Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Specification of parentage testingGB/T 37223-20182019-4-1
Forensic medical assessment for male sexual dysfunctionGB/T 37237-20182019-4-1
Service specification of drug logisticGB/T 30335-20132014-7-1
Rules of collecting making and preserving for specimen of medical vectorsSN/T 1876-20072007-10-16
General rules for the rapid response to the public health emergency occurred at entry-exit portsSN/T 1861-20072007-10-16
Codes of sanitary measures for entry-exit express and postal parcelSN/T 1844-20062007-5-16
Common drugs and methods of sanitary treatment for medical vectorsSN/T 1823-20062007-5-16
Code of hygienic permission for storage field at exit-entry portSN/T 1833-20062007-5-16
Codes of hygienic permission for establishment of manufacture and management food at exit-entry portSN/T 1858-20062007-5-16
Codes of permit for hygiene for entry-exit special productsSN/T 1832-20062007-5-16
Codes of surveillance for HFRS at entry-exit portSN/T 1719-20062006-8-16
Examination codes of relapsing fever at entry-exit portSN/T 1718-20062006-8-16
Codes of surveillance for bacillary dysentery at entry-exit portSN/T 1713-20062006-8-16
Codes of mites control at entry-exit portsSN/T 1714-20062006-8-16
Codes of surveillance for viral hepatitis at entry-exit postSN/T 1715-20062006-8-16
Codes of surveillance for rotavirus infection at entry-exit portSN/T 1720-20062006-8-16
Codes of surveillance for monkeypox at entry-exit portSN/T 1716-20062006-8-16
Code of health screening to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) at entry-exit portSN/T 1721-20062006-8-1
The fluoride content of brick teaGB 19965-20052006-5-1
Green standards of medicinal plants and preparations for foreign trade and economyWM/T 2-20042005-4-1
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