Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technicai regulation for system construction of coastal protective forestDB21/T 2733-20172017-3-23
Protective clothing—Forest fire preventive clothingGB/T 33536-20172017-2-28
Test methods for bacterial endotoxins of medical devices―Routine monitoring and alternatives to batch testingYY/T 0618-20172018-1-1
Technical regulations for the prefabrication and installation of piping supports and-hangers in pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants NB/T 20397-20172017-7-1
Steels of blade for steam turbine in nuclear powerNB/T 25070-20172017-7-1
Test for reproductive and developmental toxicity of medical devices- Part 4:Two-generation reproductive toxicity testYY/T 1292.4-20172018-1-1
Single-use high-pressure angiographic syringes and accessoriesYY/T 0614-20172018-1-1
Technical specification for sweet cherry in protected cultivationDB37/T 2927-20172017-3-10
Technical specification for forest fire preventionDB21/T 2732-20172017-3-23
Training Outlines for the Manned Submersible Pilot in TrainingHY/T 222-20172017-6-1
Technical specification for control of Semen Cuscutae in grasslandDB21/T 2737-20172017-3-23
Technical specification for inspection of lightning protection system in hazardousDB21/T 2754-20172017-3-23
Verification Regulation for Torsional Fatigue Testing MachinesJJG 1136-20172017-5-28
Police digital trunking communication system―technical specifications for mobile stationsGA/T 1364-20172017-2-8
High strength steel wire strand for building structuresGB/T 33026-20172017-11-1
Police digital trunking communication system―Technical specifications for network managementGA/T 1365-20172017-2-8
Drawing specification for operational design for degraded shelter forest restorationDB21/T 2728-20172017-3-23
Criterion for electrical equipment for oil drilling rig―Part 3:The diesel generating set for electric drilling rigGB/T 23507.3-20172017-9-1
Specification for weather service information data interfaceDB37/T 2930-20172017-3-21
Requirements for security of self-service bank devices and self-service banksGA 745-20172017-3-1
Calibration Specification for Thin Film Thickness Measurement Instruments by Grazing Incidence X-Ray ReflectivityJJF 1613-20172017-5-28
Technical specification for Rapana venosa culture and enhancementDB37/T 2926-20172017-3-10
Electric jade bedDB21/T 2758-20172017-3-23
Liaoning provincial evaluation guidelines for river and lake (reservoir) healthDB21/T 2724-20172017-3-23
Technical standard for energy-saving of mobile communication base stations project GB/T 51216-20172017-10-1
Technical specification for X-section cast-in-place concrete pile composite foundation JGJ/T 402-20172017-9-1
Technical specification for antifical grassland estaclishment and livestock raisingDB21/T 2738-20172017-3-23
Specifications for legal aid serviceDB33/T 2021-20172017-3-7
Welding material for pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants-Part 23:Stainless steel covered electrodes for safety-related componentsNB/T 20009.23-20172017-7-1
Cross-border e-commerce logistics information interchange standardDB33/T 2023-20172017-3-20
Program of Pattern Evaluation of Digital Weighing Displays(Weighing Indicators)JJF 1624-20172017-5-28
Single failure criteria for pressurized water reactor fluid systems important to safety NB/T 20402-20172017-7-1
Technical Regulation for Grafting of Hybrid Hazelnut (Corylus heterophylla Fisch. Corylus avallana L.)DB21/T 2726-20172017-3-23
Technical guideline for mangrove vegetation restorationHY/T 214-20172017-6-1
Grades of acid rain and acid rain area QX/T 372-20172017-6-15
Technical standard for mutil-story and high rise timber building GB/T 51226-20172017-10-1
Animal derived ingredients in Feed - qualitative detection of mink tissue derived ingredients with PCR methodDB21/T 2742-20172017-3-23
Technical specification for risk assessment and measures on breed conservation of Yanjiang-cattleDB21/T 2736-20172017-3-23
Technical specifications for healthy farming model of sunshine pig houseDB21/T 2740-20172017-3-23
Standard test models for primary wound dressing performance evaluation-Part 4:In vitro wound model for adhesion properties evaluation of dressingsYY/T 1477.4-20172018-1-1
Pesticide packaging bag paperDB21/T 2756-20172017-3-23
Grading Standards for Country Inns and RestaurantsDB21/T 2766-20172017-3-23
Qualification of passive autocatalytic hydrogen recombiner for pressurized water reactor NPPNB/T 20422-20172017-7-1
Welding material for pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants-Part 34:Nickel alloy strip and fluxes for cladding of safety-related componentsNB/T 20009.34-20172017-7-1
