Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Table tennis robotT/CSPSTC 60-2020
Automatic guided vehicles—General specificationsGB/T 20721-20222022-11-1
Entertainment robots—Safety requirements and testing methodsGB/T 41393-20222022-11-1
Guidelines of energy efficiency evaluation for industrial robotsGB/T 40575-20212022-5-1
Test methods of guided motion performance for wheeled mobile robot GB/T 40327-20212022-3-1
The classification and reference architecture of cloud service platform for industrial robotGB/T 40212-20212021-12-1
Dual arm industrial robots—Performance and related test methodsGB/T 40014-20212021-11-1
Service robot—Electrical safety requirements and test methodsGB/T 40013-20212021-11-1
Service robot—Mechanical safety assessment and test methodGB/T 39785-20212021-8-1
Robot reliability—Part 1:General guidelinesGB/T 39590.1-20202021-7-1
Electronic jetting dispenser robot system—General specificationsGB/T 39408-20202021-6-1
Evaluation and testing of performance of industrial robot control systemGB/T 39360-20202021-6-1
Grinding and polishing robot system—General specificationGB/T 39407-20202021-6-1
Specification of XML exchange of PLC-based software development platform for industrial robotsGB/T 39406-20202021-6-1
Information security general requirement for control unit of industrial robotGB/T 39404-20202021-6-1
Design specification of collaborative industrial robotGB/T 39402-20202021-6-1
The data exchange of cloud service platform for industrial robotGB/T 39401-20202021-6-1
General technical requirements of vision integrated system for industrial robotsGB/T 39005-20202021-4-1
Requirements and test methods of special climate conditions reliability for industrial robotsGB/T 39006-20202021-4-1
Specification of motion control for industrial robots used in programmable controllersGB/T 39007-20202021-4-1
Industrial robot electromagnetic compatibility design specificationGB/T 39004-20202021-4-1
Communication architecture of industrial robot and production environment GB/T 38872-20202021-2-1
General specifications of slicing robots system GB/T 38870-20202021-2-1
General specifications of mobile manipulator hybrid robots for industrial environmentGB/T 38871-20202021-2-1
General specifications of sorting robotsGB/T 38873-20202021-2-1
General specifications for 3-degree of freedom parallel robots GB/T 38890-20202021-2-1
Robotics—Performance criteria and related test methods for service robots—Part 1: Locomotion for wheeled robotsGB/T 38834.1-20202020-12-1
General technical requirements of flexible control for industrial robotsGB/T 38839-20202020-12-1
Industrial robot- -Life cycle impact on environment evaluation method GB/T 38835-20202020-12-1
Industrial robot life cycle risk assessment methodsGB/T 38642-20202020-11-1
Interface of universal driver module for industrial robotsGB/T 38560-20202020-10-1
Specification of industrial robots force controlGB/T 38559-20202020-10-1
Service robot functional safety assessmentGB/T 38260-20192020-7-1
General principles of robot safetyGB/T 38244-20192020-5-1
Performance test methods for service robotsGB/T 38124-20192020-3-1
General specifications for motion rehabilitation training robotGB/T 37704-20192020-3-1
Robots and robotic devices—Coordinate systems and motion nomenclaturesGB/T 16977-20192019-12-1
General specifications of forging robotGB/T 37394-20192019-12-1
General specifications of gantry robotGB/T 37415-20192019-12-1
General specifications of stamping robotsGB/T 37392-20192019-12-1
Robots and robotic devices—Safety requirements for personal care robotsGB/T 36530-20182019-2-1
Performance criteria and related test methods of mechanical weeding robotsGB/T 36012-20182018-10-1
General specifications of mechanical weeding robotsGB/T 36007-20182018-10-1
Safety requirements for mechanical weeding robotsGB/T 36013-20182018-10-1
Robots and robotic devices—Collaborative robotsGB/T 36008-20182018-10-1
Specifications of modular functional components of robot mechanismGB/T 35144-20172018-7-1
General specifications of electrical self-balancing vehiclesGB/T 34667-20172018-1-1
