Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Keyway broachs with both side cuttingJB/T 9993-20112012-4-1
Rectangle Spline Broachs technical conditionsJB/T 9992-20112012-4-1
Straight bevel gear finish generating cutter — Part 2: Technical specificationsJB/T 9990.2-20112012-4-1
Straight bevel gear finish generating cutter — Part 1: Types and dimensionsJB/T 9990.1-20112012-4-1
Circular broaches-Technical specificationsJB/T 7962-20102010-7-1
Broaches shanksGB/T 3832-20082009-3-1
Straight spline broach with minor diameter centerJB/T 5613-20062007-4-1
Round push broachesJB/T 6357-20062007-4-1
Comprehensive evaluation method on broach cutting performanceJB/T 6568-20062007-4-1
The basic types and dimensions of hobs for 45° pressure angle involute splinesGB/T 5105-20042004-8-1
Broaches for involute spline Technical specificationsGB/T 5102-20042004-8-1
The general technical specificatoins for involute splines hobsGB/T 5103-20042004-8-1
The basic types and dimensions of hobs for 30 Degree pressure angle involute splinesGB/T 5104-20042004-8-1
Tool inspection methods Part 7:Round broachesJB/T 10231.7-20022002-12-1
Tool inspection methods Part 19: Keyway broachesJB/T 10231.19-20022002-12-1
Tool inspection methods Part 20: Straight spline broachesJB/T 10231.20-20022001-7-1
Horizontal internal broaching machines-Testing of the accuracyGB/T 4680-19971997-10-1
Widened flat body keyway broach types and dimensionsGB/T 14329.2-19931993-1-2
The general technical specifications for involute splines hobsGB 5103-19851986-3-1
The basic types and dimensions of hobs for 45°pressure angle involute splinesGB/T 5105-19851986-3-1
Broaches for involute spline technical specificationsGB/T 5102-19851986-3-1
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