Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Platinum wires for resistance thermometersGB/T 5977-20192019-12-1
Thermocouples--Part 1: EMF specifications and tolerancesGB/T 16839.1-20182019-2-1
Platinum-40%rhodium/platinum-20%rhodium thermocomouple wires and temperature-electromotive force(EMF)tablesGB/T 36010-20182018-10-1
Sheathed continuous thermocouple cables and sheathed continuous thermocoupleGB/T 36016-20182018-10-1
Furnace temperature track loggerGB/T 35585-20172018-7-1
Cold chain temperature loggerGB/T 35145-20172018-7-1
Field test methods for thermocouplesGB/T 34035-20172018-2-1
Electrolytic solid moisture meterGB/T 33907-20172018-2-1
Intelligent temperature measuring instruments--General technical requirementsGB/T 34050-20172018-2-1
Intelligent flow instruments--General technical requirementsGB/T 34049-20172018-2-1
Copper/Copper-Nickel(Constantan)thermocouple wiresGB/T 2903-20152015-12-1
Nickel-Chromium-Silicon/Nickel-Silicon-Magnesium thermocouple wiresGB/T 17615-20152015-12-1
Extension and Compensating Cables for ThermocouplesGB/T 4989-20132014-8-15
Industrial thermocouple assembliesGB/T 30429-20132014-8-1
Industrial platinum resistance thermometers and platinum temperature sensorsGB/T 30121-20132014-6-1
Temperature—Electromotive force(EMF) tables for pure-element thermocouple combinationsGB/T 30120-20132014-6-1
Standard guide for temperature electromotive force(emf)tables for non-letter designated thermocouple combinationsGB/T 30090-20132014-5-1
Specifications for the flame proof of industrial thermocouples and resistance thermometer sensors GB 26786-20112011-12-1
Nickel-Chromium/Gold-Iron Copper/Gold-Iron low temperature thermocouple wiresGB/T 2904-20102011-5-1
Platinum-10%Rhodium/Platinem thermocomouple wires - Platinum-13%Rhodium/Platinem thermocomouple wires - Platinum-30%Rhodium/Platinem-6%Rhodium thermocomouple wiresGB/T 1598-20102011-5-1
Automatic closed flashpoint analyzerGB/T 25482-20102011-5-1
Nickel-Chromium/Nickel-Silicon thermocouple wiresGB/T 2614-20102011-5-1
Nickel-Chrominum/Copper-Nickel(Constantan) thermocouple wiresGB/T 4993-20102011-5-1
Methods for measuring the thermoelectric force of noble metal and base matal thermocouple wiresGB/T 16701-20102011-5-1
Infrared devices for instant screening of human skin temperatureGB/T 19146-20102010-12-1
Technical requirements for heat metering in office buildings of public agenciesDB11/T 625-20092009-2-6
Rapid-response type expendable thermocoupleYB/T 163-20082008-11-1
Spectrum for types of temperature sensor seriesJB/T 7486-20082008-7-1
Calibration Specification for Thermal ImagersJJF 1187-20082008-5-20
Tin bronze bellows for pressure temperature controllerJB/T 5534-20072007-11-1
Glass thermometers for coking productsYB/T 2305-20072007-7-1
Metal thermowells for thermometer sensors—Functional dimensionsGB/T 19901-20052006-4-1
Idustrial inspecting thermal imagersGB/T 19870-20052006-4-1
Dimensions of metal - Sheathed thermometer elementsGB/T 19900-20052006-4-1
Methods of humidity measurementGB/T 11605-20052005-12-1
General requirements for infrared devices for instant screening of human skin temperatureGB/T 19146-20032003-5-29
Mineral insulated thermocouple cables and thermocouplesGB/T 18404-20012002-3-1
Platinum wires for resistance thermometersGB/T 5977-19992000-5-1
Instruction for testing of atmospheric pressure sensorJB/T 9451-19992000-1-1
The types and fundamental sizes of enclosed-scale industrial thermometersJB/T 9263.1-19992000-1-1
The types and fundamental sizes of enclosed-scale common thermometersJB/T 9263.2-19992000-1-1
Specification for industrial total radiation pyrometerJB/T 9241-19992000-1-1
Specifications for the aneroid barographJB/T 9460-19992000-1-1
Specifications for the moving cistern mercury barometerJB/T 9461-19992000-1-1
The types and fundamental sizes of solid-stem common thermometersJB/T 9263.4-19992000-1-1
Disappearing-filament optical pyrometerJB/T 2167-19992000-1-1
Electric contact glass thermometerJB/T 9264-19992000-1-1
Liquid-in-glass industrial thermometers and laboratorial thermometersJB/T 9262-19992000-1-1
Expendable thermocouples for the molten metal temperature fast measurementYB/T 163-19992000-1-1
Specifications for the metorological bimetallic thermographJB/T 9453-19992000-1-1
The types and fundamental sizes of enclosed-scale thermometers for precision useJB/T 9263.3-19992000-1-1
The types and fundamental sizes of solid stem thermometers for precision useJB/T 9263.5-19992000-1-1
Vapour pressure and gas filled thermometersJB/T 9259-19992000-1-1
Nickel-Chromium/Nickel-Silicon thermocouple wiresGB/T 2614-19981999-7-1
Iron/Copper-Nickel ( Constantan ) thermocouple wiresGB/T 4994-19981999-7-1
Nickel-Chromium-Silicon / Nickel-Silicon-Magnesium thermocouple wiresGB/T 17615-19981999-7-1
Platinum-30% Rhodium/Platinum-6% Rhodium thermocouple wiresGB/T 2902-19981999-7-1
Copper/Copper-Nickel(Constantan)thermocouple wiresGB/T 2903-19981999-7-1
Nickel-Chromium/Copper-Nickel ( Constantan ) thermocouple wiresGB/T 4993-19981999-7-1
Platinum-10% Rhodium/Platinum thermocouple wiresGB/T 3772-19981999-7-1
Bimetallic thermometerJB/T 8803-19981998-12-1
Standard test methods for thermocouple materials. Part 1: methods for measuring the thermoelectric force of noble metal thermocouple wiresGB/T 16701.1-19961997-1-2
STANDARD test methods for thermocouple materials Part 2: methods for measuring the thermoelectric force of base metal thermocouple wiresGB/T 16701.2-19961997-1-2
Alloy wires of extension and compensating cables for thermocouplesGB/T 4990-19951995-10-1
Extension and compensating cables for thermocouplesGB/T 4989-19941995-10-1
Specification for rapid digital thermodetector for metallurgy YB/T 074-19951995-10-1
Specification for high temperature test chambersGB/T 11158-19891990-5-1
Specification for low air pressure test chambersGB/T 11159-19891990-5-1
Methods of humidity measurementGB/T 11605-19891990-3-1
Glass thermometers for coking productsYB/T 2305-19871988-1-1
Liquid in glass thermometers for petroleum products-SpecificationGB/T 514-19831984-1-1
Nickel-Chromium/Gold-Iron,Copper/Gold-Iron low temperature thermocouple wires and their reference tablesGB/T 2904-19821982-10-1
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