Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Mechanical properties of fasteners—Flat washers GB/T 3098.26-20212022-7-1
“E” ringsGB/T 896-20202020-10-1
Tolerances for fasteners—Plain washersGB/T 3103.3-20202020-10-1
Conical spring washersGB/T 956.3-20172018-4-1
Conical spring washers for assembliesGB/T 9074.31-20172018-4-1
Specifications for spring washers―Conical spring washersGB/T 94.4-20172018-4-1
Specifications for retaining rings--CirclipsGB/T 959.1-20172018-2-1
Retaining rings for boresGB/T 893-20172018-2-1
Retaining rings for shaftGB/T 894-20172018-2-1
High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading―Part 5:Plain washersGB/T 32076.5-20152016-6-1
Specification for spring washers - Single coil lock washers GB/T 94.1-20082009-2-1
Specification for spring washers - Curved and wave spring washers GB/T 94.3-20082009-2-1
High Strength Plain Washers for Steel StructuresGB/T 1230-20062006-11-1
Plain washers for tapping sew and washer assemblies GB/T 97.5-20022003-6-1
Large series-Product grade AGB/T 96.1-20022003-6-1
Plain washers for screw and washer assembliesGB/T 97.4-20022003-6-1
Plain washers-Product grade AGB/T 97.1-20022003-6-1
Bolt or screw and washer assemblies with plain washersGB/T 9074.1-20022003-6-1
Plain Washers, Chamfered-Product Grade AGB/T 97.2-20022003-6-1
Plain washers - Product grade CGB/T 95-20022003-6-1
Large series-Product grade CGB/T 96.2-20022003-6-1
Plain washers-Small series-Product gradeAGB/T 848-20022003-6-1
Plain washers-Extra large series-Product grade CGB/T 5287-20022003-6-1
Plain washers for bolts,screws and nuts--General planGB/T 5286-20012002-6-1
Hexagon nuts for structural bolting-style 2,hot-dip galvanized (oversize tapped)-Product grade A-Property class 9GB/T 18230.7-20002001-5-1
Plain washers for clevis pins GB/T 97.3-20002001-2-1
Tolerances for fasteners - Plain washers GB/T 3103.3-20002001-2-1
High strength plain washers for steel structuresGB/T 1230-19911992-1-1
Inner sphere washersGB/T 1030-19881989-7-1
Plain washers-Small series-Product grade AGB/T 848-19851989-6-1
Tab washers for round nutGB/T 858-19881989-1-1
Washers with ball faceGB/T 849-19881989-1-1
Single coil spring lock washer for assemblyGB/T 9074.26-19881989-1-1
Square taper washers for I sectionGB/T 852-19881989-1-1
Tab washers with long tab and wingGB/T 855-19881989-1-1
Square taper washers for slot sectionGB/T 853-19881989-1-1
for tab washerGB/T 98-19881989-1-1
Serrated lock washer external teeth for assemblyGB/T 9074.27-19881989-1-1
Countersunk external toothed lock washer for assemblyGB/T 9074.28-19881989-1-1
External tab washersGB/T 856-19881989-1-1
Washers with cone faceGB/T 850-19881989-1-1
Tab washers with long tab and wingGB 855-19881989-1-1
Tab washers with long tabGB/T 854-19881988-7-1
Single coil spring lock washers, heavy typeGB/T 7244-19871988-2-1
Curved single coil spring lock washersGB 7245-19871988-2-1
Wave single coil spring lock washersGB/T 7246-19871988-2-1
Single coil spring lock washers,light typeGB 859-19871988-2-1
Specifications for spring washers-Toothed lock and serrated lock washersGB/T 94.2-19871988-2-1
Specifications for spring washers-Curved and wave spring washersGB/T 94.3-19871988-2-1
Serrated lock washers interal teethGB/T 861.2-19871988-2-1
Specifications for spring washers-Single coil spring lock washersGB/T 94.1-19871988-2-1
Lock washers internal teethGB/T 861.1-19871988-2-1
Single Coil Spring Lock Washers, Normal TypeGB 93-19871988-2-1
Single coil spring lock washers,light typeGB/T 859-19871988-2-1
Curved spring washersGB/T 860-19871988-2-1
Wave single coil spring lock washersGB 7246-19871988-2-1
Lock rings with cone pinGB/T 883-19861987-6-1
Taper pins with splitGB/T 877-19861987-6-1
Round wire circlipsGB 921-19861987-6-1
Circlips for Shaft - Type AGB 894.1-19861987-6-1
Parallel pins with external threadGB/T 878-19861987-6-1
Grip ringsGB/T 960-19861987-6-1
Circlips for shaft--Type BGB 894.2-19861987-6-1
Lock ring with screwGB/T 884-19861987-6-1
Lock rings with screw and circlipGB/T 885-19861987-6-1
Specifications for ring; Round wire snap ringsGB/T 959.2-19861987-6-1
Specifications for ring; CirclipsGB/T 959.1-19861987-6-1
Roundwire snap rings for holeGB 895.1-19861987-6-1
Roundwire snap rings for shaftGB 895.2-19861987-6-1
Circlips for hole; Type BGB 893.2-19861987-6-1
Lock rings at the end of shaft with boltGB 892-19861987-6-1
Rings for shoulderGB/T 886-19861987-6-1
Circlips for holes; Type AGB 893.1-19861987-6-1
Specifications for ring; Cutting ringsGB/T 959.3-19861987-6-1
RingsGB 896-19861987-6-1
Pins with split pin holeGB 880-19861987-6-1
Lock rings at the end of shaft with screwGB 891-19861987-6-1
Washers with splitGB/T 851-19881986-6-1
Plain washers-Chamfered-Normal series-Product grade AGB/T 97.2-19851986-6-1
Plain washers-Extra large series-Product grade CGB/T 5287-19851986-6-1
Plain washers-Large series-Product grades A and CGB/T 96-19851986-6-1
Plain washers--Product grade CGB/T 95-19851986-6-1
Plain washers-Normal series-Product grade AGB/T 97.1-19851986-6-1
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