Code of management of engineering contracting nuclear power plantNB/T 20405-20172017-7-1
Commissioning technical guideline of mobile emergency diesel generator system in nuclear power plantsNB/T 20423-20172017-7-1
Hollow fiber microfiltration membrane moduleHY/T 061-20172017-6-1
Welding material for pressurized water reactor power plants-Part 30:Low alloy steel welding wires and fluxes for submerged arc welding of safty class 1 componentsNB/T 20009.30-20172017-7-1
Verification Regulation of Non-dispersive Infrared Methane Transmitters for Coal Mine JJG 1138-20172017-5-28
Mechanization of Rice Planting Technology ProceduresDB21/T 2750-20172017-3-23
Test method of pressure equipments of thermoplastics welded for chemicals -- Part 3: Radiographic examinationGB/T 33488.3-20172017-9-1
Code for ensling whole plant corn in siloDB21/T 2744-20172017-3-23
Evaluation method of meterorogical satellite data sharing servicesQX/T 373-20172017-6-15
Technical regulation of commercial timber plantation constructionDB21/T 2729-20172017-3-23
Public employment service -- General principlesGB/T 33527-20172017-9-1
Technical specification for sandbeach topographic survey using terrestrial three dimensional laser scanningDB37/T 2911-20172017-3-10
Measuring Instruments for Gas FlowJJG 2064-20172017-8-28
Technical Specification for Open field Blueberry Cultivation in the East of LiaoningDB21/T 2474-20172017-3-23
Specification for content and depth of basic design documents of nuclear power plantsNB/T 20401-20172017-7-1
Specifications for drawing safe firing area map for rocket lauching onDB37/T 2929-20172017-3-21
Evaluating Standard For Healthy HousingT/CECS 462-20172017-5-1
Technical regulation of cashmere goat farming Part 4 Fecal sewage treatmentDB21/T 2735.4-20172017-3-23
Air filters for medical infusion and transfusion equipments- Part 3:Integrity test methodsYY/T 1551.3-20172018-1-1
Automobile repairing opening conditionsT/LADA 002-20172017-3-1
Technical Regulations of Automatic Fire Alarm & Water Mist Fire Extinguishing System for Urban Rail Transit VehicleDB21/T 2755-20172017-3-23
Technical specification for static loading test of self-balanced method of building foundation pilesJGJ/T 403-20172017-9-1
Geographic information―Spatial referencing by geographic identifiersGB/T 33185-20162017-2-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of seedling of Phellodendron amurense Rupr.DB21/T 2731-20172017-3-23
Fire dampers for nuclear power plant venting and smoke-venting systemNB/T 20417-20172017-7-1
Test method of pressure equipments of thermoplastics welded for chemicals -- Part 2: Visual examinationGB/T 33488.2-20172017-9-1
Containment isolation device for fluid system of pressurized water reactor nuclear power plantNB/T 20406-20172017-7-1
Air filters for medical infusion and transfusion equipments-Part1:Aerosol bacterial retention test methodYY/T 1551.1-20172018-1-1
Program of Pattern Evaluation of Thermal Mass Gas FlowmetersJJF 1623-20172017-5-28
Standardized service standard for automobile repairingT/LADA 003-20172017-3-1
Technical specification for testing compressive strengit of masonry mortar by penetration resistance methodJGJ∕T 136-20172017-9-1
Verification Regulation of Rotational Speed Measuring InstrumentsJJG 1134-20172017-5-28
Criteria for the selection of manned submersible pilot in training medical partHY/T 223-20172017-6-1
Guidance of study on the compatibility of infusion equipments and pharmaceutical products—Part 1:Drug sorptionYY/T 1550.1-20172018-1-1
Technical Specification for Peach Production cultivationDB37/T 2924-20172017-3-10
Method of PCR typing diagnosis for bacterial Part1:Method of PCR detection for Escherichia coliDB21/T 2734.1-20172017-3-23
Test specification for smart disconnecting circuit-breakerT/CEEIA 259-20162017-5-1
Determination of tetrodotoxinHY/T 216-20172017-6-1
Pressure and temperature transient analysis for pressurized water reactor containmentsNB/T 20404-20172017-7-1
Calibration Specification for Antibiotics Potency AnalyzersJJF 1614-20172017-5-28
Welding material for pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants-Part 31:Stainless steel strips and fluxes for cladding of Safety Related componentsNB/T 20008.31-20172017-7-1
Medical endoscopes-Rigid resectosocopeYY/T 0619-20172018-1-1
Guide for nuclear safety-related (structure) building repair in nuclear power plant NB/T 20409-20172017-7-1
Bacterial antimicrobial susceptibility testing of animal originDB21/T 2743-20172017-3-23
The specfication for marine data buoy operationHY/T 037-20172017-6-1
