection form and database structure of urban environment sanitary facilitiesCJ/T 171-20162016-12-1
Chahua chickenGB/T 32750-20162017-1-1
Determination of the gasoline octane number-Test method for motor octane number GB/T 503-20162017-1-1
General principles for quality information release of prepackaged E-commerce transacting commodityGB/T 32703-20162017-1-1
Testing method of dispersibility for pesticidesGB/T 32775-20162017-1-1
Specifications for individual monitoring of occupational internal exposureGBZ 129-20162016-11-1
Technical Specification for Seamless Construction of Super Large Area ConcreteGB/T 51025-20162017-2-1
Green tea—Part 3: Green tea made from medium and small-leaf varietiesGB/T 14456.3-20162017-1-1
Detail specification for electronic components Type CA30M fixed non-solid electrolytic tantalum capacitors Assessment level ESJ/T 11612-20162016-6-1
Safety requirements for environmental testing and conditioning equipment-Part 5:Heating bathsGB/T 32710.5-20162017-1-1
Test method of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) for industrial use—Part 4:Determination of titanium contentGB/T 30921.4-20162017-1-1
Lindian chickenGB/T 32751-20162017-1-1
Climatic risk grade for seed production of super hybrid riceGB/T 32779-20162017-1-1
General requiremnts for urban agricultural parkGB/Z 32711-20162017-1-1
Petroleum and liquid petroleum products-Calibration of vertical cylindrical tanks-Part 1:Strapping methodGB/T 13235.1-20162017-1-1
Afforestation technical regulationGB/T 15776-20162017-1-1
Instruments for water-depth measurement-Part 3:Echo sounderGB/T 27992.3-20162017-1-1
Dark tea - Part 2:Huajuan teaGB/T 32719.2-20162017-1-1
Green tea - Part 5: Mee teaGB/T 14456.5-20162017-1-1
Plug-in hybrid electric passenger cars-SpecificationsGB/T 32694-20162017-1-1
GNSS system for operating vehicles - Technical requirements and testing specifications for onboard terminalsDB34/T 2692-20162016-7-15
Photography-Determination of residual thiosulfate and other related chemicals in processed photographic materials-Methods using iodine-amylose,methylene blue and silver sulfideGB/T 32696-20162017-1-1
Standard test method for determination of acidity of light petroleum productsGB/T 258-20162017-1-1
Occupational Skills Standard for Building Decoration JGJ/T 315-20162016-10-1
General technical requirements for matrix switcher used in security video surveillance systemGA/T 646-20162016-6-7
Ground paprika - Microscopical examinationGB/T 32731-20162017-1-1
Chemical analysis of nickel concentrate--Part 1: Determination of nickel, cobalt, copper, manganese, magnesium, calcium content--Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometrySN/T 4501.1-20162017-2-1
Safety requirements for environmental testing and conditioning equipment-Part 8:Refrigerated incubatorsGB/T 32710.8-20162017-1-1
Information management requirements of household electrical appliances logisticsGB/T 32701-20162017-1-1
Technical specification for soil mass with reinforced cement soil pile and anchorsCECS 147-20162016-10-1
Specificattion of metalized film capacitors for electric veyhicle motor driving systemSJ/T 11614-20162016-6-1
Technical specification for high density polypropylene (HDPE) pipeline through mechanical connention for building drainage systemCECS 440-20162016-10-1
Rules for the inspection and quarantine of waste imported as faw material-Part 14:Iron scaleSN/T 1791.14-20162017-2-1
Non-metal Solar Shading Venetian Blind for Building JG/T 499-20162016-12-1
Medical electron accelerators—Functional performance characteristics and test methodsGB 15213-20162018-1-1
Fountain sprinklersCJ/T 209-20162016-12-1
