Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Printing machinery-Paper laminating machineJB/T 5422-20162016-6-1
Verfication Regulation of Oscilloscopic PolarographJJG 748-20072007-8-28
Verification Regulation of Flame PhotometerJJG 630-20072007-8-28
Verification Regulation of Detector for Alcoholic Quantity from Breathing-out GasJJG 657-20062007-6-8
Calibration Specification for Stable Isotope Gas Mass SpectrometerJJF 1158-20062007-3-8
Calibration Specification for Quadrupole Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass SpectrometersJJF 1159-20062007-3-8
Calibration Specification for Bench Top Gas Chromatography-Mass SpectrometersJJF 1164-20062007-3-8
Verification Regulation of TurbidimetersJJG 880-20062007-3-6
Program of Pattern Evaluation of Methane Detectors of Interferometer TypeJJF 1163-20062007-1-1
Program of Pattern Evaluation of Dust SamplersJJF 1162-20062007-1-1
Program of Pattern Evaluation of Heating Catalytic Methane Alarm DetectorJJF 1161-20062007-1-1
Verification Regulation of On-line Automatic Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)JJG 1012-20062006-8-23
Verification Regulation of Water-Flow Gas CalorimeterJJG 412-20052006-6-20
Verification regulation of the penetration test apparatus of petroleum bituminous for roadJJG (交通) 067-20062006-5-1
Terms and Definitions Used in Reference MaterialsJJF 1005-20052006-4-9
Verification Regulation of Total Organic Carbon AnalyzerJJG 821-20052006-3-5
Verification Regulation of Mechanical Thermo-hygrometersJJG 205-20052006-3-5
Verification Regulation of Laboratory pH MetersJJG 119-20052006-3-5
Verification Regulation of Electrolytic HygrometersJJG 500-20052006-3-5
Verification Regulation of Determinators for Total Sulfur in CoalJJG 1006-20052006-1-9
Evaluation of Uncertainty in Chemical Analysis MeasurementJJF 1135-20052005-12-5
Verification Regulation of Dust SamplerJJG 520-20052005-10-28
Verification Regulation of Paramagnetic Oxygen AnalyzerJJG 662-20052005-10-28
Verification Regulation of Filter Type SmokemeterJJG (交通) 006-20052005-6-15
Verification Regulation of Zirconia Oxygen AnalyzersJJG 535-20042005-3-21
Verification Regulation of Chemiluminescent NO/NOx AnalyzersJJG 801-20042005-3-21
Verification Regulation of Precision Dew-point HygrometersJJG 499-20042004-12-1
Water transport engineering - Multiple potential extensometerJT/T 581-20042004-9-1
Water transport engineering - Unbonded elastic wire resistance pressure cellJT/T 584-20042004-9-1
Water transport engineering - Slip line resistance extensometerJT/T 582-20042004-9-1
Water transport engineering - Servo inclinometerJT/T 579-20042004-9-1
Water transport engineering - Vibrating wire piezometerJT/T 580-20042004-9-1
Water transport engineering - Nonmetal ultrasonic detectorJT/T 576-20042004-9-1
Water transport engineering - Vibrating wire anchor cable loadcellJT/T 578-20042004-9-1
Water transport engineering - Vibrating wire steel stress gaugeJT/T 577-20042004-9-1
Water transport engineering - Gate opening gaugeJT/T 575-20042004-9-1
Water transport engineering - Vibrating wire anchor rod stress gaugeJT/T 583-20042004-9-1
Glossary of terms used in dimensional measuring instruments--Product termsGB/T 17164-19971998-9-1
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