Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Geometrical product specifications (GPS)—Systematic errors and contributions to measurement uncertainty of length measurement due to thermal influencesGB/T 39643-20202021-7-1
Geometrical product specifications (GPS)—Inspection by measurement of workpieces and measuring equipment—Part 4:Background on functional limits and specification limits in decision rulesGB/T 18779.4-20202021-7-1
Calibration specifications for test block of Micro-dose X-ray security inspection systemsGA/T 1065-20132013-5-1
Calibration specifications for IC-card cursor test systemGA/T 1062-20132013-5-1
Geometrical product specifications(GPS)—Straightness—Part 2:Specification operatorsGB/T 24631.2-20092010-4-1
Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS)—Flatness—Part 2:Specification operatorsGB/T 24630.2-20092010-4-1
Geometrical Product Specifications(GPS)—Flatness—Part 1:Vocabulary and parameters of flatnessGB/T 24630.1-20092010-4-1
Geometrical product specifications(GPS)—Straightness—Part 1:Vocabulary and parameters of straightnessGB/T 24631.1-20092010-4-1
Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS)—Inspection by measurement of workpieces and measuring equipment—Part 3:Guidelines for achieving agreements on measurement uncertainty statemeGB/T 18779.3-20092009-11-1
Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Inspection of plain workpiece sizesGB/T 3177-20092009-11-1
Verification Regulation of Box PlatesJJG 194-20072007-12-14
Verification Regulation of Precise Angle Dividing TableJJG 472-20072007-12-14
AutocollimatorsJJG 202-20072007-8-28
Geometrical Product Specifications(GPS) - Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring machines(CMM) - Part 2: CMMs used for measuring sizeGB/T 16857.2-20062007-2-1
Geometrical Product Specifications(GPS) - Inspection by measurement of workpieses and measuring equipment - Part 2:Guide to the estimation of uncertainty in GPS measurement,in calibrGB/T 18779.2-20042005-7-1
Verification Regulation of Cable Length MeterJJG 987-20042004-9-1
Geometrical Product Specificatons(GPS)?Geometrical features?Part 2:Extracted median line of a cylinder and a cone,ectracted median surface,local size of an extracted featureGB/T 18780.2-20032003-11-1
Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) - Inspection by measurement of workpieces and measuring equipment - Part 1: Decision rules for proving conformance or non-conformance with spGB/T 18779.1-20022003-1-1
Geometrical Product Specification (GPS) - Geometrical features - Part 1: General terms and definitions GB/T 18780.1-20022003-1-1
Geometrical product specifications (GPS)--Series of angles and slopes on prismsGB/T 4096-20012002-4-1
Geometrical product specifications (GPS) Series of conical tapers and taper anglesGB/T 157-20012002-4-1
Coordinate metrology Part 2: Performance assessment of coordinate measuring machinesGB/T 16857.2-19971998-1-1
Inspection of plain workpiece sizesGB/T 3177-19971997-9-1
Micron grade lenght measurement by SEMGB/T 16594-19961997-4-1
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