Subcompartment pressure and temperature transient analysis in pressurized water reactorsNB/T 20403-20172017-7-1
Acoustic doppler current profiler data saving formatHY/T 219-20172017-6-1
Specification for car rental management and serviceT/LADA 006-20172017-3-1
Requirements for packaging, shipping, handling, receiving, storage and maintaining of item for nuclear power plantsNB/T 20408-20172017-7-1
Method of PCR typing diagnosis for bacterial Part2:Method of PCR typing detection for Clostridium perfringensDB21/T 2734.2-20172017-3-23
Large yachts -- Diesel engines for main propulsion and essential auxiliaries -- Safety requirementsGB/T 33485-20172017-9-1
Specification for design and fabrication of reactor vessel internals in pressurized water reactor nuclear power plantsNB/T 20407-20172017-7-1
Technical specification for concrete structures prestressed with retard-bonded tendonsJGJ 387-20172017-9-1
Technical requirements for post-installed components of nuclear safety related concrete structures in nuclear power plantsNB/T 20414-20172017-7-1
Forged steel lifting components of grade 8GB/T 25852-20172017-9-1
Small and medium power internal combustion engines—Part 1: General requirements, including Amendment 1GB/T 1147.1-2017/XG1-20182019-4-1
Specification for structure module assembly and acceptance in PWR nuclear power plantNB/T 20412-20172017-7-1
Technical code for village road engineering GB/T 51224-20172017-10-1
Technical specification for post-earthquake urgent assessment and repair of buildings JGJ/T 415-20172017-9-1
Police digital trunking communication system―Technical specifications for engineeringGA/T 1368-20172017-2-8
Mechanical vibration -- Measurement of vibration on ships -- Part 4: Measurement and evaluation of vibration of the ship propulsion machineryGB/T 28784.4-20172017-9-1
Technical specification for testing compressive strengit of masonry mortar by penetration resistance methodJGJ/T 136-20172017-9-1
Guideline for marine biodiversity assessment in nearshore areaHY/T 215-20172017-6-1
Top-working technical regulation for walnut treesDB21/T 2727-20172017-3-23
Carbon and low alloy steel for pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants.Part 35: Carbon steel tube used for control rod drive mechanismNB/T 20005.35-20172017-7-1
Technical specification for Fire Safety of Electric vehicle charging infrastructureDB37/T 2908-20172017-3-10
Automobile 4S shop Maintenance service specificationT/LADA 005-20172017-3-1
Automobile 4S shop post-sales service specificationT/LADA 004-20172017-3-1
Technical specification of TMR formulated and fed for shed-feeding Liaoning cashmere goatDB21/T 2741-20172017-3-23
Test method for chemical resistance of glass fiber reinforced thermosetting plasticsGB/T 3857-20172018-1-1
Technical code of urban intergrated underground pipeline information systemCJJ/T 269-20172017-9-1
Synthetic surface layer of sports ground-Construction requirementsDB37/T 2905-20172017-3-21
Technical regulation of cashmere goat farming Part 2 FatteningDB21/T 2735.2-20172017-3-23
Service quality criterion for motorcycle repairingT/LADA 001-20172017-3-1
Determination of Amphetamines, Morphine, 6-Monoacetylmorphine and Ketamine in human hairDB33/T 2024-20172017-3-20
The technology operating procedures of diluting and saving for fresh semen ofDB21/T 2739-20172017-3-23
Identification method for El Ni?o/La Ni?a eventsQX/T 370-20172017-3-15
Code for design of zooCJJ 267-20172017-9-1
Technical specification for testing&monitoring of anchorsJGJ/T 401-20172017-9-1
Test methods for primary wound dressings-Part 5:Bacterial barrier propertiesYY/T 0471.5-20172018-1-1
Technical Regulations for Cultivation of Seedling of Tilia amurensis Rupr.DB21/T 2725-20172017-3-23
Ships and marine technology -- Ship launching air bagsGB/T 33487-20172017-9-1
Specification for Marine Resources Carrying Capacity Assessment in Coastal AreaDB37/T 2910-20172017-3-10
The gas-fuel power set for oil pruduction drilling siteGB/T 23506-20172017-9-1
Information codes for public security industry―Part 224:Codes for classification of service status of resource service busGA/T 2000.224-20172017-2-20
Ribbed bars for track panelGB/T 33279-20172017-11-1
Welding material for pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants-Part 27:Stainless steel wires and filler rods for safety related componentsNB/T 20009.27-20172017-7-1
Technical specification for delineating source seawater protection areas for deslinationHY/T 220-20172017-6-1
Information codes for public security industry―Part 225:Codes for classification of industries of resource service busGA/T 2000.225-20172017-2-20