Metallic materials—Webster hardness test—Part 3: Calibration of reference blocksGB/T 32660.3-20162017-1-1
Test Method for Anchorage of GuardrailJG/T 473-20162016-12-1
Test method for properties of prepreg―Part 3:Determination of volatile contentGB/T 32788.3-20162017-5-1
Electromechanical equipment guide for small hydroelectric installationsGB/T 18110-20162017-1-1
The Technical Specification for Routine Maintenance and Management of Ancient and Famous PlantsSZDB/Z 190-20162016-8-1
Technical Specification for Concrete Strength Inspection with Core Drilling MethodJGJ/T 384-20162016-12-1
Dyestuffs--Determination of build upGB/T 21875-20162017-1-1
Method for detection of Burkholderia cepacia in oral sanitary appliances for import and exportSN/T 4485-20162017-2-1
Dyestuffs—Determination of migratiGB/T 4464-20162017-1-1
Code of practice for examination of altered documents in forensicsGA/T 1312-20162016-6-27
Rice seedling throwing machine operation qualityDB21/T 2659-20162016-8-21
Plastics—Polyoxymethylene(POM) moulding and extrusion materials—Part 3: Requirements for general materialsGB/T 22271.3-20162017-1-1
Multi-function control valve for pumping systemCJ/T 167-20162016-12-1
Technical regulation of grain entry-exit information systemLS/T 1804-20162016-10-1
Vacuum coating equipment requirements of readiness and methods of inspection assessmentSJ/T 31083-20162016-6-1
Technical Code for Strengthening Masonry Structures with Fiber Reinforced Polymer LaminatesJGJ/T 381-20162016-12-1
Test method for purity of multifunctional acrylates used for UV materials-Capillary gas chromatographyGB/T 32699-20162017-1-1
Filter threaded adjustable pressure-reducing valve with backflow preventionCJ/T 494-20162016-12-1
Green tea - Part 4: Gunpowder tea GB/T 14456.4-20162017-1-1
General specifications for equipment and intrument by hydrometric cableway measurmentsGB/T 32749-20162017-1-1
Technical requirements for the inspection of used electrical and mechanical products for import-Part 17:Road construction and road maintenance machinerySN/T 3701.17-20162017-2-1
Automobile A/C electromagnetic clutchGB/T 32691-20162017-1-1
Aerated Ceramsite Concrete Block JG/T 504-20162016-12-1
Soil quality―Determination of conductivity- Electrode methodHJ 802-20162016-8-1
afety requirements for environmental testing and conditioning equipment-Part 4:Heating circulatorsGB/T 32710.4-20162017-1-1
Indoor Air Pollution Inspection Method for Buildings with Simple and Convenient Sampling InstrumentJG/T 498-20162016-12-1
Bamboo terminologyGB/T 32770-20162017-1-1
Acupuncture needlesGB 2024-20162018-7-1
Hub-shape Inlay Joints of Single Layer Lattice ShellsJG/T 136-20162016-12-1
Composite performance requirement and detecting methods for road transport vehiclesGB 18565-20162017-1-1
Plastics. Phenolic resins. Determination of heats and temperatures of reaction by differential scanning calorimetryGB/T 32681-20162017-1-1
Soil and Sediment�Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon by Gas chromatography-Mass Spectrometry MethodHJ 805-20162016-8-1
Coated super water dispersible carbon blackGB/T 32695-20162017-1-1
Pilot control pressure reducing valveCJ/T 256-20162016-12-1
Test instrument of grain and oils- Waterlogged suspend method to measure grain bulk density - Technical requirements and test methodLS/T 6401-20162016-11-1
Safety requirements for laboratory instrument and equipment-Noise measuring instrumentsGB/T 32706-20162017-1-1
Aluminium alloy and stainless steel body and connections of water metersCJ/T 359-20162016-12-1
Steel Members of Light-weight Buildings with Gabled FramesJG/T 144-20162016-12-1
Calibration Specification for Gear Measuring CentersJJF 1561-20162016-9-27