Safety requirements and test methods for electrical self-balancing vehiclesGB/T 34668-20172018-1-1
Design specification of robotic software functional componentGB/T 33263-20162017-7-1
Framework of real-time robot operating system on multi-core processorGB/T 33264-20162017-7-1
Design specification of modularity for industrial robotGB/T 33262-20162017-7-1
Education robot safety requirementsGB/T 33265-20162017-7-1
Flexible manufacturing system of off-line programming robots—Part 3: Spraying systemGB/T 26153.3-20152017-1-1
Wheeled robot―VocabularyT/CIE 002-20152015-12-1
Robots and Robotic Devices - Safety Requirements for Industrial Robots - Part 2: Robot Systems and IntegrationGB 11291.2-20132014-11-1
Industrial robot―User programme instructionGB/T 29824-20132014-4-1
Robot General Bus communication protocolGB/T 29825-20132014-4-1
Industrial robots—Performance criteria and related test methodsGB/T 12642-20132014-3-15
Robots and robotic devices—VocabularyGB/T 12643-20132014-3-15
Information technology - General specification of hand-held device for information processingGB/T 18220-20122013-2-1
General specifications of dispenserGB/T 26799-20112011-12-1
Robots for industrial environments—Safety requirements—Part 1:RobotGB 11291.1-20112011-10-1
Flexible manufacturing system of off-line programming robots—Part 2:Belt grinding manufacturing systemGB/T 26153.2-20102011-6-1
Flexible manufacturing system of off-line programming robots—Part 1:General requirementsGB/T 26153.1-20102011-6-1
General specifications of assembly robotsGB/T 26154-20102011-6-1
General specifications of spot-welding robotsGB/T 14283-20082009-3-1
Tool storage with automatic tool changerJB/T 10791.1-20072008-3-1
Industrial robot—Detailed implementation specification for performance and related testGB/T 20868-20072007-8-1
Industrial Robot—Intermediate Code for Robot(ICR)GB/Z 20869-20072007-8-1
Industrial automation systems and integration - Open systems application integration framework - Part 2: Reference description for ISO 11898-based control systemsGB/T 19659.2-20062007-7-1
Industrial automation systems and integration - Open systems application integration framework - Part 3: Reference description for IEC 61158-based control systemsGB/T 19659.3-20062007-7-1
Industrial automation systems and integration - Open systems application integration framework - Part 4: Reference description for Ethernet-based control systemsGB/T 19659.4-20062007-7-1
robot - Mechanic interface - Part2: Shafts(ISO 9409-2: 2002, Manipulating industrial robots - Mechanical interfaces - Part2: Shafts, IDT)GB/T 14468.2-20062006-9-1
robot - Mechanic interface - Part1: Plates(ISO 9409-1: 2004, Manipulating industrial robots - Mechanical interfaces - Part1: Plates, IDT)GB/T 14468.1-20062006-9-1
Industrial robots—Coordinate systems and motion nomenclaturesGB/T 16977-20052006-2-1
Industrial automation systems and integration—Open systems applicatoin integration framework—Part 1:Generic reference descriptionGB/T 19659.1-20052005-6-1
Industrial robots—Object handling with grasp-type grippers—VocabularyGB/T 19400-20032004-5-1
Industrial robots—EMC test methods and performance evaluation criteria—GuidelinesGB/Z 19397-20032004-5-1
Industrial robots—Graphical user interfaces for programming and operation of robots(GUI-R)GB/T 19399-20032004-5-1
Industrial robots--Presentation of characteristicsGB/T 12644-20012002-5-1
Industrial robots--Automatic end effector exchange systems--Vocabulary and presentation of characteristicsGB/T 17887-19992000-5-1
Industrial robots--Shaft mechanical interfaceGB/T 14468.2-19992000-5-1
Industrial robot - Acceptance rulesJB/T 8896-19992000-1-1
Industrial robots-Coordinate systems and motion nomenclatureGB/T 16977-19971998-4-1
Industrial robots-Safety specificationGB 11291-19971998-4-1
Industrial automation systems - Manufacturing message specification - Part 3: Companion standard for roboticsGB/T 16720.3-19961997-7-1
General specifications of spot-welding robotsGB/T 14283-19931993-1-2
Industrial robots-Circular mechanical interfaceGB/T 14468.1-19931993-1-2
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