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Value-added Services

Industry Reports
The industry reports from professional associations or research institutes are marketable in China, covering all sectors you can imagine, including AR/VR, financing, agriculture, chemical, mining, food, beverage, tourism and construction. Most of these industry reports are available in Chinese language only. As a professional translator, Codeofchina has partnered with tens of industry report publishers and gets the Chinese reports at extremely low cost or free of charge, and then translates the Chinese version into English for your references at reasonably low price. For example, the English-translated China building material industry report can be bought from Codeofchina at a price lower than $3,000 USD.
Please contact or +86-10-85725655 to customize your industry report solutions.

Market Survey
Market survey will provide more specific details than industry reports if you want to employ Codeofchina to customize you solutions. Codeofchina has strategic partnership with well-known market survey organizations in China, we can help you bridge the communication with these professional survey organizations, whose quotation is far low than the international survey ones but survey quality is high and reasonable. For these market survey needs, contact Codeofchina to find out the exact Chinese survey organization you want at a cost of $1,000 USD per survey.
Please contact or +86-10-85725655 to customize your market survey solutions.

Competitor Data Collection
To collect competitor data, the more, the better! However, most of the information related to competitors in China are available in Chinese language only. It’s hard to get familiar with what these Chinese information mean. Codeofchina has a professional team to collect competitor data as you specified and translate, or transcreate, or edit them into English for your references. For a single competitor, the data can be collected and translated into English for you at a cost of $2,000 USD at the lowest.
Please contact or +86-10-85725655 to customize your competitor data.

Chinese-English Translation Service
Codeofchina is a professional Chinese-English translator, ranking 27th among Asian language service providers in 2016. Codeofchina has been equipped with state-of-the-art computer-aided translation (CAT) software, which enables translators to improve their accuracy and efficiency via sharing terms and sentences databases in WAN and LAN. Our translation process is divided into four phases: "draft translation - draft proofreading - professional proofreading - literal proofreading - final proofreading", which is accredited according to ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification system. Codeofchina’s founder and CEO, Mr. MENG Yongye, is a Ph.D. in Business English Studies. Under Mr. MENG’s leadership, our management team is consisted of masters of translation and interpretating (MTIs) graduated from Peking University(PU), the University of International Business and Economics(UIBE) and Hebei University(HU). In Codeofchina, all translations are completed by our full-time translators/interpreters. The translation cost is as low as $0.06 USD per English word.
Please contact or +86-10-85725655 to customize your translation service solutions.

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