Determination of residue of ethephon in tomato products for export--LC-MS/MS methodSN/T 4522-20162017-2-1
Plastics一Phenolic resins Determination of free formaldehyde contentGB/T 32684-20162017-1-1
Test method for mechanical dishwashing resistance of domestic ceramic wareGB/T 32680-20162017-1-1
Technical specification for ground magnetic source transient electromagnetic methodDZ/T 0187-20162016-9-1
Cold-rolled electrical steel delivered in the fully-processed state—Part 1: Grain non-oriented steel strip(sheet)GB/T 2521.1-20162017-5-1
Plastics一Phenolic resin powder—Determination of flow distance on a heated glass plateGB/T 32688-20162017-1-1
Integrated Window Shade for Buildings JG/T 500-20162016-12-1
Blueberry wineGB/T 32783-20162016-10-1
Metallic materials—Webster hardness test—Part 2: Verification and calibration of hardness testersGB/T 32660.2-20162017-1-1
Pelletized carbon black for rubber—Part 2: Determination of fines content and pellet attritionGB/T 14853.2-20162017-1-1
Carbon black-Part 7:Determination of pH valueGB/T 3780.7-20162017-1-1
Non clogging pumpsCJ/T 203-20162016-12-1
Information technology service - Specification for capability of practitionersSJ/T 11623-20162016-6-1
Plastics-Phenol formaldehyde mouldings-Determination of free ammonia and ammonium compounds-Colorimetric comparison methodGB/T 5474-20162017-1-1
Technical Specification for Screw PileJGJ/T 379-20162016-12-1
Filtrate reducers for drilling fluids�Salts of hydrolyzed polyacrylonitrileT/SHXH 012-20162016-6-24
GC and GC-MS examination methods for ketamine in hair and blood samples of forensic scienceGA/T 1316-20162016-6-30
Sunlight greenhouse leek production technology proceduresDB21/T 2658-20162016-8-21
Rubber compounding ingredients一Determination of particle size distribution for silica,precipitated,hydrated—Laser diffractionGB/T 32698-20162017-1-1
GNSS system for operating vehicles - Technical requirements and testing specifications for platformsDB34/T 2690-20162016-7-15
Thermo plastic septic tankCJ/T 489-20162016-12-1
Feeding and Management Regulations of Tunchang fragrant chickenDB469022/T 4-20162016-10-20
X-ray inspection method for internal structure characteristics of wooden doorGB/T 32774-20162017-1-1
Good manufacturing practice of teaGB/T 32744-20162017-1-1
Test method for properties of prepreg―Part 5:Determination of resin contentGB/T 32788.5-20162017-5-1
Dark tea - Part 3: Xiangjian teaGB/T 32719.3-20162017-1-1
Dried sageGB/T 32729-20162017-1-1
Chinese sturgeonGB/T 32781-20162017-1-1
Pig iron contenting nickel―Determination of chromium content―Ammonium per sulfate-ammonium ferrous sulfate titration methodGB/T 32784-20162017-5-1
Safety requirements for environmental testing and conditioning equipment-Part 7:Climatic and environmental test chambersGB/T 32710.7-20162017-1-1
Electronic Pressure Controller JJG(粤)028-20162016-8-1
Safety technical specifcation of operation,maintenance and rush-repair of city gas facilitesCJJ 51-20162016-12-1
Code for Environmental Protection Design of Railway EngineeringTB 10501-20162016-10-1
Technical specification for precast concrete structures with rebars mechanical splicingCECS 444-20162016-10-1
Steel-plastic complex pipes of short pitch internal spiral rib for drainage inside buildingsCJ/T 488-20162016-12-1
Grain storage business data elementLS/T 1802-20162016-10-1
Test method for properties of prepreg―Part 1:Determination of gel timeGB/T 32788.1-20162017-5-1
Identification atlas of Latin American tropical timber speciesGB/T 32768-20162017-1-1
Specification for radioactivity testing of total α and totoal β in urineGBZ/T 269-20162016-11-1
Specification of artificial breeding technology of estuarine tapertail anchovyGB/T 32713-20162017-1-1
