Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Specification for complaints handling in tourism operatorLB/T 063-20172017-10-1
Specifications for project acceptance of driving test places—Part 3:Place for road driving skill testGA/T 1030.3-20172017-10-1
Technique regulations for softwood cutting of Lonicera japonica Thunb. using non-wave fabric containersDB37/T 3004-20172017-9-18
Regulations for content and depth of the soil and water conservation assessment of UHV power transmission and transformation engineeringDL/T 5530-20172017-12-1
Water quality ― Determination of methomyl and methomyl-oxime― High performance liquid chromatographyHJ 851-20172017-11-1
Code for engineering installation acceptance of metallurgical machinery hydromatic, lubricating and pneumatic system equipmentGB/T 50387-20172018-5-1
Boutique hotelLB/T 066-20172017-10-1
Survey of oncomelanid snailsWS/T 563-20172018-2-1
Dietary guide for cancer patientsWS/T 559-20172018-2-1
Tissue engineering medical device products—Standard guide for in vivo assessment of implantable devices intended to repair or regenerate bone defectYY/T 1575-20172018-9-1
Determination of iodine in serum―As3+WS/T 572-20172018-2-15
Accessories for police uniform—Soft epauletsGA 287-20172017-11-1
Dietary guide for hyperuricemia and gout patientsWS/T 560-20172018-2-1
Technical Specification for 225/75R16LT 116/114S Standard Reference Test TyreT/CMA HG 015-20172017-8-7
Technical specifications for inspection of lightning protection systems in metro and light railDB37/T 2981-20172017-9-18
Tissue engineering medical device products—Standard guide for immobilization or encapsulation in alginate gelsYY/T 1574-20172018-9-1
Code for installation and quality acceptance of acrylic fibers equipmentGB/T 51259-20172018-3-1
Light media for cultivating container forest seedlingsDB37/T 2999-20172017-9-18
Accessories for police uniform—Hard epauletsGA 1409-20172017-11-1
Standard for Design of Fiberglass PlantGB 51258-20172018-5-1
Technology of Isolation and RT-PCR detection of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea VirusDB37/T 3005-20172017-9-18
Socialization service of Agriculture-Part 6: Service specification for agricultural materialsDB37/T 2526.6-20172017-9-18
Police unmanned aircraft systems- Part 4:Fixed-wing unmanned aircraft systemGA/T 1411.4-20172017-8-27
Evaluation specification of conference, incentive and event service agencyT/CCPITCSC 008-20172017-9-10
Police unmanned aircraft systems- Part 1:General technical requirementsGA/T 1411.1-20172017-8-28
Diagnosis of BabesiosisWS/T 564-20172018-2-1
Technical standard for prestressed concrete pipe pileJGJ/T 406-20172018-2-1
Technical specifications for acceptance of automatic recording system for vehicles violating traffic signalsGA/T 870-20172018-1-1
Standard for roughage purchase and processDB37/T 2996-20172017-9-18
Specification of grid-based services and management for urban and rural communitiesGB/T 34300-20172017-10-1
Technical criterions of comb honey producingDB37/T 2990-20172017-9-18
Specification for marine ranching construction Part 5: Maintenance and managementDB37/T 2982.5-20172017-9-18
Method for Vitamin A deficiency screeningWS/T 553-20172018-2-1
Dietary guide for elderly adultsWS/T 556-20172018-2-1
Interactive Electronic Whiteboard-Common File Format of Teaching ResourcesJY/T 0615-20172017-8-24
Guidelines for post evaluation of fossil fuel power projectDL/T 5531-20172017-12-1
Police unmanned aircraft systems—Part 2:Unmanned helicopter systemGA/T 1411.2-20172017-8-28
Standard for design of waste heat power generation in cement plantGB 50588-20172018-5-1
Technical requirements for security cable applicationGA/T 1406-20172017-8-21
standard for pollution control on Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)-contaminated wastesGB 13015-20172017-10-1
Technical Specification for 225/60R16 97S Standard Reference Test TyreT/CMA HG 014-20172017-8-7
Technique regulations of rainwater collection and utilization project for afforestation in arid mountain areasDB37/T 2997-20172017-9-18
General requirements for stem cellsT11/CSSCR 001-20172017-12-1
Socialization service of Agriculture-Part 5: Grain dryingDB37/T 2526.5-20172017-9-18
Specification for marine ranching construction Part 2: Survey and site-selectionDB37/T 2982.2-20172017-9-18
Analysis of plastics in forensics—Infrared spectrometry(IR)GA/T 1423-20172017-8-21
Diagnosis of ascariasisWS/T 565-20172018-2-1
Recycled sulphuric acid from ion exchange resin industryT/ZGM 001-20172017-8-28
Detection of diphyllobothroid larvaeWS/T 571-20172018-2-1
Specifications for project acceptance of driving test places—Part 1:Place for driving theory testGA/T 1030.1-20172017-10-1
Specification for marine ranching construction Part 1: Definition and classificationDB37/T 2982.1-20172017-9-18
The malnutrition risk assessment for elderly adultsWS/T 552-20172018-2-1
Detection of intestinal helminths― The Kato-Katz methodWS/T 570-20172018-2-1
