Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical requirements for distributed acoustic optical fiber monitoring system on prestressed concrete cylinder pipeGB/T 41057-20212022-7-1
Standard column used for evaluating liquid chromatographGB/T 30433-20212022-5-1
Opto-electronic measurement—Performance requirements and test methods of light distribution measurement systemGB/T 39585-20202021-7-1
Gas chromatography for laboratoryGB/T 30431-20202020-12-1
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopyGB/T 38257-20192020-7-1
Test method for optical axis parallelism of multiple optical pathsGB/T 38256-20192020-7-1
High performance liquid chromatographyGB/T 26792-20192020-5-1
Standard column used for evaluating gas chromatographsGB/T 30430-20192020-5-1
Autosampler for liquid chromatographyGB/T 38125-20192020-2-1
Ion chromatographsGB/T 36240-20182019-1-1
Standard practice for using flame photometric detectors in gas chromatographyGB/T 32190-20152016-7-1
Standard practice for testing variable-wavelength photometricdetectors used in liquid chromatographyGB/T 32211-20152016-7-1
Standard practice for use of electron-capture detectors in gas chromatographyGB/T 32207-20152016-7-1
Technical requirements and test methodsfor portable gas chromatography-mass spectrometerGB/T 32210-20152016-7-1
Standard practice for testing fixed-wavelength photometric detectors used in liquid chromatographyGB/T 32212-20152016-7-1
Standard practice for testing thermal conductivity detectors used in gas chromatographyGB/T 32205-20152016-7-1
Standard practice for testing electrolytic conductivity detectors usedin gas chrometographyGB/T 32206-20152016-7-1
Gas Chromatograph for LaboratoryGB/T 30431-20132014-8-1
Standard Column Used for Evaluating Liquid ChromatographyGB/T 30433-20132014-8-1
Standard Column Used for Evaluating Gas ChromatographyGB/T 30430-20132014-8-1
Measurement methods of drift rate of scanning probe microscopeGB/T 29190-20122013-6-1
Test methods of laser power meter in lower-rangeGB/T 11153-20122013-6-1
X-ray diffractometerJB/T 11144-20112012-4-1
X-ray fluorescence spectrometerJB/T 11145-20112012-4-1
X-ray Orientation apparatusJB/T 5482-20112012-4-1
High performance liquid chromatography GB/T 26792-20112011-12-1
Specification of X-ray diffractometerJB/T 9400-20102010-7-1
Specifications for optical fibre chromatic dispersion measuring setGB/T 14075-20082009-4-1
Specifications of optical power meterGB/T 15515-20082009-4-1
The specification for X-ray Crystal Orientation apparatusJB/T 5482-20042004-11-1
Test method for thermal conductivity detector of gas chromatographyJB/T 9360-19992000-1-1
Test method for flame ionization detector of gas chromatographyJB/T 9361-19992000-1-1
Test method for fixed wavelength(254nm) UV detector used in liquid chromatographyJB/T 9358-19992000-1-1
Qantitative method for electron probe microanalysis of metals and alloysGB/T 15616-19951996-2-1
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