TaimenGB/T 32780-20162017-1-1
Test method of density for pesticidesGB/T 32776-20162017-1-1
Commercial kit method-Melamine-Test method ⅢSN/T 4538.3-20162017-2-1
Plastics—Determination of viscosity using a falling-ball viscometer—Part 1: Inclined-tube methodGB/T 32683.1-20162017-1-1
Safety requirements for environmental testing and conditioning equipment-Part 3:Refrigerated bathsGB/T 32710.3-20162017-1-1
Tyre noise test-Methods of drumGB/T 32789-20162017-5-1
Technical specification for Mee tea producing and manufacturingGB/T 32742-20162017-1-1
Water quality standards for swimming poolCJ/T 244-20162016-12-1
Tree seedling quality grading of Betula platyphylla Suk.GB/T 32771-20162017-1-1
Technical specification for active shutter 3D glassesSJ/T 11593-20162016-6-1
Verification Regulation of Taper GaugesJJG 177-20162016-12-27
The Vegetables Factorization Grows Seedlings Plant Diseases & Pests to Guard Against Controls the Technical RegulationsDB21/T 2660-20162016-8-21
Meat of TunChang castrated chickenDB469022/T 5-20162016-10-20
Safety requirements for laboratory instrument and equipment-Oxygen bomb calorimeterGB/T 32707-20162017-1-1
Dried thymeGB/T 32735-20162017-1-1
Instrument for dam monitoring-Rebar strain meter-Part 2:Vibrating wire rebar strain meterGB/T 3409.2-20162017-1-1
Occupational Skills Standard for Construction Engineering Construction JGJ/T 314-20162016-10-1
Codes for urban parking planGB/T 51149-20162017-2-1
Standard field test for the evaluation of wood preservatives by L-jointGB/T 32767-20162017-1-1
Information technology-Software asset management- Implementation guideSJ/T 11622-20162016-6-1
Determination of dioxathion residues in cerals and oil seeds for export--GC and GC-MS methodSN/T 0591-20162017-2-1
Information technology-General specification of non-contact type two-dimensional bar code scannerSJ/T 11601-20162016-6-1
Breeding thallus of Pyropia yezoensisGB/T 32712-20162017-1-1
Specification for design of non-metal face structural insulating sandwich panelCECS 445-20162016-11-1
Safety requirements for laboratory instrument and equipment-AutoclaveGB/T 32708-20162017-1-1
Technical specification for white tea processingGB/T 32743-20162017-1-1
Garage Door OpenerJG/T 227-20162016-12-1
Determination of indole in shrimp and dried shrimp for exportSN/T 0944-20162017-2-1
Juniper berriesGB/T 32728-20162017-1-1
Chinese jujubeGB/T 32714-20162016-10-1
Specifications for examination of composition of paper fibers in forensicsGA/T 1314-20162016-6-27
Test method for organic solvent content in multifunctional acrylates used for UV materials--Headspace capillary gas chromatographyGB/T 32686-20162017-1-1
Glass fiber reinforced plastics mortar pipesGB/T 21238-20162017-5-1
Determination of the aniline compounds in gasoline一By gas chromatography-mass spectrometryGB/T 32693-20162017-1-1
Calibration Specification for Transport Packages Horizontal Impact Test SystemJJF 1566-20162016-9-27
Verification Regulation of High-voltage Dielectric Loss Factor TesterJJG 1126-20162016-9-27
Compounded rubber hose for the connection of gas applianceCJ/T 491-20162016-12-1
Specifications for establishment and management of cellular therapySZDB/Z 188-20162016-7-1
Detection and identification of Toxotrypana curvicauda GerstaeckerGB/T 32717-20162017-1-1
Epoxy Resin Coated Steel BarsJG/T 502-20162016-12-1
General design specification for biological experiment facility in spaceGB/T 32700-20162016-9-1
Technical specification for same-floor drainage engineering in buildingsCJJ 232-20162016-12-1
Radio frequency identification tag information query service network architecture technical specificationSJ/T 11606-20162016-6-1