Assessment technical specification for the risk level of rainstorm processesDB33/T 2025-20172017-3-20
Technical regulation for structural modules installation and acceptance of PWR nuclear power plantNB/T 20413-20172017-7-1
Determination of microplastics in seawater ― micro-fourier transform infrared spectroscopyDB21/T 2751-20172017-3-23
Synthetic surface layer of sports ground-Maintenance guideDB37/T 2907-20172017-3-21
Steel bars for the prestressing of concreteGB/T 5223.3-20172017-11-1
Hot-rolled plates、sheets and strips of carbon structural steels and high strength low alloy structural steelsGB/T 3274-20172017-11-1
Synthetic surface layer of sports ground-Specification for the use of raw materialsDB37/T 2904-20172017-3-21
Police digital trunking communication system-measurement methods for functionGA/T 1367-20172017-2-8
Synthetic surface layer of sports ground-Acceptance requirementsDB37/T 2906-20172017-3-21
Specifications for security alarm servicesGA 1383-20172017-5-1
Technical regulation of cashmere goat farming Part 3 Epideminc preventionDB21/T 2735.3-20172017-3-23
Technical specification for cast steel structureJGJ/T 395-20172017-9-1
Index of atmospheric blocking highQX/T 371-20172017-6-15
Technical regulations for trapping Dictyoploca japonica by solar lampsDB21/T 2730-20172017-3-23
Geometrical product specifications(GPS)―Filtration―Part 30:Robust profile filters―Basic conceptGB/Z 26958.30-20172017-9-1
Technical specification for fabrication of stainless steel elements of reactor cavity pool and spent fuel pool in PWR nuclear power plantNB/T 20400-20172017-7-1
Technical regulation of cashmere goat farming Part1 Shed constructionDB21/T 2735.1-20172017-3-23
Secification for nuclear safety-related concrete structures construction and acceptance in PWR nuclear power plantNB/T 20399-20172017-7-1
Technical specification for application of vegetative blanket and vegetative bagDB21/T 2753-20172017-3-23
Technical code for rigid polyurethane foam insulation and waterproof engineeringGB 50404-20172017-10-1
The Technical Specification of Rice Cultivation for High-yield Along the Yellow Sea Late-maturing Rice Area of Liaoning ProvinceDB21/T 2387-20172017-3-23
Surface drifting buoyHY/T 071-20172017-6-1
Metallic Brinell Hardness Reference BlocksJJG 147-20172017-8-28
Quality evaluation standards for deflection of highway subgradeDB21/T 2764-20172017-3-23
Police digital trunking communication system-technical specifications for mobile stationsGA/T 1366-20172017-2-8
Test method for shipboard fixed foam fire-fighting systemsGB/T 33484-20172017-9-1
Ganoderma lucidum wall-broken spores powderGH/T 1133-20172017-7-1
Specifications for sandbeach monitoringDB37/T 2909-20172017-3-10
Information codes for public security industry―Part 223:Codes for classification of message types of resource service busGA/T 2000.223-20172017-2-20
Verification Regulation of High Voltage Relative Dielectric Loss and Capacitance TestersJJG 1137-20172017-5-28
Statistical method for the operational performance of FY-2 ground segment QX/T 374-20172017-6-15
Welding material for pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants-Part 31:Stainless steel strips and fluxes for cladding of Safety Related componentsNB/T 20009.31-20172017-7-1
Ships and marine technology -- Large yachts -- Structural fire protection for FRP yachtsGB/T 33486-20172017-9-1
Evaluation Norms for Featured Tourist GrangeDB21/T 2767-20172017-3-23
Safety operation regulation for organic heat transfer heaterDB43/T 1255-20172017-4-17
Barber neck paperDB21/T 2757-20172017-3-23
Air filters for medical infusion and transfusion equipments-Part 2:Liquid bacterial retention test methodYY/T 1551.2-20172018-1-1
High-Low Concentration Methane Transmitters for Coal MineJJG 1133-20172017-5-28
Technical code for engineerings of prestressed concrete pavementGB 50422-20172017-10-1
General technical requirement for the underwater remote real-time monitoring and control system based on the coaxial cableHY/T 218-20172017-6-1
Test method of pressure equipments of thermoplastics welded for chemicals -- Part 1: General requirementsGB/T 33488.1-20172017-9-1
Technical specification of seawater desalination for iron and steel industry -- Part 1: Low temperature multiple effect distillationGB/T 33463.1-20172017-11-1
Technical specification for prefabricated special-shaped piles of prestressed concrete JGJ/T 405-20172017-9-1
Technical specifications for generator auxiliary systems of nuclear power plantsNB/T 25068-20172017-7-1
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