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You are appreciated to browse this page that will instruct you how to pay to us.

First of all, I'd like to let you know that in China, the national standards, professional standards and provincial standards are published in Chinese only. If you desire to learn the relevant requirements or specifications in China, you have to translate the codes into English at your own cost. Codeofchina Inc. has been an expert in translating Chinese codes for years. Everyday, tens of clients contact Codeofchina to seek for the English versions of these codes. Since a single translated code can be sold to one or more clients, Codeofchina can provide the available English versions to you at an extremely low price. In addition, you also can order the translation of the unavailable ones. The quotation hereof can be found out in the corresponding page. Or you can estimate your translation budget according to the following unit price.

Secondly, if you want to buy a English-translated code from, you are able to place your order via the online payment channel - Paypal. In this case, please input the Code No. you need, for example "GB 700-2006", in the text box and then click "Pay Now" button below to pay to us online. Or you can directly pay to from your Paypal account.

If you want to pay to us with your credit card immediately, please click the relevant button of your card, then fill the required information to complete your payment.

If want to pay to us via bank transfer, please pay to the above-mentioned Overseas Payment account by international remittance and then fax the payment evidence to +86-10-8581 9515 or email the payment evidence to The remittance may be arrived into our account in 2-5 business days after the remittance day. So, we hope you can be patient on it. If you have any reliable agent in China, then you can entrust him/her to remit the payment in Chinese currency through which we can get the money immediately (the relevant China-based account information is typed in Chinese). Upon receiving your payment, we will email the ordered English version(s) to you.

"Explanation on Provisions" or "Drafting Explanation" is not an intergral part of any code, so all English-translated Chinese codes available in Codeofchina.Com DO NOT cover this part.
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