ode for harmless treatment of dead livestock and poultry composting methodDB37/T 2993-20172017-9-18
Ambient air ― Determination of indicative toxaphene ―Gas chromatography mass spectrometryHJ 852-20172017-11-1
Technical regulations for seedling cultivation of CotoneasterDB37/T 3001-20172017-9-18
Standard for urban engineering geophysical exploration CJJ/T 7-20172018-2-1
Diagnosis of fascioliasisWS/T 566-20172018-2-1
Technical regulations for Zelkova serrata (Thunb.) Makino nursery stock propagationDB37/T 2994-20172017-9-18
Specification for marine ranching construction Part 3: Layout and deploymentDB37/T 2982.3-20172017-9-18
Technical Specification for Construction of Asphalt Pavement In-place RecyclingDB37/T 2979-20172017-9-18
Drinking natural soda waterT/CNHAW 0002-20172017-9-10
Specification for marine ranching construction Part 4: Monitoring and assessmentDB37/T 2982.4-20172017-9-18
Police unmanned aircraft systems- Part3:Multi-axis unmanned aircraft systemGA/T 1411.3-20172017-8-28
Small and medium power gas generating set一Safety requirementNB/T 42115-20172017-12-1
Technical standard for operation maintenance and safety of municipal solid waste incineration plantsCJJ 128-20172018-2-1
Technical specification for household quality inspection of residential projectsDB33/T 1140-20172017-12-1
Tissue engineering medical device products—Standard practice for implantation assessment of absorbable/resorbable biomaterialsYY/T 1576-20172018-9-1
Basic requirements and rating for cultural theme hotelLB/T 064-20172017-10-1
Code for design of low temperature piping of liquefied natural gasGB/T 51257-20172018-5-1
Water quality ― Determination of mesotrione ―High performance liquid chromatographyHJ 850-20172017-11-1
Dietary guide for chronic kidney disease patientsWS/T 557-20172018-2-1
Guidelines for integrated weed management in paddy fieldsDB37/T 2992-20172017-9-18
General technical specifications for automatic recording system for illegal parking of motor vehiclesGA/T 1426-20172018-1-1
Water quality ― Determination of ethylenethiourea ―High performance liquid chromatographyHJ 849-20172017-11-1
Energy-saving and Clean Gasoline for Motor VehiclesT/DYZL 003-20172017-9-20
Police caps—Ceremonial wide-brim capsGA 1408-20172017-11-1
Diagnosis of extraintestinal amoebic abscessWS/T 568-20172018-2-1
Subjective nutrition assessment for cancer patientsWS/T 555-20172018-2-1
Accessories for police uniform—Sheath epauletsGA 286-20172017-11-1
Specifications for layouts of driving test places and installation of relevant facilitiesGA 1029-20172017-10-1
Identification standards for solid wastes General rules GB 34330-20170201-10-1
Construction regulations for forest health and wellness base in Guizhou provinceDB52/T 1198-20172018-1-18
Interactive Electronic Whiteboard-The Instructional FunctionsJY/T 0614-20172017-8-24
Specifications for project acceptance of driving test places—Part 2:Place for field driving skill testGA/T 1030.2-20172017-10-1
Postal industry encapsulation tape―Part 2:Biodegradable adhesive tapeYZ/T 0160.2-20172017-10-1
Technical regulations for main diseases and pests controlling of riceDB37/T 2991-20172017-9-18
Evaluation on the effect of water-improving for defluoridationWS/T 90-20172018-2-15
Rapid detection methods on site for disinfectant used in medical and healthWS/T 535-20172018-2-1
Postal industry encapsulation tape―Part 1:Traditional adhesive tapeYZ/T 0160.1-20172017-10-1
Technical Specification for 245/70R19.5 136/134M Standard Reference Test TyreT/CMA HG 011-20172017-8-7
Code for construction cost appraisalGB/T 51262-20172018-3-1
Diagnosis of trichomoniasis vaginalisWS/T 567-20172018-2-1
Escape-preventing systems during medical treatment session outside police supervision areasGA/T 1410-20172017-8-4
Tissue engineering medical device products—Standard guide for microstructure of polymeric scafforldsYY/T 1577-20172018-9-1
Dietary guide for stroke patientsWS/T 558-20172018-2-1
Grading and evalution criteria of enterprise quality credibility Part 1: manufacturing industryDB37/T 2986.1-20172017-9-18
Technical specification for application and issuance of pollutant permit Petrochemical IndustryHJ 853-20172017-8-22
Microscopic examination of blood films for malaria parasitesWS/T 569-20172018-2-1
Technical Specification for 195/75R14 92S Standard Reference Test TyreT/CMA HG 013-20172017-8-7
Quality classification and evaluation of cooling(fresh) muttonT/BTFDIA 001-20172017-9-1
Code for fly ash test methodDL/T 5532-20172017-12-1
Nutrition guidelines of school mealsWS/T 554-20172018-2-1
Specification for take-out delivery serviceT/CCPITCSC 007-20172017-9-1
Technical regulations for forest tree germplasm resource acquisitionDB37/T 3000-20172017-9-18
Technology of Real-time PCR Assay In Haemophilus parasuisDB37/T 2995-20172017-9-18
Standard for geotechnical investigation of tall buildingsJGJ/T 72-20172018-2-1
Basic requirements and evaluation for homestay innLB/T 065-20172017-10-1
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