Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Ships and marine technology—Terms,abbreviations,graphical symbols and concepts on navigationGB/T 27889-20112012-5-1
Ships and marine technology—Propulsion plants for ships—Part 2:Vocabulary for controllable-pitch propeller plantsGB/T 21479.2-20082008-9-1
Ships and marine technology—Propulsion plants for ships—Part 1:Vocabulary for geometry of propellersGB/T 21479.1-20082008-9-1
Shipbuilding and marine structures--Dredgers--TerminologyGB/T 17843-19992000-6-1
Terms of management for repairing shipCB/T 3932-19991999-6-1
Shipbuilding and marine structures - Windows and side scuttles - VocabularyGB/T 17384-19981999-2-1
Shipbuilding and marine structures--Deck machinery--TerminologyGB/T 3893-19981999-2-1
Shipbuilding - Principal ship dimensions - Terminology and definitions for computer applicationGB/T 17385-19981999-2-1
Terms of Ship Machinery - Main Machine CB 3568.2-19931994-5-1
Terms of Ship Machinery - Auxiliary Machine CB 3568.4-19931994-5-1
Terms of Ship Machinery - Piping AccessoriesCB 3568.5-19931994-5-1
Terms of Ship Machinery - Power Unit CB 3568.1-19931994-5-1
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