Plastics—Determination of environment stress cracking (ESC) of polyethylene一Full-notch creep test (FNCT)GB/T 32682-20162017-1-1
Carbon black - Part 21: Determination of sieve residue - Water flushing methodGB/T 3780.21-20162017-1-1
Bian chickenGB/T 32764-20162017-1-1
Technical Regulations for Transplanting Big TreeSZDB/Z 189-20162016-8-1
Verification Regulation of Gas Chromatograph JJG 700-20162016-12-27
Plugging agents of sulfonated asphalt used in drilling fluidsT/SHXH 07-20162016-6-24
Technological specification of Needle(bud)-shape green tea processingDB33/T 2013-20162016-7-7
star aniseGB/T 7652-20162017-1-1
Fat in ice cream and frozen desserts—Roese-Gottlieb methodGB/T 32782-20162017-1-1
Good manufacturing practice for amino acid fermentationGB/T 32689-20162017-1-1
General specification for audio power amplifierSJ/T 10406-20162016-6-1
Plastics—Phenol-formaldehyde一 Determination of electrical conductivity of resin extractsGB/T 32697-20162017-1-1
Technical standard of real time streaming media bus for conference systemSJ/T 11595-20162016-6-1
Rules for fire cause determinationGA 1301-20162016-8-1
Plastics-Phenol formaldehyde mouldings-Detection of free ammoniaGB/T 5473-20162017-1-1
High-efficient Filters for Air Exhaust JG/T 497-20162016-12-1
Rules for acceptance inspection and assessment of building fire protection installationGA 836-20162016-9-1
Specification for estimation of cumulative exposure to radons progeny for minersGBZ/T 270-20162016-11-1
Plastics—Phenol-formaldehyde mouldings—Determination of free phenols—lodometric methodGB/T 7130-20162017-1-1
Test method of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) for industrial use—Part 2 : Determination of metal contentGB/T 30921.2-20162017-1-1
Slow closure butterfly check valveCJ/T 282-20162016-12-1
NutmegGB/T 32727-20162017-1-1
Carbon black-Part 22:Calculation of process indexes from an analysis of process control dataGB/T 3780.22-20162017-1-1
Safety requirements for environmental testing and conditioning equipment-Part 13:Shakers,shaking water baths and shaking incubators GB/T 32710.13-20162017-1-1
Design Specifications for Composite StructureJGJ 138-20162016-12-1
Methods of performance measurement for flat panel displaysSJ/T 11348-20162016-6-1
Step tariffing water meterCJ/T 484-20162016-12-1
Liquid lubricants used in driling fluidsT/SHXH 06-20162016-6-24
Calibration Specification for Flow Analyzers with SpectrophotographyJJF 1568-20162016-9-27
Scutched flaxGB/T 17345-20162017-1-1
Liyang chickenGB/T 32761-20162017-1-1
Silver ingotsGB/T 4135-2016E2017-5-1
FenugreekGB/T 32734-20162017-1-1
Deterination of methane emissions from ruminants—Sulfur hexafluoride(SF6) tracer — Gas chromatographic methodGB/T 32760-20162017-1-1
Test method of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) for industrial use—Part 5:Determination of acid numberGB/T 30921.5-20162017-1-1
Safety requirements for environmental testing and conditioning equipment-Part 6:Climatic chambers for biological application GB/T 32710.6-20162017-1-1
Safety requirements for environmental testing and conditioning equipment-Part 9:Electric heating incubatorsGB/T 32710.9-20162017-1-1
Verification Regulation of Routine Capillary ViscometerJJG 155-20162016-12-27
Prevention and control technical specification for Pissodes nitinus roelofs in artificial forest of pinus koraiensis zuccGB/T 32772-20162017-1-1
Determination of resin acid content in paper and paper products-High-performance liquid chromatography methodSN/T 4518-20162017-2-1
General Technical Requirements for PV Member Used for BuildingsJG/T 492-20162016-12-1
Total fluoride intake for inhabitantsWS/T 87-20162016-11-15
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